Wrecter Davy Heds
Vital statistics
Title Wrect Hed
Gender Male
Race/Species Wade (Neustolestida pacificus) (Fictional)
Faction Wadelands Chambers of Council
Description Mean, Rude, Arrogant, Unreasonable, Does What Is Best For Wadelands (In his mind), Very great Hatred for Dulse, Secret regret of failure to save the old queen.
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Can Breath Underwater
Status Alive
Location SpongeBob's World
  • Wadelands, Coast of Chile (Hometown and Current Residence)
Alignment Embittered

Councilor Wrecter D. Heds, AKA Councilor Wrect Hed, is a Wade from SpongeBob's World. He is a wade with a serious vendetta against Dulse because of her blunder of letting sea snakes in which lead to Queen Pacifica's mother's death. As such, the angry old fuck had her exsiled for those ground alone without considering the full story. He won't exactly aim to appresiate Dulse's existence ever since, espeically because he was too afraid to save the queen himself against the Sea Snake Alpha, Wartorn, and justifys it as it being Dulse's fault for her failure. He also has a relitively spiecest atttude torwords snakes, even snakes not like the Sea Snakes of Spongebob's world, along with a very ugly mistrust to strangers in general.


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