A Corruptioner

Corruptioners are the forebearers of the growth of evil in the Multiverses next to Void Enfluences, if even that these outer god devients adopted the enfluence for their purposes. Corruptioners are behind the existence of corrupting enfluences and why corruption in all forms exist, the reason for temptations for want and need of selfish origin, and the unsong forefathers of the existence of corruption and darkness. They are actselly quantom energy that was tainted by the effects of Gliticer and are the embodiments of that corruption. The Intended Outer Gods had deemed them to be creatures that're eradicated on sight. Even other Devient Outer Gods fear and step away from Corruptioners. Corruptioners have pupeless red eyes that symbolise the blindness of corruption and the accreate representation of their abilities. Though blind, Corruptioners have heighten senses capable to sense energy and moralities, so they need not to actselly see you to know you're there. Thankfully, as symbols of corruption, their weakness is pretty damn straight-forword: Purity. Purifying corrupted forces will reduse their enfluencing power on a being. If purifying powers are used on Corruptioners, it'll send them to the Hybernation Realm, basicly getting rid of on unsightly creature. Their deformed twisted shape is a side-effect of Gliticer's enfluence.
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