Rishon Pascal Benson
Councilman Rishon
Vital statistics
Title Councilman Rishon
Gender Male
Race/Species Plasmaback Ipyith (Ipyothocus plasmosis)
Faction Alternate UUniversal Grand Council
Description Nice, But Strict when needed.
Skills and Abilities Natural Aquatic Biology, athoritive powers.
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Nardee Village, Iplbeon (Gamma Universe, Bothira Sector, Vobien System) (Homeworld)
  • Nexx Tower, Xorizome (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good
Councilman Rishon P. Benson is an Alternate UUniversal Ipyith from Planet Iplbeon. He is a member of the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council. He is very nice to people most of the time, but when push comes to shove, he won't show any mercy to those who are guilty of sins, including those guilty of racism, segregation, and discriminative crimes because of coming from the home planet of the Chloropods, which are studied by the USRA, particularly the Naroudans, until a racist Naroudan, after incidents involving the Chloropods, attempted to put them in extremely-low segregation as secret slaves. Since this meant far worse treatment, Rishon had him exposed of his crimes of attempted secret slavery, and litterally dodged a bullet of the con-artest's attempts to hurt him when inconvinently for the business goer that guns are considered demon artifacts and was proptly "banished back to the underworld" for it. Afterwords, Rishon went to the AUU Grand Council to establish anti-discrimination laws and enforce equal rights.


Rishon was born on the Chloropod home planet of Iplbeon. The Chloropods, somes refered to as Cholos, are a Teadr 7 race of monkey-like salamanders that live with little interaction of other other-worldly beings, all except the main USRA races, including their Naroudan discoverers, who have come into studying the Chloropods for their curiosity and hoping to make peace with them so they can safely install parks dedicated to their elegance and to honor the race itself. Rishon went into being born as one of the semi-primitive inhabitants of the planet itself that have agreed to help the races make peace with the Chloropods. Rishon especially agreed to help, making friends with both a Chloropod, named as "Audrey", because her real name is NOT very easy to pronounced, and a Naroudan who became close friends.

Rishon taught his Naroudan friend, Ka-Ji Mittly, to speak in the Chloropod's language, and thus this info provided well in the studies of the race itself. However, not all the Naroudans in the business had high hopes in the business. One Naroudan, named Mr. Hipro Fittis, was attempting to shut down the park business because their AFT installation pads already went under contract to install the parks until the day of authorization. He is intending to buy the contract and destroy it because he wishes to install his own park business to turn the world into a wide resort world that uses the wide acres of water-drenched land to establish profitable resort services. It sounds inviting enough, but thing is, Hipro is been known to, "fail to meet agreements" as he would put it, as he has a track record of not treating lesser races right, from turning natives into free labor servents to turning exotic animals to pets as promotion for his resorts, as it gotten bad to the point that he would be professionally exsiled from the business world for contining such inreliability. As such, he was made to do so while respecting the evioment and the creatures that inhapit it as required by law, of which includes not doing anything negitive to the Chloropods because of his obligation. But another problem is, Hipro is known for not living up to promises. He started to turn the Chloropods into secret slaves that would do behind the scenes work while public workers tend to the guests putting them in very-low segregation positions, considering it the best option because he considers the Chloropods the best ever form of free labor never been before tabbed, along side racist comments about them being "Monkanders" and "Salakeys", known racial slurs abou the Chloropods.

He eventually does buy the contract and claim ownership of all the installations, and even convinces the officials to agree with his decision to give it up by making a strong case that he will never bother the Cholos. But Rishon and his Naroudan friend know that Hipro is full of shit and knows he will anyway. Thus, they get to the bottom of this and bring it upon themselves to get prove before the Cholos are put under segregation. They eventually discover that Hipro IS lying and is placing in slaves by the dozens, posing as a god in Cholo culture and he lied about his resorts being sacred temples. Instead of confronting him like idiots, knowing that Hipro is clearly a talented lier, they took the pictures of his slavery operation and exposed the evidence to the ahurtities. When the truth is revealed, he is indeed banned from big business forever as punishment from the jury. His resorts have been claimed by the goverment as a result, and Rishon was able to explain to the Cholos that Hipro lied about his godhood and tried to take advantaged of them. This even gets to the point where his single mother disowns him for his racist actions. Being ruined in so many ways, and with a social pariah status, he responds by pulling a gun on Rishon, aiming for an eye for an eye compromise, he'd be forever a pariah, and Rishon and his Naroudan friend be dead. But since Cholos considered guns as demonic artifacts in their culture, hence why the planet has the greatest restirctions against guns, because the Cholos are surprisingly violent to any who wields a gun, even if it's someone who was a friend, as they would mistake them as a shapeshifter trying to garner trust. Dispite the quickly-regretting Hipro's attempts to defuse the situation and even of promises of never aiming to harm Rishon and his friend ever again (Of which is likely a lie), the Chloropods responded to his attempt on Rishon's life by killing and crucifying him on a tree as a means to have the Tree Gods banish "the demon's soul" back to the underworld, even having his head on a stick to give his brains as tribute to the bug gods and their many desendents, surprising their studiers.

