Oswin Gilligan Cannell
Councilman Oswin
Vital statistics
Title Councilman Oswin, Chase's Dad, Dirty Pre-Existence Ethicst (By Bitter Critics to the Forced Relocation law).
Gender Male
Race/Species Marshland Aquanx (Aqualagom natanus)
Faction Alternate UUniversal Grand Council
Description Artificial Ribs and Heart, Synthetic Left Arm, Double-Jointed Thumbs, Easily Angered To Unethical Actions, Stern, Arrogant, Wise, Loyal, Resourceful, Sacrificial, Bitter about his past.
Skills and Abilities Natural Semi-Aquatic Abilities, Synethetic Arm Grants Hidden Incredible Strength, Traditional Warrior Weaponry Including Armored Suit And Energy Tonfa-Swords, Speed, Agility, Vast Jumping Height, Stamina, Reflexes, Athoritive Powers.
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Carbungia (Epsilon Universe, Buexxer Sector, Wandican System) (Homeworld)
  • Nexx Tower, Xorizome (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Warrior-Instinct Good
Councilman Oswin G. Cannell is an Alternate UUniversal Aquanx from Planet Carbungia. He was once a great warrior who defeated villains long before the Villains Act until he was chosen by Headmaster Warson to be part of the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council. His son, Chase, wanted to be just like him, and join the Heroes Act after he taught himself good fighting moves by watching ninja cartoons. Oswin is wise, loyal, and resourceful, but sometimes stern and arrogant. While loyal to practicly whatever the council has desided, there is a line, like if the council were to suddenly hate an entire race with some or no reason, and were to deside that the race is to be punished by geniside, that's when he starts to call everyone an idiot for thinking like such, having history with in his days as a warrior. He believes blame should go to the individual of any race, not where the individual was from, cause he simply hates the idea of xenophobia and racism no matter what "justifiable" reason clouds it as just, and is not afraid to risk his membership as Councilman if it means making the others listen. Even forcing them somewhere else is something he views negatively on because that's also what he's had history on it in the same event, viewing forced relocation as irresponsibly unethical as it destroys cultures and takes away values. His history as a warrior has given him experience that aids him well in his position as a rookie councilman.


Oswin was an orphan born on the Southern world of Carbungia away from his parents who left him in an orphanage to focus on an unknown 24-hour job, and being raised by his uncle who was actually a retired warrior on a land of warrior enforcers, and thus he grew up enthusiastic about them since they rescued him and his family. As he grew up, he wished to be a warrior himself, but every time, the warrior chief refused on grounds that Aquanx's are no longer allowed to be warriors after how his uncle was sevrely injured and almost died. While understanding that it's to avoid needless and preventable death, Oswin nonetheless felt discriminated that the Chief even thinks like this, even if it was not intentional racisum, it is an act of tecnecal predjuice, if not referse racisum when Aquanx's are over-protacted to the point of unintentional insult to any potaintional skill.

After dealing with the chief's bans, and ultimately proving to be a warrior by having warrior spirit by standing up to the warrior chief himself, and after fighting off another criminal and defeated him. Thus, he was declared a newly-knighted warrior, but to the people's surprise, Oswin declared that he would leave as a travelling warrior, feeling that stoping one criminal isn't truely enough when he feels that Aquanxs would still be over-protacted should anything happen to him, he aims to further prove that the potaintional of an Aquanx should never be scoffed ot doubted. Though the Chief would've prefered otherwise, he accepted Oswin's terms and allowed him to do what he wished. Thus he travelled across Carbungia as a warrior who even found a home in Langstroy Falls, where he gained a family and had a child named Chase.

After years of handling threats such as Xenavan the Despicable who turned out to be a rogue troublemaker who went havoc because of being unaccepting of being expelled from his martial arts classes for attempting to use it for revenge and being able to take Oswin's arm and getting it replaced with an advantageous synthetic, Slimeball Genaord who is a gastropod drug lord who tried to wreak havoc with devastating mutagen bioterrorism, and Uniflax the Destroyer, who was a comrade of Oswin's parents, who as it turns out were scientists that moved to Moodios and left Oswin as an orphan to lessen responsibility burdens, and terrorized their son and his family on Carbungia, killing his wife, almost killing Oswin and leaving him with prosthetic ribs and heart, and traumatizing the baby Chase into an unknown fear, he became concerned once the Villains Act starting coming into effect. As such, he gave up his warrior career after the loss of his wife, Oswin decided to raise Chase on his own and hid himself to ensure that people who hated him for his warrior actions won't kidnap and/or kill him. Oswin felt ashamed that he has only succeeded in proving that the over-caution to Aquanx's being warriors was right, and hated himself for such neglect for his once valued promise.

