Galileo Cosmoto
Councilpony Cosmoto
Vital statistics
Title Councilpony Cosmoto
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian High Unicorn
Faction Equestrian Unicorn Council
Description Clumsy, Cowardly, High Stress, Skeptical
Skills and Abilities High Levels of Magic
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Canterlot (Hometown, Current Residence)
Alignment Antihero

Councilpony Galileo Cosmoto is one of the 7 Councilponies of Equestria's Unicorn Council. While he may be a good councilpony, he is also stressful and can sometimes be skeptical about the Council's choices. He can also be pretty clumsy when it comes to doing what's best for Equestria.


Cutie Mark

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Hoof in the Council

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