Calixto Samson Brice
Councilman Calixto
Vital statistics
Title Councilman Calixto, Commissioner for the Heroes Act, The Big Moustache.
Gender Male
Race/Species Eushobean Jrynx (Jrynx jrynx)
Faction Alternate UUniversal Grand Council
Description Semi-Garbled Speech, Double-Jointed Left Thumb, Wise, Resourceful, Wealthy, Self-Aware that people would comment on the Mustache.
Skills and Abilities Natural Feline Abilities, Little But Effective Amounts of Self-Defense Skills, Athoritive Status
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Vinzotyx (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Homeworld)
  • Nexx Tower, Xorizome (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good
Councilman Calixto S. Brice is an Alternate UUniversal Jrynx from Planet Vinzotyx. He's a member of the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council, and is the one who called for the construction of the Heroes Hive, and therefore, has as much control of it as Headmaster Warson. He inspects the team, and makes sure they do their job right. He is a very tolerent person and forgiving, and hates the idea of punishing an entire race over the actions of an individual, and always be the voice of reason even in times of great controversity. Even after The Hydrocabiais' Secrets Revealed, he would refuse to prosicute the sea squirls because he is fully aware that Xandronian was a rouge that never should've been at power, and was the only one who refused to listen to the Xenophobic lies of Jling Sling, even if things gotten worse from Xandy and Cliff being forced out by the order of most of the other council members to trying to talk everyone out of using geniside of all things as punishment apawn the sea squirls when everything seemed blick, cause he knows it was geniside and xenophobic fears and other of such things is what ruined the alternate universe in the first place.


Calixto was born on Planet Vinzotyx as the son of a senator father and an criminologist mother. As he grew up, he was more or less a vigilante who worked for the gazette, taking pictures of crime scenes and posting them on the OmniNet, even going head-first into danger doing it, despite getting saved multiple times by his mother, or even saving himself once or twice. Though after he ended up nearly dying at age 13 doing this of a critical wound, he quit the gazette and moved on to get a master's degree in civics and economics. As he grew up, he ended up watching PG cartoons and TV shows that inspired him to do something grand by the time he moved into the Vinzotyx Senate.

Upon age 20, when his father died of a heart attack, he took his place as a member of the Vinzotyx Senate, as well as a day before he was to become President of Vinzotyx. While the other candidate would take his place as President, he continued his father's senator seat, and he was an extremely good senator at that. He even discovered so much and, despite knowing the dangers of crime since his near-death experience, he decided to do something productive for law enforcement across the AUU, as his 5-year success as a senator got him to higher levels as a minor law enforcement manager for the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council.

After 16 years of financing and shaping law enforcement throughout the AUU, perfecting them to high levels, and even getting targeted for multiple assassinations from converted lawless worlds as a result, he felt that just staying out of danger wasn't enough, and decided to get some experience by spending 5 of his years with his mother in law enforcement in order to learn adequate self-defense moves, and it did play well in his favor. All 5 years, all assassination attempts on him were all but banned as he was unable to get even a scratch. He even gained a self-defense vibroknife and pocket blaster to defend himself. Eventually, once his mother died in the line of duty, Calixto retired from the force and went back to his duties as a minor Councilor. But his success caught up with him as all he did for law enforcement and the military across the AUU got him to be a head councilor for the Grand Council, ultimately allowing him the opportunity to form the Heroes Act when the Villains Act came into existence.

Despite his influence, and besides all the rebellions spread out across the AUU, Calixto wasn't that surprised when he learns that there aren't many heroes that could be found, as most of them were either entirely loyal to their own systems, were very hard to locate, or were obscured so much for various reasons, even during the Hero Crisis of the Villains Act. The only ones he found following the HA's foundations are Aurlena Fists and Zosimo the Smart. He even decided to build an HQ for the heroes called the Hero Hive. However, each time they tried, the Villains Act, under the leadership of a bully from his past that was long in juvenile hall 3 times and in military school for countless years, Commander Gygax, came in and ruined everything. As a result, until the Hero Hive can be built, the two heroes lived in the Nexx Tower where the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council reside. They even tried and failed to bring Gygax to justice.

But a few years later, when the Shell Lodgers defeat the Villains Act, he decreed that the Heroes Act was still needed to keep history from repeating itself, and the Council agreed. Xandy and Magnum the Great joined the Heroes Act, and is grateful for that. And with the Villains Act finished, he finally manages to build the Hero Hive for the heroes, as it had everything a hero could ask for, being an underground headquarters with apartments, a living room, an armory, a cafeteria, a training gymnasium, and a strong defense system and security, with Calixto the prime commissioner for the Heroes Act ever since. Yet, even with all this, their first mission in bringing Gygax to justice was still hard to do. But it finally happened when he found two new heroes named Vancer Lancer and Cloakblade, who finally captured Gygax and placed him in Oranos once and for all. Thus, with their first mission proving their strength, Calixto would show up on the briefing screen to tell the heroes about their mission, and when the threat proves too strong for them, they will contact the Shell Lodgers.


