Coss Jonan Loadsby
Vital statistics
Title AUU Cassius (OUU Residents)
Gender Male
Race/Species Gruid-Human Hybrid
Faction Armatage Corporation (Formerly), Independent Crackpot Scientist, Rhybe's Team
Description Cranky At Times, Silly, Clumsy, Resourceful and Intelligent, Ambitious, Questionable Mentality, Two Cybernetic Arms And Two Anti-Gravity Nodes For Legs For Levitation, Two Cannons On Back, Prosthetic Ribcage And Heart
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities Of Both Interracial Parents, Natural Resourcefulness And Combat Tactics, Scientific Intelligence, Prosthetics Grant Special Abilities
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Armatage City, Uridia (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Hometown)
  • Huncus Hololands, Taitera (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Former Residence)
  • Dare City, Uridia (Current Residence)
Alignment Mixed Morality

Coss J. Loadsby is an Alternate UUniversal Gruid-Human Hybrid from Planet Uridia. He is a crackpot scientist and a close friend and teammate to Rhybe, as well as the younger brother of Professor Loadsby. Starting out obsessed with technology to where he dedicated his entire life even as a toddler tinkering, he joined Loadsby in his labs developing his own breakthroughs. However, when Awesome Jaxtom took over, he went insane when his technology was stolen by him, and he thus ran off, saying goodbye to his sister-in-law Ocsha Loadsby in the process, and went to Uridia's twin planet Taitera in what used to be a virtual land of Uridian origin turned into a virtual park and is now a ruined mess where he continued his tinkering business in a holodome looting for technology and riches with his robot companion Solus, and protecting himself with Sentry Robots derived from AAF robot technology. He is the AUU version of Borderlands Cassius Leclemaine.


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