Halley Cometelius
Councilpony Cometelius
Vital statistics
Title Councilpony Cometelius
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian High Unicorn
Faction Equestrian Unicorn Council
Description Underappreciated, Bad Eyesight, Overworked, Nicer Than Most of the Unicorn Council
Skills and Abilities High Levels of Magic
Status Alive
Location Equestria (Homeworld)
Alignment Good

Councilpony Halley Cometelius is one of the 7 Councilponies of the Equestrian Unicorn Council. While Cometelius is one of the Councilponies that aren't that stern and arrogant, he is not taken seriously most of the time. The Council is also concerned that Cometelius has too much duties, especially since he has to watch over his niece, Hidden Shadow, who is secretly the other adopted daughter of Pred Judu Des. Cometelius is the only one who knows that his niece was adopted by Pred Judu Des, and all the Council knows about Hidden Shadow is that she serves as the Eye in the City. He even gained bad eyesight because of abuse from Headmaster Shineflare which reduced him to wearing glasses. Soon enough, more of his family will be revealed when his missing niece Tempest Shadow turns up following the 2017 MLP Movie after his war veteran sister and Tempest and Hidden's mother Aphelion Shadow comes back looking for her.


Cutie Mark

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Hoof in the Council

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