Unique Utopius
Councilpony Utopius.png
Vital statistics
Title Mayor Utopius (Formerly), Councilpony Utopius
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian High Unicorn
Faction Equestrian Unicorn Council
Description Goes Green, Flirted, Soft Tone, Sweet, Kind
Skills and Abilities High Levels of Magic, Particularly Nurturing Spells
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Botanotopia (Hometown)
  • Canterlot (Current Residence)
Alignment Antihero

Councilpony Unique Utopius is one of the 7 Councilponies of the Equestrian Unicorn Council. She is from a place in Equestria where plants are friendly and sweet called Botanotopia, and has once been the place's mayor. But soon, when Botanotopia was destroyed by Malevolent Flames, she became a member of the Unicorn Council. She is the most beautiful of the Councilponies, and some citizens of Equestria fall in love with her. But she doesn't care for anyone's love, and only cares about the world they live in. But she can be really sweet due to once being exposed to kindhearted plants that make her look extremely young.


Cutie Mark

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Mayor of Botanotopia

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Life in the Council

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