Jarvis Coden Scratch
Councilman Jarvis
Vital statistics
Title Councilman Jarvis, Blue Feline.
Gender Male
Race/Species Azoolde (Pantheria azulinae)
Faction Alternate UUniversal Grand Council
Description Wise, Loyal, Tomboyish, Vicious When Angry, Precocious
Skills and Abilities Natural Feline Abilities, athoritive status.
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Xorizome (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Homeworld)
  • Nexx Tower, Xorizome (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good
Councilman Jarvis C. Scratch is an Alternate UUniversal Azoolde from Planet Xorizome. He is a member of the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council. He is very wise and loyal, but tomboyish less of the time. He can be vicious when angered, and can be very precocious when it comes to running a council. Being a person who witnessed war in it's purest form after fighting during the Interuniversal War on Warboth's many colonies, he considered it a duty to revolutionize law enforcement and military as he learned that war was something that is not nessersarly always the best opition in the world, for whatever reason, even against a legit threat, considering war is something that can make death happen more quickly than usual. He also has a desire to revolutionize law enforcement, in a way brought the seeds that improved the long-existing multi-purpose police forces that can serve as police, jury, and executioner, as well as multi-plex trials that could allow multiple trials to occur in one setting, both invented in response to the high crime rate throughout AUU history, and even adding his own creative systems of law enforcement. He came to the AUU after an exhausting career of military work, working in multiple positions during his service, and later on gained the experience to revolutionize justice-based laws in the AUU.


Born on the AUU Veterans Day, Jarvis' single father was highly patriotic and named his own son after his own father who served his entire life fighting on Warboth, and kept his family legacy alive by doing the same while Jarvis would be raised by his crackpot uncle who always told his brother that military work was, and thy quote, 'death art', and always said it was a way to waste your life away. Regardless of this, while his father would continue to fight in the Warbothian colonies in battles on par with the Call of Duty series, Jarvis would be a military enthusiast who spent his childhood ignoring the harshest parts of war and the harsh reality of mortality rates and that everyone dies by playing video games and playing laser tag and dart gun games, even earning tons of awards in competitions.

However, upon the coming age of 22, the Interuniversal War battles got worse as it ended up rendering his uncle handicapped. Thus, Jarvis could no longer ignore the harsh reality of life, and decided to avenge his uncle by joining in his father's footsteps, this time with his uncle's approval. Thus, he found his father and proved his worth, fighting alongside him for the rest of the Interuniversal War with the Warbothians as they were the ones that the Legion named as the main ones in charge of ending the war because of having the greatest military influence of any other world in the AUU. Then once his father died in the final battle of the war, Jarvis decided to use the experiences he gained from his father's guidance to not just aid in the recovery effort, but also revolutionize the military and normal law-enforcement more than it did during the Great Stagnation. Thus, he joined the AUU Grand Council and made a big difference after giving a great speech on a letter:

  • Dear Grand Council,

I am willing to offer something that I want to ensure will benefit our worlds. I am speaking on behalf of our good military, AND my father, and if there's anything the Interuniversal War taught me, it's this: Every day, during wars like the Interuniversal War, we desensitize ourselves with all the available entertainment systems existent throughout our homes and worlds, all to do our best to ignore the ultimate truth, which everyone throughout the AUU's history spent their entire lives trying to ignore, that everyone is suffering and everyone is dying. It doesn't matter what you do or who you are, we all have a 100% mortality rate, and I certainly learned that the hard way when my very uncle could never walk again. And I realized that war is much more than my father cracked it up to be. War is not always, a fight for freedom and/or an idealised desire. It makes death happen more than we want, which is why we hate it so much, ESPECIALLY given the planet-destroying capabilities our friends or foes have. It makes me understand why alot of polticians and citizens automaticly distrust the idea of even a turthfully nessersary and just war, let alone wars made from well intentions and/or patriotic zeal, nor most diffently not wars with desires of power and conquest in mind. It's not just the money it can exhuast or the naturol fear of making things worse, but because of the deaths that have the misfortune of never being far behind. It's espeically true when war is also just as much used by unjust or unworthy leaders of certain spectrums, to hurt others as true leaders do to help. It makes the reality of our limited lives harder to ignore. Nobody wants to think about those things, and after my uncle's cripple, I was forever reminded of the harshness no matter how hard I tried to ignore it. And I can understand the fear of such sacrivices. But believe or not. The people that fear and hate war more then diplomatic bureocrates and the every day man, are the soldiers who actselly seen them. They can easily say that commen fears of war are well enough real, if not even more horrorable then even the most twisted of imaginations. Everyone's natural instinct when confronted with danger is to run away. However, people who join the military, like my wonderful and well-guiding father, have to run TOWARDS chaos and evil. They have to reject the illusion of safety and put themselves in danger to maintain our wishful fantasies of peace. They are required to take and embrace these burdens of suffering so you don't have to. They need to leave their families and travel to far away hostile lands and worlds thousands of lightyears away and fight the worst of threats so you can have that great life of ignorance, if you can pardon the harshness of that word. That's why people, like me, uncle, and even my father, get so stressed and depressed, because they have to confront reality on a daily basis. That's why they deserve respect. The military, as well as law enforcement, look for those who are physically and mentally tough, strong of character, and show values of honor, courage, and commitment, and so, this is a job that not everyone can do and not everyone should do. And that tends to be among the problems of athority. Sometimes, those that can't let go of their naturol weakness, or don't have what it takes to be a true soldier in anyway, often places our citizens faith in them, and the goverment, in question. And it's not just true in soldiers, but police forces as well. Other problems include police being given millaterry weapons, which, baring worlds where it has a justifyable reason, are often a needless preventive measure against a problem we can't say would ever exist and it would end up making the police look dangeriously uninviting to citizens if they aren't given an understanding for this. Many other problems include racisum, sexual misconduct and mistreatment, relijustus conflict, even so much as you coming from an unpopular planet, are often the subject of harsh and unfriendly hazing as suppose to harmless locker room fun, those that take too much advantage of their position, the problem of the use of needless cruelty even if it's on to someone others think deserved it, the quickness to exicute any criminal and enemy if it wasn't nessersary, not being quick to use diplomatic reason first and foremost that's more dangerious then some like to believe, and sometimes, our own forces, millaterry, police, prison staff, security, among others, might not always respect the words of the goverment and may not always agree with us. The ever infamous General Gormac comes to mind. But the greatest issue in my book, is how the millaterry would treat desertion. I heard the sad tales on how they were harshly punished because of the abuse of others, or because they failed to let go of their fears. The Likes of Tex and Dartigan come into picture. But the most dark and tragic of all, is Beacher. He is the victim of the Kortbortians', infamous millaterry sytile. His superiors failed to be sympathic to his needs, and.... We all know what accured afterwords. Freedom doesn't come free, and never came free, not even when the AUU Gods were first created, and these are people who pay for that freedom with their minds, futures, limbs, and even their lives. This is a group who has continuously extended past the grave, and affected all of us today. And because of what I learned following my father's bold sacrifice in the final days of the Interuniversal War, and how much he taught me about war and combat like a TRUE father, I am nothing if not proud to accept an offer to join your new Grand Council to ensure that everyone recognized my birthday on Veterans' Day so I can become a part of that GLORIOUS legacy!

