Seymour Collon Bythybook
Vital statistics
Title Councilor Bythybook, Councilor By-The-Book
Gender Male
Race/Species White Ranacock (Chromotallaves albus)
Faction Minor AUU Grand Council Member.
Description Law Activist and Absolutist, Rough, Anger Issues
Skills and Abilities Natural Peacock-Like Abilities, Gliding Abilities, Self-Defense Skills
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Auseklis (Beta Universe, Tebble Sector, Yortuin System) (Homeworld and Current Residence)
Alignment Lawfully Evil
Councilor Seymour C. Bythybook is an Alternate UUniversal Ranacock from Planet Auseklis. He is a rainbow-tailed peacock and an infamous law-absolutist and a minor Grand Council member. He is a long time critic of the current state of the Colour Constellation, a collection of systems which he had deemed 'needed him', as it's original leaders were usurped by the Villains Act, only to be usurped back by local criminal groups with enough standerds to oppose them and became leaders by proxy, turning their worlds into a lawless sociites until they recover enough to be governmental systems again. Though he is persistent to recover them despite being told off multiple times, and being declined equally. Thus, he became the head supporter of the law groups already dealing with the Colour Constellation: The Guys-In-Black, The Red Order, The Tangforce, The Golden Lawmen, The Green Law, The Teal Navy, The Purple Pros, and The Heavenly Force. He supports all of them to the point that their symbol is a Ranacock feather. However, in case of some needed back-up, he has a hypnotist of his species named Brain-Controller.


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