But he soon finds himself going back into warrior action several years later as his son grows and has a good friendship when he discovers that a certain Eramish valley on Carbungia of Borgon origin is in danger of being threatened by an anti-Eramish governor, named Govenor Hija Tecna, who not only views the Eramish as stupid because of their rejection of technology, only making it far from Borgon because of a tragedy involving space-travel and enslavement, and for the fact that they are on a land which has energetic crystals that give them increased lifespans, and because he has technology, they refuse to allow them to use it to aid in the war effort against the Villains Act, which in another simular time, his ancestors bought for that specific reason they couldn't use it during the Interuniversal War because of the Eramish claiming the land and a priest preacher from the land's local church was forbidding them from coming under threat of prosecution for hate and anti-Eramish comments, and because the valley belonged to them before their arrival, the governor not only became anti-Eramish, but also kidnapped the preacher and gives them a choice: either get off of their property and leave for a new land, or the preacher will die and be brought back as a mindless cyborg that'll force them to leave anyway. Because of his own history of prejudice, even if it wasn't exactly negative but still not positive neither, he views Hija's actions as unethical, even if he only wants to help combat the VA and the albeit fact that the Eramish aren't exactly being reasonable to a legit problem and understands why Techa is even like this, beliefs aside, and the crystails are being deemed a potaintional use, but the understands that the Eramish don't believing in parpisipating in war and violence, even if it's a good war to stop a threat they do universely agree needs to be stop, but they argued that the universes are better off fighting the VA without something that can just be easily used against the universes as it could help, like how they told his ansisters many years ago, and that somethings are better off left alone by all outsiders. What also works against Hija is the fact that he had someone aducted and made a threat against the people, well intentions aside, of which as well they are marred by being no better then the very problem he wants to use the crystails against, and even the act of forced relocation at all is wrong because the Eramish had likely been there for an awfully long time for them to just give up their valley, even if it's for a good cause against the VA. Thus he came and dubbed their acts as unethical. Insulted and challenged, the governor wanted to lock him up for treason.

However, his own council refused to allow Hija to go through with it, to his clear dismay, respecting the right to allow people to speak their word, even if it's against goverment interests, leaving Oswin to be able to establish a campaign to stop the governor, even discovering that he was actually an elderly being on borrowed time posing as a middle-ager and out to enforce his family's ownership of a land, not just for his misguided cause to have the crystails used against the VA, but it was also meant to be used to prevent death forever for all of the universes, including himself, as the true goal was to lead a long denied family legacy to end the fear of death, the fact that the crystails would be used against the likes of the VA and the troubles of the Interuniverseal War are at best deminstraightions on how they could be used to make soldiers artifivtually immortal and incapable of death, ending all threats forever to an immortal army and induse peace as eturnally as immortality, and Hija has been proven bitter that the Eramish don't respect these desires in faver of "Stupid and Primitive" Beliefs, supporting himself throughout the years with life extension serums that had a limited formula that recently ran out and his youthful strength is wilting slowly and he hopes to complete his goal before his family legacy dies for good. Because of Oswin successfuly having the goverment have the now ex-governor impeached for his cruelty to the Eramish, whatever good reason he had, Hija brokenly called out Oswin, accusing him of being happy of causing war and death, and scolds him for leaving the last of his family to die and leaving his intentions unanswered to the point where he will have to live with the fact that villains will do worse things that he could've stopped and that it was all his fault, thus exhausting the last of his youth and dies at last, freeing the entire community.

Though his final words got to him at first as he was saddened and hated himself for stopping what is otherwise a well-meaning intention to save who knows how many lives that could potaintionally be lost, understanding that not all situations are so easily black and white and that there's no right or wrong side to everything. The freed preacher consuled Oswin, and congradulated Oswin for protecting his people's lands, and told him that though there may always be grey areas, he shouldn't let Hija get to him as the right thing isn't always the most personally beneficial one, nor always the more prefered one, and sometimes, long term good is greater than short-term gain, as it was Hija's fault for not understanding this and putting his intentions in front of people's happiness, something that he ironically sought in a way. He further told him that sometimes, the right thing isn't always so easy, yet that's the beauty of life, and that it should not be as easy as taking what you want and not caring about consequences and moral inferiority, as the best thing the UUniverses truly deserve are those that put everyone's interests above their own, stating that his story is only just beginning as a person who can truly make a difference. Thus, this inspired him to finally preach out to the AUU Grand Council. But 6 months later, his speech is accepted by the Councilors themselves, and they welcome him in as a new member. Though this means he has to move to the AUU Grand Council capital of Xorizome with his son, breaking him away from his friend, he retires as a warrior, and uses the experience he gained from it to make changes, not just by contributing to the other councilors' laws, but also establishing his own.


Councilman Oswin's place in the Council is considered relatively new, and he is a very busy person, not just for being a Councilmember, but because he is a single father with a son that dreams to be a hero, and will eventually join the Heroes Act. So he doesn't have anything spefic to do. But he has contributed in helping improve upon laws. Though he has one or two current improvements.


  1. Forced Relocation Law- An act which he was very familiar with during his warrior days. He views the act of forcing a civilization to be relocated for any reason as something unethical and wrong considering how much of an impact that civilization might have on the world itself, not to mention the bond the citizens have had in their homes there, considering it an act of stealing territory and destroying entire cultures renowned throughout entire worlds for selfish things such as land development or prejudice, not even if you have a barely justifiable reason, as he once defeated someone who did so for such a reason. Though, it's not without it's problems.


  • Councilman Jarvis
    • Improved some enforcement laws.
    • Ensured military restrictions have fair punishments.
  • Councilman Rishon
    • Made sure racial-relation rules are followed seriously.
  • Councilman Inigo
    • Improved diplomatic systems.
  • Councilwoman Bayo
    • Made sure trade requirements are taken seriously.
  • Councilwoman Lotus
    • Some contributions to her restrictions in counter-terrorism.
  • Councilman Calixto
    • Contributed to any change in the Heroes Act regulations.
  • Councilman Naeem
    • Contributed in some of the lesser Teadr-level interaction regulations.
  • Councilwoman Taleen
    • Contributed to her public relations laws.
  • Councilman Galeno
    • Most contributions to economic regulations.
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