Cor'luss the Disintegrator
Vital statistics
Title Corlust the Disintegrator, Emperor Corlust
Gender Male
Race/Species Gorsgothan (Komodo Dragon Form on Kratos)
Faction Corlann Empire
Description Power-Hungry, Evil, Murderous, Clever
Skills and Abilities Energy Manipulation, Shapeshifting, Telepathy, Possession, Sublimation
Status Fictional, Alive
Location Generation Comics Universe
  • Gorsgan (Homeworld)
Alignment Evil

Corl'uss 'Corlust' the Disintegrator is a fictional interdimensional energy being published in Kratos' Generation Comics. He is a Gorsgothan who was the ruler of a fascist government called the Corlann Empire which declared war on his brother, Emperor Orlanthus' empire, the Orlianna Empire. And he actually wins when he murders the parents of 3 Gorsgothan babies, and frames his brother for it, taking down his empire, and allowing him to take over Gorsgan. Unfortunately, when he is fortold that the babies will stand in his way, he exiles them to Kratos, which he seems to have a grand interest in. He rules his world for 19 years until he finally decides to invade Kratos, where he takes the form of a Superior Komodo dragon. Luckily, the kids, naming themselves The Enigmas, defeat him, and discover their homeworld where they come across Orlanthus' Resistance and help them battle against Corlust, who has secretly been planning to unleash an ancient evil called Cortex the Abomination. After several battles, he finally manages to free the beast, and it kills a few of the resistance members. It makes it's way to Kratos, but the Enigmas defeat it, destroy the gateway to it's prison after banishing him again, and overthrow Corlust, bringing Orlanthus back into power. Since then, Corlust has been vowing revenge. After several attempts, he becomes co-leader of The Followers of Qo'doo, the new villains of the series. He still plots against the Enigmas to this day. His powers include energy manipulation, energetic manipulation, telepathy, possession, and sublimation.


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