Bayo Prescilla Thea
Councilwoman Bayo
Vital statistics
Title Councilwoman Bayo, Longhorn.
Gender Female
Race/Species Brownland Orvyx (Orvyx soilimius)
Faction Alternate UUniversal Grand Council
Description Adaptable, Reliable, Strategic, Resourceful, Stern, Stubborn, Calm, Ambitious, Highly Cautious.
Skills and Abilities Natural Abilities, Good and Genius Economist, Acrobatic, athoritive status.
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Tradeburg, Inorbon (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Flargon System) (Homeworld)
  • Nexx Tower, Xorizome (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good
Councilwoman Bayo P. Thea is an Alternate UUniversal Orvyx from Planet Inorbon. She once worked for the Inorbonian economic system until she was chosen to be one of the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council. She helps the Council establish trade routes to help support the Alternate UUniverses. She is calm and ambitious, yet stern and stubborn, determined to help the Alternate UUniverses in any way she can. Bayo's reasons of being so very stern and cautious about trades is because her father was once guilty of making the most infamously flawwed and horrendusly misguided trade deal in the history of Inorbon that not only hardly benifited anyone, not even the ecomamy, but it ended up being a metathorical slap to the face to many things trades have been called out for hurting, whether displacing factory workers and jobs to other commen concerns. Bayo grew up and help redeemed her family name and lead a coralition to have the trade deal disbaned. In thanks to more then enough evidence of the deal's clear and utter failure, it wasn't hard to get the idea of disbaning the deal possable. Though Bayo is still burdened that Inorbon's people have grown extremely weary of trade deals ever since, effectly spawning generations of trade critics and anti-trade groups that will go against any trade, espeically anything from Bayo. Her real challnaged was to make the idea of trade inviting to people again, and to do so, she did what her critics didn't expect her to do: she invited both them and pro-trade groups to have their fair says on a new trade, something her father neglected in due to fear that neither side would agree to anything. While disagreements were expected, Bayo was able to make compromises between both parties and had them work in harmony for the first time to make a new trade deal that is both economicly funtional but doesn't stomp onto things like rights, the evioment and still respects priorly established and/or future laws and doesn't let itself get abused by those of less desireable motivations. As such, the kind of trade deal her father envisioned but failed because of lack of faith in reliability to those that are hestiteint to trade, but it was even more then what her father intended because it does nothing to basic rights and laws meant to protect people from the sins and/or mistakes of big business, and not only doesn't hurt the evioment, but aides in protecting it as well. It's not to say that it's entirely perfect. It still had flaws and possable loopholes corpretes would be no doubt smart enough, and if greedy enough, to exploit for their own benifit. This is why she had the leaders of Inorbon to be allowed to make proper amends that, while still agreeable to pro-traders, will still be enough to prevent corperte abuse and misuse. And fortunately, alot of the leaders were elected to fix the problems of trade, so Bayo's new deal avoided sneaky provisions to benfit corps at the expense of others, and any leader that didn't had the capability to avoid such a temptation were simply either corrected to consider the people's side, or if their personal weakness to favor corperations is bad enough, simple disincludion, plain and simple, but not by all means unfair, considering that deal would still faver business, if not too much. As such, the trade deal was allowed to function and did exactly what it was promised. The economy soared, but everything else wasn't harmed, business and investers enjoyed a still strong presence of profits, but workers are spared from superiors doing it too much at their expendse, and even the toughest critics to trades have at least learned to keep an open mind as long as they know a trade deal isn't abuseable. As a result, Bayo became a quick faverite to the Grand Council, desiring her methods to help out in simular, if not worse, trade problems, and it's been that way ever since. Bayo's contributions have since prevented more trade mistakes and misuse from effecting the AUU badly, even aided in making sure trade isn't wasted on troubled, and "economicly incapable" worlds. As such, her enfluence in making trade more fair did earn her enemies in corpetes that did enjoyed flawwed trades, if mainly for them to abuse to their liking. In thanks to Councilwoman Lotus, she has deceptivly battle capable prowless and surpising athleticisum dispite lack of prior family history to protect against those that want to air griences in an unlawfull way. Bayo originally deemed this not entirely nessersary, but after a disgruntled oil tycoon tried to personally assassinate her for encouraging the failing of a pro-oil trade deal because of obvious conflicts of interests for the evioment, it gave her abit more appresiation for Lotus' training.


