Cornimus Croft is an Equestrian Boggart whose similar to the boggarts of Harry Potter, which can shapeshift into one's biggest fears and are master tricksters, even more masterful than Changelings, as they were one of the many races that fought against them and crippled them quicker than expected. Cornimus is the first of 12 Boggart sons of a crime boss in Questra, the homeland of the Guardians of Harmony, the biggest protectors in the world of Equestria whose magic is the strongest in the world, and Protimus and his many siblings were to do whatever they had to in order to carry on their father's legacy. Though Cornimus was the wisest of all of them, the reigns of top crime leader were handed to his brother Septimus Croft, as he was appalled by this choice and failed to convince his father that he was not good enough. As a result, it bit the family hard when Septimus was bested by Discord, even with a powerful gem called the Omniscience Opal which gave him all the power in the universe, as he was turned into a baby and the Opal was eaten with disastrous consequences not just for the family, but for Discord when the effects of consuming the Opal had to be released recklessly on Spherus Magna in the base of The Dark Dragon Scourge Empire. After this, Cornimus killed his own father for letting this cripple their family, and swore to take on the position he should've had a long time ago, and avenge the family as best as he can, starting with using his Orb, which was carved in the same Opals as the Omniscience Opal, and give his other siblings some sign of discipline and to expect the unexpected. He has two Pain-and-Panic-style flying monkey stooges named Gonky and Bonky who are like the G1 Gizmonks, a ruthless pterosaur man named Mordecai whose actually from the same sentient animal community as G4 Rep, and an entire army of monsters. He also has a likeness to G1 Tirek, to the voice, the cruelty, the monstrous nature, to even the raw power and mastermind intelligence.


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