Lotus Amelia Sprouse
Councilwoman Lotus
Vital statistics
Title Councilwoman Lotus, Miss Not-So-Chill Plant Hippie.
Gender Female
Race/Species Qaclitan Chromsone (Chromseleono qacliticus)
Faction Alternate UUniversal Grand Council
Description Mean, Arrogant, Aggressive Opinions, Often Cocky, Calulative, Vegan, Several Vaccinations.
Skills and Abilities Natural Lizard Abilities, Natural Color-Changing Abilities, Athoritive Status, Expert Diplomat and Anti-Terrorist Activist, Self-Defense Tactics, Vibro-Spatha Swords, Two Pulse Phasers, Combat Suit With Neuro-Sensing Matrix, Athletic Prowless.
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Xxylum Village, Qaclite (Gamma Universe, Eschose Sector, Niivo System) (Destroyed Hometown)
  • Nexx Tower, Xorizome (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good Yet Often Misguided
Councilwoman Lotus A. Sprouse is an Alternate UUniversal Chromsone from Planet Qaclite. She is a master gardener who joined the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council to protect her herbal home planet from the bioterrorist attacks of a regretful Villains Act member Chuck Le Poi-Son. Since her home was poisoned, she has been mean, arrogant, and cocky. But she is still a worthy Councilwoman. She can be deceptively more fighter worthy then her counciler appearence would suggest. She's well trained in many forms of self-defence and can be surprisingly nimble and actrobatic even when none of her family members had these kind of skills, likely the result of her dedication to combat extremeisum, and figuring she would look like an obvious and easy target to determined enough fanactics aimed to make an exsample out of her to warn goverments to not stand in their way, and is also a keeper of a full body combat suit that could change color as she did and thus not worry about clothes hampering her natural camouflage, and two of the finest vibro-spatha from Warboth's finest weaponsmiths, as well as two self-defense pulse phasers with armor-piercing capabilities. Because of this well exsirsized act of caution, it enabled her to both protect herself from a known scaled-canine extremist by the name of Scarscale of Iallog, and even actselly slain this fanactic. This no surprisingly made all fanactics of the AUU far more cautious of going after Lotus as a result, even the most infamous of Iallog stood as far away from Lotus as possable. It's been known that Lotus has been teaching Bayo and Taleen some of these deceptively battle-worthy skills to help protect them from their fair share of more then abrasive critics to their decidions, considering that Bayo earned less faverable views from less then desireable corpretes that used to enjoy bending trade deals to their faver, and that Taleen is viewed as a pariah to many of those her laws have affected, mainly the likes of the oil and logging industry and those who aren't great fans of her stances for abortion and dismantling the death penality, and that her eviomental rulings earned her more then a few enemies in those that felt very inconvinced by the laws preventing their profits in favor of animals and indigionious people's rights. Though it is deemed un-nessersary since corpertes and critics for certain rights are not as extreme and fanactics, there were cases where this training paid off well from those that DID try to get physical or used death threats.


Lotus was born on the Planet Qaclite in the Xxylum Village, which was an elaborate and life-blessed environment with biotics (technological machines comprising of biologically-synthesized organisms), and Lotus was a very nice, cheerful, and kind child and teenager growing up, and even had a love interest in the form of a Teadr 7 yet intelligent Chomsone from the nearby Xxyl Jungle whom she considered eloping with as they spent time in the jungle together, doing fun things as they continued falling in love. However, when the Villains Act came to pass, the jungle was ravaged with poisons of all kinds, effectively causing her boyfriend to die, thus leaving her no choice but to return to her village. However, by the time she arrived, she felt a tremor that was in fact a bioterrorist attack in the form of a poison bomb that effectively killed the Xxylum Village. She found her parents as they took their final breaths, and they asked to avenge them by making a difference. As they died, and she let out all the raw emotions, she heeded to their wishes and went back into the jungle to hide herself as she prepared herself.