Bayo was born on the AUU Currency Troupe capital of Inorbon, raised by wealthy trade route establishers who made mass profit. However, she ended up having a father that ended up being responsible for an incompetently-made trade deal that ends up benefiting corporations to an over-favoring degree at the expense of the environment, basic rights, and the biggest of all, jobs. The worlds under this ambitious system-wide trade ended up suffering economic loss to those not economically savvy enough to still make it work, and thus, jobs were failing, the environment was at risk, and the Currency Troupe ended up firing her father for his incompetence and misguidance, causing Bayo to denounce him for his failure. Even her mother divorced with him, and the young Bayo ended up being raised by her after taking custody of her.

By the time she grew up and took up a job as a trade economist when her mother died of cancer, she found that fixing the flawed and slowly-dying trade business wasn't easy for her. It took several years, as everyone besides the corporations at this point began to hate the idea of trades because of the damage they have done. Environments died out, and there was mass unemployment, and everyone was slowly struggling to get new jobs. She aimed at establishing a correlation to get the current trade abolished the flawed trade deal and start from scratch. However, on the first day, it was clear that nobody wanted to do trades anymore because of the damage already done, and even protests by anti-trade critics were seen on the streets demanding not to go through with it. Even the anti-trade leaders were so persuasive, evidence from Bayo that her father was clearly misguided and restarting the trade deal is the best way to fix it, despite successfully ending the trade deal for good, the reaction of the anti-trade organization demanded for it to remain that way, thus this ended up creating a pro-trade side that, after being angered that these 'fanatics' are endangering their trading rights and hopes, ended in a rights debate that ran for 4 straight years.

Though despite many people asking and desisting for a trade deal to be done , Bayo was confidant that the new trade would be great. However, summits and cyber-wars went rampant over the 4 years of the debate as it had equal winners, Bayo was challenged with the task of making trade ideal again. With all ideas exhausted as the two sides were far too persistent to listen to reason, she had no choice but to go to her father after years of avoiding him, hoping to get some insight in the things he got wrong. Thus, after discussing it and patching wounded relationships, she got convinced to do something big, and something that her critics and father didn't expect her to do. She issued a summit which would decide the fate of trade everywhere, inviting the anti-trade and pro-trade leaders to the summit, something of which her father begged her to not consider because of his refusal to have a diplomatic argument due to the fact that such a thing would have neither agreeing to anything, and thus it would be a complete waste of time. But Bayo, with little options left, decided to risk it.

On the day of the summit, while disagreements were expected, Bayo decided to do a tactic that was practiced by her diplomatic ancestors: make compromises between both parties and have them work in harmony for the first time to make a new trade deal that is both economically functional but doesn't stomp onto things like rights, the environment, and still respects prior-established and/or future laws, and doesn't let itself get abused by those of less desirable motivations, or anything else that was brought up during the 4-year debate. And thus, as Bayo was struggling on winning or losing the right to make a new and much better deal than her father, she was surprised that her father came in after throwing away his doubts and offering things to repair balance in the debate, but not before repenting his mistakes and inspiring his daughter to make the ultimate compromise: have Bayo act as not only the head trade manager, but also be a legislative activist to create the revisions to his old system by considering and balancing all the points both sides have made. Thus, with the summit being a complete success, the trade deal was recreated into a far-better version, and Bayo was named a hero in the eyes of both the civil right and eviomental community, and even still to business, even to CEO Demqrolle Zertzsprung-Brinster.

In only a few months following, the revised trade deal her father incompetently envisioned was not only restored and made better, but it was even more than what her father intended because it did nothing to basic rights and laws meant to protect people from the sins and/or mistakes of big business, pleasing people like Demqrolle more, and not only doesn't hurt the environment, but aides in protecting it as well. Though it still wasn't entirely perfect as flaws and possible loopholes were still present for some would be no doubt smart enough to exploit for their own benefit. But Bayo later had the leaders of Inorbon make proper amends that, while still agreeable to pro-traders, will still be enough to prevent abuse and misuse of the trade, having a lot of minor leaders elected to fix the problems of such, so Bayo's new deal avoided sneaky provisions to benefit corporations at the expense of others, and any leader that didn't have the capability to avoid such a temptation were simply either corrected to consider the people's side, or if their personal weakness to favor corporations is bad enough, simply had them fired. Surprised beyond belief, Bayo's father congratulated her for her compromise. As such, with the renewed trade deal allowed to function and do exactly what it was supposed to do, the economy soared, and money spread around like blood vessels, and even the toughest trade critics learned to keep an open mind as long as they know a trade deal isn't easy to abuse. As a result, Bayo became an economic hero, and quickly became a quick favorite to the Grand Council, desiring her methods to help out in similar, if not worse, trade problems. Then she fully accepted, and became the AUU Grand Council's economic head ever since, and still does well to this day. She even learned how to defend herself from those that were victims of this campaign from Lotus.


