Gina Glitterhair
Councilpony Glitterhair
Vital statistics
Title Councilpony Glitterhair, Vice-Headmaster Glitterhair
Gender Females
Race/Species Equestrian High Unicorn
Faction Equestrian Unicorn Council
Description Wise, Loyal, Stern, Arrogant, Supportive, Rude
Skills and Abilities High Levels of Magic
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Canterlot (Hometown, Current Residence)
Alignment Antihero

Councilpony Gina Glitterhair is one of the 7 Councilponies of the Equestrian Unicorn Council. She is the second leader of the Council. She is a great councilpony, and will not hesitate to aid Headmaster Shineflare with her decisions. She is wise and loyal, but very stern and arrogant. She is not afraid to express what the Council wants, even if it means being rude and assertive.


Cutie Mark

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Hoof in the Council

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