Councilman Calixto was typically like Jarvis, and mainly aided him in making law-enforcement and military laws much better. But thanks to the Villains Act, he was given an additional purpose that made him stand out more: being the head contributor of the Heroes Act. All Council members are responsible for the Heroes Act's existence, but Calixto has the most influence over them. Out of all of the members of the AUU Grand Council the Villains Act universally loathed, Calixto is the most hated for being the most responsible for the Heroes Act, pushing it even when it seemed hopeless, and still keeping it around when the Villains Act was more dead than most AUU dinosaurs. Calixto is always open to new ideas from the heroes and is fairly the most reasonable and less-likely to turn on them even if it's bad for them.

Influences on the Heroes Act

  1. Improvement of Jarvis' Laws- Upgraded some of Jarvis' laws so millaterry and Law enforcement reckindises the Heroes Act as a much needed good. Though some are still neutrol to them, others flat out still don't trust them, or like them for that matter. This implies for the Lougers as well.
  2. Governmental Aides- The Heroes Act must always aide goverments and planets in need against criminals. It was made back when they had the consect that goverments are good and anything oppistie is evil. This law became offitcally outdated when A simple case of Urex having space pirate problems turned into something more, and that Captain Axxus was actselly good and Foul Cheese was very oppisite of a good governor, albeit the now former governer had did learnt his lesson. It has since been upgraded that the Heroes Act need to investigate both sides of the story of a certain conflict when there are those that do things very un-villain like. This would make the Heroes Act neutrol to certain problems until they're sure one side is purer then another, and avoid the Heroes Act accsidently aiding Tyrants and even former VA Members, against those actselly more heroic then how they seemed before.
  3. Execution Clause- All VA Members, unless they surrender, must be exicuted. This would eventally be undone when Crime Lord Seftin was proven more of a victim of the VA then a willful parpisipent, and would inspire the AUU, and the Grand Council, to deside to only elimate villains as threats, not living things unless choices have been run out or if a certain individual was beyond help.
  4. Race Limitation- Controverseal races are not allowed in the HA. This law would end up being used against Xandy and Clifton Clever when Lord Xandronian gets discovered for his crimes, and everything goes to shit from here. It would take a member of the major 12 themelves being proven of being even more rotten to finally correct the misunderstandings. This law would then be removed by Rishon delcairing this a racist law, with no objections from Calixto. Though the Heroes Act is still careful of accepting controverseal beings, just for the sake of being careful.
  5. Anti-Villain Clause- Former VA Members, even if proven reformed, are not allowed to join the HA. Again, this is a simple controversy avoidence law. The Heroes Act and the AUU funtion very differently then the Lougers and the Original UU. If former VA members wish to reform, they have to do it on their own accord. The Heroes Act by all means would otherwise welcome such members to have even greater understandings of the VA, but it would also lead to awkword misunderstandings to people most hurt by the VA, so former repenting VA members have to seek redemption on their own terms. This rule would cause Maverick to lose his future position as leader of the Heroes act because he tecnecally served the VA as Morte, and that it's dangerious to trust a someone with a duel-personality illness caused by magic lightning from a rare Warbothoan magic thunder into leading a team of heroes.
  6. Relations Clause- No infighting amongst heroes. Calixto wants the Heroes Act to be fighting villains, not each-other, and this rule is to ensure that. Sometimes heroes would have conflicting ideals or personal issues that cause disagreement. The hero that's the worse of it will be threaten of disincludion of the HA indiffently if it continues.
  7. Greed Clause- The Heores Act must not expect payment and awards. There would be planets that can't afford a certein price or are not advance enough to even have modernly acceptable money. This would easly conflict with those like Vincent The Magnificent who always expects to be awarded.
  8. Seduction Clause- Heroes are forbidden to be bias and take sides. It's so converversy is avoided like in a situation in the Jomos conflict where both the realijustus side ruled by misguided ruler Zealord The Zealot and the Athest side lead by Xena the Lost Warrior both had good points to them. But this law is eaisly deactivated once a side is proven more purer then the other. This is ascentually a more complicated verson of making the Heroes Act neutrol to conflicts in planets.
  9. Antihero Clause- Anti-Heroes being included into the Heroes Act is best avoided until it is proven that they're pure enough to be trusted. In the AUU, sometimes anti-heroes tend to be just as dangerious or even more then villains cause of willingless to push aside moral limits. If a Anti-Hero still has moral limits, they are trust worthy, and incapable of villain ascention.
  10. Remaining Active- This is the most impourent law of all. The HA must remain active even when the VA is already gone. Calixto insisted that they are still needed to make sure history doesn't repeat itself, cause something like the VA doesn't stay disbanned forever, and The Dark Radicals are proof of this. While it doesn't make progress of obtaining heroes quicker, it has impeded on many attempts to enact a new VA inspired villain team from forming.
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