Naeem Ernie Wigner
Councilman Naeem
Vital statistics
Title Councilman Naeem, Counciler Chatterbox, Tribeophile, Bureocratic Birdbrain.
Gender Male
Race/Species Prime Grarrot (Psitachromiornithis primus)
Faction Alternate UUniversal Grand Council
Description Often Implicatedly Violent, Real Chatterbox, Often Cowardly, Stern belief and misguided faith in the political system.
Skills and Abilities Natural Flight and Camouflage-Worthy Plumage, Athoritive status.
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Roefall, Ucthorix (Beta Universe, Groid Sector, Larginion System) (Hometown)
  • Nexx Tower, Xorizome (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good
Councilman Naeem E. Wigner is an Alternate UUniversal Grarrot from Planet Ucthorix. He was once a wise and noble Chancellor of one of Uncthorix's cities until he was chosen to be part of the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council. He is a great Councilman, and doesn't have any inconsistencies except for his tendency to get violent in the most difficult of times. but luckly, he's mostly talk, and turns coward quickly when someone actselly responds to his threats. Coming from a land that had a corrupted senator, named Senator Lay Z Lout, who used advanced technology to claim power and indentured servitude because of being cut of his own rich family's influence due to abusing it to the point of laziness, he was unaccepting of having to support himself from now on, and used the tribesmen as slaves for his own will to avoid responsibility. After trying to call him out of his actions, the tribesmen accused him of blasphemy and almost had him executed. But thankfully, Naeem avoided this because the shaman who knew better proved that the senator was not their god by using a potion test on him, and it proved negitive that he was an actual god, as by way that it was actselly poison and is clearly slowly killing the rotten senator. The tribefolks apologiesed to Naeem for not realising that he was trying to save them "from a false god tyrant"! Because of this, the corrupt senator threatened to destroy the dam that keeps chaotic tides from the planet's two moons from destroying everything if they threaten to take it away from him, but Naeem was able to keep Lay Z from getting that far! When he tried to kill both him, the chief and the daughter with a gun, the poison finally kicked in and claimed his life, but not before he expressed personal disgust at himself for using a tribe to get over his problems all because he wanted to be catered to his every whim due to coming from a spoiled childhood. After apologizing for the things he did as his last words, he was given a respectful burial and funeral for this and even with his family having second thoughts for their part in causing all of this. Feeling inspired to prevent more simular insodents, Naeem left his planet for the Grand Council to ensure that this kind of act would never be tolerated in the future, emphasizing laws that limit the introduction of technology to low-level people and regulations against false gods.


Naeem was born on the planet of Ucthorix in a treetop city called Roefall, and thus he was born a curious child, even starting out mute until he was 19. Following that moment, he was unable to express himself, and got in a lot of trouble with bullies and caused a lot of trouble. However, upon learning to speak, he spoke with pride, and eventually got into the political movement. He even revealed that he liked the tribes below the canopy and visited them once or twice, and even revealed his new ability to speak to them. Thus, he grew into becoming a grand supporter of them. As the years passed, the two became great allies thanks to his influence.

Later on, he left his hometown, and went into a nearby yet more-elaborate country, which itself was a country not too far from the planet's capital. Quickly making friends with the tribes' chief and his daughter, who was also a mute like him and became a great friend, and secretly fell in love with him, they got along perfectly. However, staying in the city much longer, he stumbled upon a conspiracy involving a corrupted senator in the form of a Stripebill named Senator Lay Z Lout, who, after his family cut off the access to his wealth not only because he was abusing it, but also because they claim he's perfectly old enough to support himself, and that they can't do it anymore, decided to avoid resonsibility by using advanced technology to claim power and indentured servitude in the bottom tribes. He even discovered that he planned ahead by wiring tons of explosives to the dams that protect the valleys from the planet's two moons' influence that cause oeanic tidal-wave chaos that would destroy the valley without the dam, believing that if anyone tries to take what he had away from him, he wouldn't be afraid to go down with the ship.

When warning his parents didn't work when he brought up the explosives on the dam, believing him to not be a terrorist, even after believing his claims of enslavement yet when hearing his explosive threat, believe he is making him look evil. Thus, he took the time to help them out by getting his friends in Roefall to help disconnect the explosives so they won't be an issue, despite it being difficult due to the tidal winds nearly killing or drowning them. While that was happening, he went down and called out Lay for his irresponsible actions. However, Lay tricked the tribesmen into accusing him of blasphemy, and almost had him executed. However, he was saved from his sentence when the tribe's shaman came in. Because he never trusted Lay because of the arrogance and wretched personality he displayed, he considered it unwise to think of him as a true god despite the chief threatening him off under threat of being accused of blasphemy. Despite an argument, the persistent shaman used a potion to test Lay to prove he isn't a god despite being forbidden of it. When it proved negative and showed he was a filthy mortal, as it was clear that it was actually poison that is clearly slowly killing the rotten senator, shown by his slow-acting symptoms and nausea. The tribe folk apologized for their blindness, and accepted his hand in friendship again. However, by the time Lay threatens to blow up the dam that will unleash the two moons' tidal chaos and destroy everything if they don't back off, Naeem reveals that he disconnected the explosives before he came. Disbelieving him and failing to activate the explosives, making himself look like a total jackass, heck, Lay even went as far making water and death noises in sheer sore defeat, furthering his humiliation, he instead threatened to kill the chief and his daughter with a gun. However, the poison caught up with him and claimed his life, but not repenting himself first.