As the years passed following her living in her boyfriend's hometown and even accidentally introducing them to biotics, she was able to train herself to their semi-arboreal hunter ways, and become a protector of the jungle for a while, and effectively ended the poisonous threat that was responsible for this: a Villains Act poison tycoon named Oux Iyolong, who ended up accidentally killing himself fighting Lotus by causing himself to fall into a tar pit. After leaving the jungle with the skills she acquired, and saying goodbye to the tribe, she fought other bioterrorists on Qaclite and, through fighting one of Warbothian origin, gained a combat suit and weaponry, she decided to stop as she learned that violence was only drawing people there. Thus, she had to move to a diplomatic approach by appealing to the Qaclitian Government, and thus giving birth to their own version of the Patriot Act.

This achievement, and how it protected Qaclite from any further attacks including from the Villains Act, earned her the position in the AUU Grand Council as their own anti-terrorist member. She was even reliable in teaching much of it's members combat and self-defense skills since there was bound to be assassins after them, especially considering the near-assassination Headmaster Warson went through. Thus, some, including Bayo and Taleen, did well in that regard. However, she had her own flaws, as everything she saw the bioterrorists do and what selfish and cruel reasons behind them were, she too grew intolerable and bitter about the subject matter, and she did rather well in enforcing anti-terrorist laws, even defending herself from those who no doubt suffered from her political movement, including one who hired the Iallogian extremist Scarface to kill her, only for her to easily outwit him and slay him, and even taking his weapons for herself. She still has a personal goal to seek out whoever destroyed her village, despite learning of both his name, his record, and even his repentance, to which she constantly denies.


Councilwoman Lotus came into the AUU Grand Council because she was a victim of biological terrorism on her home planet of Qaclite. She is geared more on laws for counter-terrorism or anti-terrorism. Since she was betrayed by the Helix Lord and her home town was destroyed by Chuck Le Poi-Son, she went to the Council and joined after introducing and establishing laws that would ensure that nobody would suffer what she suffered.

Regulations for Counter-Terrorism

  1. Mega-Bomb Clause- Bombs with the most powerful blast are universeally illegal for all weapons corperations to make.
  2. Fanatic Supervision- Planets housing fanactical groups are to be monitored carefully! Thanks to Inigo's law, only individuals actselly part of the group are monitored.
  3. Chemical Warfare- Poison based attacks are universeally unacceptable. This is understandable concerning Lotus' personal issue against that.
  4. Biological Warfare- Viral warfare is illegal. So the likes of Narcotic are not the most faverable people to Lotus.
  5. Elemental Warfare- Use of any of the elements as war weapons or even so much for things like arson are unacceptable, so it implies Lotus isn't a fan of neither Celsius and Darkness Qui either.
  6. Cybernetic Warfare- Using robots to settle wars are not acceptable, so she esepcailly damns the Starbot Drone Series for the useage of them for VA conquests.
  7. Religious Conflict- Being Fanactics for religen is not justifiable for harming lifes, so she has a strong hatred for those like the Green Turbans. Cause of it, she has a surprisingly positive opinion for the Union for fighting against relijustus fanactics, reguardless of them having robots of their own, implying Lotus only has an issue with robots being used for fighting if it was for illgotten gains.
  8. Astrolasers- Using planet-destroying weapons, called astrolasers, is INCREDABILY taboo! Cause of it, productions of astrolasers are halted to extintion, and all known plans are destroyed.
  9. Mega-Weaponizing Clause- Weapons using unigte reshorces to stop threats or even start one are forbidden. This law ironicly caused Lord Donatello to turn rouge because he had misguided intentions to stop the VA early by using a unigte reshorce to turn air into water at the price of the Peerdonians.
  10. Memorial Remembrance- Iconic buildings destroyed by a fanactic attack are to be remembered in "9/11" inspired furneral partakions that are annual.
  11. Lotus Forgiveness Clause- Lotus does have a reasonable side, thanks to Inigo. After the Fanactics are punsihed and dealt with, the races they were from are not to be judged or hated from spawning them. They had no way to easily predict ahead of time that they would turn rotten like that. This further cemented Rishon's friendship with her.
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