Signed, Warbothian Veteran, Jarvis Coden Scratch, Son Of Lifetime Warbothian Veteran Warlyle Vintage Scratch, and Grandson of Lifetime Warbothian Veteran Jarvis Lyven Scratch.

This letter was reported to have made the entire Council and everyone else who heard it cry, and thus they accepted his offer, and he did a great job carrying on the last thing he can do for his father and grandfather. Thus his laws, contributions, and regulations played well in giving even the rebellions against the Villains Act something good to do on Veterans Day, and even Jarvis' letter is on display in a Xorizome History Museum.


Councilman Jarvis got into the Council for his presentations about improving law enforcement and military, but at the same time, making sure they don't end up doing it in a way that makes them look racist and more violent than the criminals and terrorists they're suppose to be the opposite of. Jarvis focuses solely on law-enforcement and military powers while Councilman Rishon handles more of the 'racial relations' issues, making Jarvis one side of that spectrum.

Enforcement Laws and Military Regulations

  1. Equal Rights- People of all genders, races, beliefs, and planet origin are allowed to join enforcement, and all subject to the same rules all must follow.
  2. Abusive Issues- Sexual Harrasment, Physical Abuse, Racial Abuse, Abusing Ahority, Use of Fatal force if it wasn't really called for, and violence against civilians of any kind is forbidden. Any violation of such results in being kicked out after getting a fair trail.
  3. Desertion- Desertors of Millaterry must always get a fair trail to get an understanding why they would abandon their duty. Jarvis thinks that sometimes that a soldier needed to see a dying love one for the final time and superiors were making it dillicult. He believes treating desertors unfairly and without considering their side of the story causes them to turn evil, and his case is easily proven by General Tex, Commander Dartagnan, and the most imfamous, Colonel Beacher. If a derserter is needed to be punished, it has to be a fair one. Kicking them out should never be concidered if the deserter did it for family or being unsure of even wanting to be in the millaterry anymore due to fear of being killed or mental concerns. Punishments are restricted to community service and mess hall duty. If a kick out is to be forced, it has to be done with respect and understanding why the derserter wanted to leave, and the derserter must not be declaired a planet wide disgrace. Jarvis uses Beacher as an exsample of doing that will create the most dangerious villain ever.
  4. Limited Weapons Clause- Police enforcement is forbidden to have weapons more powerful then a simple hand lazer gun unless allowed. Police enforcement agencies prone to make questionable mistakes or have a controverseal reputation are forbidden being "Millaterriesd" unless the planet was in a time of uncerten crisis. Jarvis thinks police shouldn't become a mini millaterry, espeically not those with controversey concerning certain issues.
  5. Torture Clause- Millaterry based organisations and planetary security forces are forbidden to torture captured POWs. Even if that prisoner is a member of the VA itself, Jarvis doesn't believe in doing methods the VA would undoubtingly do. Getting infomation through torture is never garrintied to work, let alone for the actual benifit of anyone.
  6. Execution Clause- Killing is only exclusive for self-defence only. But it's must not be done to those that seek a "Sueiside by cop" death wish.
  7. Diplomacy Clause- Negosiations to any kind of wrong doer is a must for serious situations, like hostage situations or if a fanactic is on the verge of doing the biggest strike in history. Police are momentarly allowed to use lazor sniper rilfes set to stun and to disable the offender if nessersary.
  8. Respect for Heroism- All police/millaterry personal must rekindise the Heroes Act as a needed good. Intentionly seeking to make them look bad results in being removed from position. Millaterry/Police personal need to understand and respect what the final word the Heroes Act say, even if it conflicts on how they wish to deal with the problem at hand. This implies espeically for the Lougers, since they did saved the universe from further VA chaos.
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