Thus, though feeling somewhat remorseful to Hipro all the same, feeling that prison should've been an equil punishment, accepts it somewhat anyway as "fiting karma", understanding that the Cholos clearly didn't know better and that it was purely Hi-Pro's own fault, Rishon decided to leave the planet and enforce discriminative law. He made it into the AUU Grand Council where his story moved the Councilors to an emotional level, and thus he became a long-time member who swore to end segregation on multiple worlds across the AUU. Though it isn't gone completely and there are still worlds with as much segregation to be on par with District 9, he swore he would correct it all.


Councilman Rishon entered the Council at the same time Jarvis did, being more into the racial problems that AUUniversals face. He introduced and passed a good number of equality laws that prevents discrimination, xenophobic abuse, and uncalled-for hatred, even if it was because of long-forgotten and distant wars. Rishon believes that those who are victims of discrimination, as well as the discriminators themselves, can easily become villians and fanatics for their uncalled-for hatred of another race, often for sad tragedies that were best left forgotten, and thinks society needs to learn to forgive and forget. Rishon uses the infamous Gordon the Animal as an example of how dangerous discrimination on both sides of the spectrum can be.

Equal Rights/Anti-Discrimination Laws

  1. Equal Labor- All races must be allowed to get jobs of any kind, and get equil pay. This law applies espeically to Globex Industries.
  2. Equal Respect- All races, even known violent ones, must be treated with respect. Espeically so to ambassitors.
    • Oswin Byline- A race must not be blamed for the actions of a bad enough indidvidual unless proven otherwise that the bad individual is proven not alone into this. This is currently a law being debated on being improved on to disinclude the "unless factor" due to concerns of hypocatcy in the languise.
  3. Religious Discrimination- Realigenious discrimination on races is not allowed. Not even if the race has simularity to the realigen's "demons", it's not fair to treat races poorly for it. However, it's not exactly a strongly enforced law since the Grand Council otherwise has too much respect for religen to avoid intergalactic insodents, but this law is being enforced solely by the Union Against Religious Abuse. Cause of it, the union earned some respect from Rishon that someone takes that law seriously, but is conflicted of being open about it due their own controversey of making questionable desidions over it.
  4. Extinction Clause- Races endangered of extintion are to be treated with the upmost care. Such races included the Rotards speices.
  5. The Gordon Law- The "Gordon" Law forbids the geniside of races, even if they commited nasty atosities against the victimed race. It's a currently pending law due to the "Individual Law" having conflicted interests unless it gets corrected.
  6. Xenophobia- Xenophobia, the fear of other races, as well as being xenophobic and xenophobic beliefs, are outlawed. Rishon beleives that Xenophobia creates villains. It makes the Xenopobes into villains, it turns the victims into villains, it's an all around evil philosofy to him. Again, he uses Gordon as an extreme exsample, as well as Xerxes XX.
  7. Genocide Clause- Speaking of Xerxes, ever since his tragity, it's been forbidden to attack another race over mundane things like accsidental property damage or even so much as a childish prank. For now on, all such matters must be handed in a Grand Council court to discuss how to civilisedly resolve the issue. It has been named "The Xerxes Law".
  8. Feuds and Conflicts- A pending law being made espically for Frunoblax. Feuds for racial reasons are extremely forbidden and any leaders partaking in it are to be removed from power. The law is universeally appresiated, and it was only delayed because of more intermediate concerns at the time, but most of all, Inigo insists that it's not good diplomity to force people to stop fighting like that and it's better to let things resolve itself unless there's proof that it's not gonna be resolved on it's own and that it's only gonna get worse, which soon enough will, and the law will be passed, no questions asked.
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