Costacus is a world and colony of Businecaden that is meant to be the banking capital of the UUniverses. It is the keeping place of several banking accounts across the UUniverses, and is the home place of the Uni-Vault, which keeps all collected money and treasures from across the UUniverses. This planet is responsible for the creation of the money-measuring system where certain currencies from across the UUniverses are measured in common dollars and cents. Whether it's gold, bits, farlings, or others, this planet created the special system that measures it.

PTE Redux Conditions: This world will be downgraded to a double planet-like moon and will be renamed Costala.


Costacus started out as a world with little to no life. The whole planet's terrain was nothing more than desert and wasteland, and the only life that was there was plants and underwater life that matched that of the Ordovician Period. The origination of life took longer on this planet because there was no life-creating chemicals to create DNA yet until the Cretaceous Period. Costacus was in it's Ordovician Period, yet it was able to develop plants much quicker and create a breathable atmosphere.

Then came the day that the inhabitants of Businecaden came to colonize this planet during the UUniversal Crusades. They decided that it would be a perfect place to host their banking capital. Thus the planet was turned into a massive business place owned by the UUniversal Banking Center, which is what soon developed the well-known UUniversal money-measuring system which allowed any form of currency in existence to be measured by others. This discovery allowed the UUBC to become a business phenomenon and allowed all people to use it. The planet had no cities, parks, or metropolitan areas. It was all only for banking services, and the great Uni-Vaults were constructed to carry a massive amount of riches that are donated to them by anybody. The planet's only known life being in the oceans, Businecaden believed that they would be happier living down there from now on, and they were.


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