After his parents heard of his repentance following his death AND finally believing that he DID went so low and apologiesed to Naeem for arrigance, they decided to give him a funeral despite the tribe at first attempting to crucify, burn, and show him off as a landmark and a symbol of not trusting anyone as a god. They were fortunately convinced otherwised and they gave Lay a respectful burial and funeral for this, and his family started blaming themselves for playing a part in causing all of this. Feeling inspired to prevent more similar incidents, Naeem left his planet to preach to the Grand Council, telling his entire story and hoping to ensure that this kind of act would never be tolerated in the future, emphasizing laws that limit the introduction of technology to low-level people and regulations against false gods. Thus, his words held a lot of weight, and thus he became the Council's head of Teadr rights.


Councilman Naeem came to the AUU Grand Council for his contributions on regulating the Teadr levels of certain tribal races because of not only his fascination for technology, and his former career of studying the evolution of a race, as well as a particular fondess for tribes, but also for the tragedy that befell a tribe that he was closely observing and studying when a corrupt and lazy senator replaced his cut off family support with slavery of the tribe as a false god, and when it ended with him almost destroying a dam and drowning everyone in the intense tides before becoming regretful before death, he swore to ensure it would never happen again. Naeem believes that tribal races would become advanced someday, and that they should become a high-Teadr level by themselves. So he considers it important that tribal races are preserved and protected like a 'children race' and very strong and strict laws were implanted because of Naeem's very-accepted beliefs, considering that back then, a lot of the races they knew today were tribal at some point before evolving. Because of these beliefs, harming or interfering with a less-advanced race, espeically tribal races, are forbidden and punishable by a harsh amount of jailtime, which is negotiable and does include a fair trail. This also influenced Councilwoman Bayo's laws about trading with less-advanced races of lesser-Teadr levels. Outside of that, Naeem does also contribute in trades and diplomatic relations.

Teadr-Limitation Laws

  1. Tribe Forgiveness Clause- Tribal beings are not to be moraly judged for being hostile, attacking animals or sentients, or be moraly accountable for things considered crimes in normal socity. Naeem believes that it's only part of their need for surviveal like normal animals, and that in years time, they would evolve a moral sense soon and learn to better behave themselves. Exceptions do exist if a tribal leader intentionally makes it that all advance races are bad, and if it does NOTHING for surviveal in a true sense, then the leader will be tried like an advanced sentient and jailed. This would mean that the leader of the Bakudans, Crack-Jaw, is concidered "illegal" for making ships into "Demons", for religens that demonised advanced races make the tribal race "grow up and evolve in a bad way", and Naeem considers that inexquseable. He's not against tribes being hospile if it's being done cause of being afraid of strangers for survival interests, but if it's done to be xenophobic, which would often be less about survival, that's when that can't be accepted.
  2. Hostility Clause- Attacking less advance races is forbidden. Naeem thinks doing that would cause a mass panic for them and trumatised them into fearing and hating the universe, and make them "evolve badly". Attacking Tribal races for sport is ESPEICALLY forbidden, as is conguring less advance socities cause some warlords consider it "an easy prize", but Naeem sees it like a little kid being bullied by a pedophile, and considers those kind of warlords "Cheaters" and "Cowerds" for hiding behind unfairly advanced tec.
  3. Illegal Advancement- Interfearing the a Tribal's/lesser advance socity's natrol process by giving them advance tec and trading with them is illegal. Naeem believes that the lesser teadrs need to have tec on their own, and intervention of such levels is dangerious and unpredictable with their current intelligence levels. Individals caught in the practice are harshfully punished. This law does not discriminate on how well known or how powerful a certain person, group, or even a company or corperation is, a punishment is due and expected.
  4. Trickery Clause- Making tribal beings worship you as a god cause of your advance tec is ALSO illegal, and asentually a part two of the same interfearing law. This is to prevent those from passively aggressively conguring tribal beings by impressing their primitive child-like minds with how amazing the tec is. It would interupt their own growth, make them hopelessly embracive to even the most unfair laws the ruler would make, and expose them to dangerious tec they're not yet ready for, as well as a magmatude of many other concerns. The "False God(s)" will be arrested and exposed to the easily controlable subjects. This would make Naeem be espeically unsure of trusting a normally destructive weapon to be a protactive god to a primitive tribe of termite-like creatures, espeically cause of the controversey of the great weapon itself.
  5. Tribal/Low-Teadr Community Conflict Clause- Advanced Beings are to stay out of personal planet wars and conflicts of less advance beings. Naeem doesn't want the advance races to take sides in something best revolved by only the lesser teadr beings between themselves. An exception only comes when primitive but destructive and powerful weapons, like alternate nuclear, for exsample, are threaten of being used, forcing intervention of only taking away the weapons, and forcing the conflicters to finally make peace. Naeem hates nothing more then potainional wasted when the less advance race ends up destroying itself over even the most mundane things. This would be espeically true if advance tec finds itself in the war, often either because cargo ended up there by a shiping accsident, or even greedy profiteers that profit from conflict and sell both sides dangerious advance weapons.
  6. Jalladome Clause- Naeem came up with this after concerns with other Teadr 1 races aside from the Yatorans being in danger of people who wish to abuse their advanced technology. Thus, he made a clause made with permission with the agreeing Yatorans to find any Teadr 1 race, bring them back to extinction before any malicious force can do so first, revive their society, and ensure that they and their technology, as well as livelihood and reputation, is protected, regardless of the reasons of being lost or extinct. It was given a name after the treachery of the Jalladome Confederation, the worst Teadr 1 raiders, who wish to use Teadr 1 technology for self-empowering means.
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