Inigo Raymond Drummond
Councilman Inigo
Vital statistics
Title Councilman Inigo, Pasifistasaurus.
Gender Male
Race/Species Mountain Dipiniton (Oreosaurus moundus)
Faction The Animal Square Province (Formerly), Alternate UUniversal Grand Council
Description Broken Rib, Artificial Aorta, Middle-Aged Father.
Skills and Abilities Self-Defense Skills (Rarely used), Ability To Survive High Altitudes, Athoritive Status, Perswaysive speeches.
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Scallar, Ithoron (Eta Universe, Ranatos Sector, Ichgee System) (Hometown)
  • Nexx Tower, Xorizome (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good
Councilman Inigo R. Drummond is an Alternate UUniversal Dipiniton from Planet Ithoron. He was once a Senator for the Ichgee Senate until he was chosen to join the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council. He is a wise, smart, and favorable Councilman, though is also brash and cocky. He is a diplomat who has actually been raised in a community where judge and jury was a tough challenge, and he even almost quited his job as a diplomat because of the stresses of how well the many nations around him could avoid diplomacy and just go straight to war thanks to a Saurocone Count named Maximilliard Mindlorde who wished to cleanse the nation with war to create a new one in his own image to rule, doing it first by discouraging senators like Inigo, first by making him quit, and later by playing mind games with him in his retirement with his magic, only to fail making Inigo quit because of scorn from his son Inigo Jr about him making excuses because of diplomatic difficulty and doing what is best for the people giving Inigo the willpower to resist Maximilliard's abilities and finally ending the potential war once and for all. This inspired other senators to return to their positions. As such, when it was revealed that magic was used to sabotage the summits, Max was exposed as the culprit and declaired a pariah for his attempted warpath, was fired from his position for usurpation, and had been depowered to make sure he still doesn't do it despite at first threatening to destroy the nation himself, even nearly exploding in energy, before realizing that he was not powerful enough to do so and thus sent his power into flux, allowing the removal to be easier. Even dispite Max stating that he only did it to avenge a world he grew up in from suffering magic discrimination from a neighboring world, which is actselly Ithoron in a less desireable history, and wanted revenge by making it ruin itself with war and make it a world more friendlier to magic and as additional mission to stop discrimination of all kinds, making it a world that crusades against it, he was still given a life sentence for advocating war and usurp, Inigo believing that Max was being no better then his discriminators and only made them look right for what they did by causing war, though understood that Max is yet another victim of others' cruelty, and is more then inspired to make sure more Maxs are prevented. Thus, he joined the Council to keep diplomacy from being infringed once again, while his son IJ would later get into a situation in later years that made him a member of the Union Against Religious Abuse.


Inigo was born in the Animal Square Province sytem of the Ichgee System, the system occupied by reptiles of all kinds. Growing up in a rough environment which was more interested in war and crime than in diplomacy because of how much people suffered and demanded it, so much that even the judicial system was flawed, he became a diplomat like the rest of his family to try and quell it. He had hoped to do good at first, even feeling good that everything would be just fine, even falling in love with a childhood friend of his whom he at first hated, and had a son named Inigo Jr. However, following his marriage and conception, he discovered that his efforts were rigged and nothing was changed. He attempted to do something about it, but the criminals were far too clever for him as they always got away scot-free. After months of failure, he considered quitting, and just accepting an imminent war-torn lifestyle.

However, he stumbles upon a conspiracy. Turns out, a Saurocone Count named Maximilliard Mindlorde was not only sabotaging all the courts he went through, as well as being responsible for the problem to begin with using his magic powers, but he was doing so because he wished to cleanse the nation with war to create a new one in his own image to rule, doing it by discouraging senators like Inigo, even if they end up quitting. Given the willpower to resist Maximilliard's abilities, Inigo planned to rally up all the tricked senators, but not through warning them as it was unlikely they'd believe him, he ended up tricking Max himself into a full-on confession, finally ending the potential war once and for all and inspiring the other senators to return to their positions.

Exposed, Max was declared a pariah for his attempted warpath, and was was fired from his position for attempted usurpation. However, he attempted to destroy the entire nation himself with his magic, and despite intimidating everyone at first when his power rose, they were surprised when his power instead went into flux as he was improperly skilled in his magic. As a result, he was depowered by his own race to ensure he doesn't prepare himself to finish the job. In the trial head by Inigo himself, Max stated that he did what he did to avenge a world he grew up in from suffering magic discrimination from a neighboring world, which was actually Ithoron in a less-desirable history, and wanted revenge by making it ruin itself with war and make it a world more friendlier to magic and as an additional mission to stop discrimination of all kinds, making it a world that crusades against it. However, despite feeling sorry for him, Inigo said it was still a crime, and he was still given a life sentence for advocating war and usurpation, as he proved himself no better than the discriminators that wronged him, and even made them look correct.