Councilwoman Bayo, being a former economic tradeswoman for her home planet, has great influences in establishing trade routes, usually for the The AUU Currency Troupe. As such, she also recognized that trades can have great powers that, if not handled responsibly, can end up doing more harm than any fanatic group. Especially in environmental concerns, basic rights, and the concern of making corporations 'unofficial rulers of the UUniverses'. So she made some strict-enough rules to prevent 'bad trades' from being established.

Trade Regulations

  1. Careful Trading Clause- Trades actselly need to be about trades. No includion of laws that hinder rights, evioment, jobs, and empowers easily corruptable corperations. This includes the likes of Copyrighted materials (As Patents and Intellectual Property) and Medicine. Things like that are only to be traded, but no includion of needlessly strict and seemingly "unfair" laws that would cause needlessly harsh laws for any copyright violations and incrise prices on live-saving medicines.
  2. Food Trades- Trades concerning foods need to be sure the planets in the trade both are currently clean and have natrol, healthy foods. Trades get canceled if artifital GMOS, altered, comtaminated, or naterolly poisonious foods are ever included to avoid easily preventable deaths.
  3. Weapon Trades- Trades concerning weapons are espeically restricted, espeically if it concerns known war-mongurs, dictator planets, or a currently unreliable govermental planet system. This is so it reduces easily preventable warpaths or conquest attempts. A simular sister law forbids trades being sent to planets at war to avoid exselerating it or empowering it to continue, which was espeically active during the Interuniverseal wars.
  4. Pet Trades- Trades regarding pets are controversealy restricted for spieces preservations. Attempts to make pets out of rare and endangered creatures has always fall flat on it's face before even a second has past to another. Pet Trades are often restricted to well numberious creatures or creatures bred by sentients, like domestic animals.
  5. Inter-Teadr Trades- Trades to Planets that are tribal, or still in their earlier stages are forbidden for 4 reasons:
    1. Tribeal beings are too primitive for tec. So it's mainly stupid and pointless to do it.
    2. Advance tec is too dangerious for lesser teadr levels.
    3. Lesser level Teadrs often had nothing of interest anyway in terms of tec, depending on planet, though exceptions like a unigte form of reshorce can change that.
    4. Some lesser advance planets need to learn to be respondsable of their own tec before being given anything from more advance races. But by all accounts, Teadr levels in 2 and 1 are allowed to trade. Sometimes teadr 3's can be allowed to trade or be traded with if they're proven capable of being respondsable and careful.
  6. Postponing Trades- Trades are to be canceled admitetly if a crisis of any kind has formed to avoid loss of trade goods or even misuse. This implies espeically to weapon trades.
  7. Regulating Trades- All members of the Grand Council must be allowed to change and amend the Trade if there is something concerning about it, even with trades that funtion independently of Grand Council interventions to avoid rouge trade being sneaked in.
  8. Trustworthiness in Trade- Both Lobbiests for coperations and Advocates for rights and evioment must be allowed to partake in any trade, major or minor. No one kind of group must be left out and another allowed only, for both sides need to be considered and debated.
  9. Fast Tracks- Fast tracks are STRICTLY for emergeny trades for when a planet suffered a crisis concerning an attack or natrol dishastor, and mainly for food, water, and supplies for shelter, sometimes weapons for self-defence if needed and if it can get passed the no trades for war planets law.
  10. Choosing Heads of Trades- Only compident Leaders of any kind can be allowed to open trades. Trade attempts by known tyrants, dictators, fanactical leaders, or just plain incompident fools given a seat in the power, are forbidden to make such powerful deals.
  11. Governments in Trade- Actual Goverments are allowed to trade. Faction Groups, whether the are hero, anti-hero, and espeically villains, are not allowed to make trade deals.
  12. Unique Trades Clause- Trades concerning unigte reshorces must consider speical conditions for respecting evioment laws and terms of agreement, espeically if it concerns a lesser teadr level planet.
  13. Energy Trades- Engery Trades must follow the same rules as Unigte Reshorces. The Engery, must also be proven reliable and safe. Many Engery Trades often fail or take longer to complete then they should because of that.
  14. Sex Trades- Sex trades are flat out forbidden! Nuff said. Bayo, being female herself, disappoves of something so anti-female as a sex trade that trades women like goods. This earned her a friendship with Rishon cause it contributes in fixing troubled planets and a few minor members who are gender rights advocates.
  15. Magic Trades- Magic Trades are the most strict, restricted, and very well monitored trades of all. Magic is easily powerful, anyone who's pathent or determined enough can use it, and it can be misused. So trading of magic are always handled with an epic amount of care and restrictions. Certain powerful spells are outright banned to be traded, certain poitons and poisons are never included to trades, and some magic staffs and other magic stuff are espeically restricted depending on what it is.
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