Corteksanthalanus the Abomination
Cortex the Abomination
Vital statistics
Title Cortex the Abomination
Gender Genderless (Male Tone)
Race/Species Gorsgothan Demon
Faction Independent Monster Bent On World Domination
Description Monstrous, Purely Evil, Murderous, Fear-Mongering
Skills and Abilities Sees Physical Environment Including Kratosians Through Sonar, But Sees Energy-Based Gorsgothans Through Smelling Adrenaline, Possession, Energy Manipulation, Shapeshifting, Sublimation, Ghosting Powers
Status Fictional, Imprisoned in Realm of Sin
Location Generation Comics Universe

Gorsgan (Homeworld)

Alignment Pure Evil

Corteksanthalanus 'Cortex' the Abomination is a fictional interdimensional demonic monster published in Kratos' Generation Comics. He is an ancient, evil, and demonic Gorsgothan monster who was created by ancient Gorsgothans to be a guardian. Unfortunately, the monster went into insanity, and he was forcefully locked up in an ancient prison called the 'Realm of Sin', where he stayed for 10,000 years. But Corlust the Disintegrator has been trying to find the seal to free Cortex and use him to take over Kratos and his Gorsgothan home. While he was able to, Cortex didn't take to him well, and refused to work for him. He was able to kill a few of the Orlianna Resistance, and nearly killed Emperor Orlanthus' daughter, Xenmoa. He made his way to Kratos and was so close to taking it over. A lot of people died, but The Enigmas, with the help of their Superior friend, Jenny Legacy, were able to injure him enough for them to seal him back to the Realm of Sin, and destroy the seal, trapping Cortex there forever. The beast was enormous, having a wide variety of Gorsgothan powers. But what makes him different from the energetic beings is the fact that he has no eyes, and relied on two senses: sonar and smell. He has an echolocation system that allows him to create a picture of his environment, but because the Gorsgothans are made of pure energy, the sonar doesn't work on them. So he relied on smelling the adrenaline of them when they are terrified, described in myth to 'smell fear'. Once his opponent is fearless and brave, they will become invisible to Cortex. But that doesn't mean he can't adapt. He can use the environment to get a shock out of his opponent. However, he is capable of speech. He is an intelligent and blood-thirsty beast who is nearly unstoppable. On Kratos, he takes the shape of a demonic monster similar to the Ursas on After Earth, and when he needs to kill, nothing has been able to come out alive. His powers include possession, energetic manipulation, energetic shapeshifting, sublimation, and ghosting powers.


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