With Max under penalty, the other criminals were put in a multi-plex trial, and Inigo's accomplishment was highly-recognized by the Grand Council, who offered him a chance to do greater things than that. Thus, he accepted their offer and joined the Council to keep diplomacy from being infringed once again. Later on, his son, Inigo Jr, took his place in the senate as a Junior Senate. However, while doing so, he was in an election with a mysterious candidate who bought his way into the electoral campaign, and when he lost, he kidnapped him, and took his place. His first decree was to have the world serve The Churchmen, enslaving Inigo Jr. and the entire population under threat of being sent to their artificial hell, the Sin Realm. Turns out, the other candidate was a victim of heavy blasphemy and heresy from the planet's subjects, and stepped in to help the Churchmen take over the world, and later the system. Inigo was powerless to stop them as they threatened to send him to the Sin Realm if he interfered. However, the Churchmen were later confronted by the UARA, and after the Churchmen ended up getting exiled to their own Sin Realm, they took Inigo's son in as one of their own members, not just to protect them, but because Inigo Jr. felt uncomfortable about the position as senate and wanted to do something better. Thus, while the empty position would be taken by Inigo's Gabyronkle friend, Gronk, Inigo would continue being a proud Councilor for the AUU.


Councilman Inigo is an all-around-known diplomat considering his old contributions as a former senator of the Ichgee System in The Animal Square Province. It's almost predictable that his contributions to making laws are solely about diplomacy, and during his entry in the AUU Grand Council, he introduced and passed laws about always taking diplomatic approaches over taking the decision of war head on. Outside of exceptions, anything unrelated to concerns like the Villains Act must be handled delicately.

Diplomacy Rules and Regulations

  1. Words Before Wars- A planet that's a known warmongering place must always be answered with diplomacy first. Encourgaging their behavior with war only asks for more trouble.
  2. Forgiveness Clause- A planet must never be blamed for what kind of fanactical group it holds, even if it supported it or not. He thinks people can be reasoned out of a "troubling phase of their life" and be handled peacefully, and that the rouge individual(s) simply need to be removed.
  3. Tyranny Clause- A planet is not to be judged for housing a Tyrant. A basic continuation of the previous law, and like so, the Tyrant would simply have to be removed. This also forbids judging a planet for having a dictatorship or a goverment imfamous for questionable desidtions and those would simply be corrected. The Law implies for colonised moons as well, so the likes of Governor Foul Cheese would get in trouble with them.
  4. Anarchic Clause- A Planet must not be judged for being "Anarchists". That includes judging Peerdon poorly at the time for being the base planet of the VA, for it was not their fault, and many other planets enslaved, and to Ardalicron for being the Space Pirate capital of the universe, rekindising that Arda had a rotten exspearience having a goverment and desided to be rid of that. By all means, visits to anarchist planets are still restricted purely for safety reasons cause sometimes places like Arda do have legitamently bad individuals that would take advantage of any overly curious fools that ventures here.
  5. Harmful Relations Clause- Planets that have controverseal beliefs are not to be judged or attacked for them, asentually a law he made with Rishon and a few minor members. Sometimes wars are aimlessly made caused of conflicting or even controverseal beliefs, like say one planet is realigenious, another's athiest, one's capitalist, another's communist. Those things are known to natorllay go after eachother cause of fear and conflict of interest. Inigo asentually prevent those needless wars by ushering the law. Cause of it, it more or least made the planets, while they still don't approve of eachother's beliefs, have more postiive and respectful outlooks for eachother. This protacted planets turned Athests by the Union espeically from being charged after by realigenious planets.
  6. Systematic Relations Clause- Systemary alliences, like the The Animal Square Province espeically, must be maintain through diplomacy when disagreements arise. Inigo, being borned from Ichgee that's part of it, sees this the most impourent law he made since each kingdom is mostly neutrol of eachother and a disagreement can easily form if anything happens to cause it. He is pending a law to make sure system allience wars are flat-out forbidden to preserve that even greater, but it might not make it in time to discourage Doctor Ogel from using 4 exsiled tyrants to momentarly harm it.
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