Taleen Baylene Symons
Councilwoman Taleen.png
Vital statistics
Title Councilwoman Taleen, President Symons, Liberal Feline (By Critics and Scorned folks against her policies)
Gender Female
Race/Species Tree Ipar (Martidelphis iparix arboreas)
Faction Alternate UUniversal Grand Council
Description Wise, Noble, Clever, Stern, Often Violent when Provoked, Determined, Well Meaning.
Skills and Abilities Self-Defense Skills, Natural Agility, Natural Animal Abilities, Athoritive Status.
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Foiothea (Delta Universe, Rasdano Sector, Discinsola System) (Homeworld)
  • Nexx Tower, Xorizome (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good

Councilwoman Taleen B. Symons is an Alternate UUniversal Ipar from Planet Foiothea. She used to be President of Foiothea until her fame and success got her chosen to be one of the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council. She is a very wise and noble Councilwoman, and is very clever. However, she tends to be very stern when it comes to governing the Alternate UUniverses, but not bad enough that it can make her unreasonable or quick to make questionable desidions, and would rarely consider doing something dangeriously extreme to another race or convicted criminal even when almost everyone else agrees to it. She whole-heartingly agrees with Councilman Calixto that only the individual should be blamed, not the entire race, and finds the idea of geniside being used as a punishment disgusting and distasteful, saying doing so would make you no better then what the race the other council members think is evil. A known supporter of civil rights and a very eviomental polotisian, she has no doubt earned enemies that feel very disenfranchised by her "Liberal Agenda", whether it's the industry for old fastion fuel and other reshorces known to not exactly be eviomentally good and feel like their right to business is compromsied by these laws, those with less then kind feelings towords animals who feel criminalised because of laws meant to faver animals, and alchourse, the fact that she supports abortion and the discontinuation of the death penality had earned her relijustus oppendents and/or those that support the useage of death as a punsihment to argue for the problem of overpopulation. Taleen doesn't ignor oppisite arguements, but has advacated that failure to consider her views and others who don't agree with them should not be an excuse to do things that should no longer have place in a modern socity. Though she never gets violent critics and that they do concede to her or at least begrudgingly live with it due to ther Grand Council position, she also had trained under Councilwoman Lotus to have nimble and deceptivly tough self-defence. And this has indeed saved her from a gang of very libid hunters who didn't liked her for protecting an endagered spieces because such a creature is viewed as a vermin to them and her words did little to deter them from attempting a death threat to back peddle or it's her life. After putting those hunters in their place forcefully, she most certainly grew appresiation for Lotus' training.


Taleen was born on the futuristic ecumenopolis of Foiothea. Growing up as a sick dentally-challenged enthusiastic child who loved to play up to her 17-year-old days, she was quite a trouble-maker who almost ended up getting in juvenile hall after several incidents with the Suppressors, especially when her single senator mother who tried to use the legal system however she could. However, when she becomes 17, on the same day when she given her final strike and told she would get no more chances even by her mother, her playful fun trouble-making life forever came to an end when she joined a civil rights movement who was lead by an evil Lestoon named Mover Dementus, who was intolerable of the laws the Suppressors go full-on revolutionized for, including getting free snacks and getting arrested for sabotaging public devices, getting free money yet getting arrested for counterfeiting, basically things that even Taleen, in her careless mind, couldn't help but agree with, and even blindly signs into their movement.

However, as the months of membership pass, she ends up aiding Mover so much, her influence ends up forming an underground movement that believes themselves better than everyone else, as Mover ends up secretly planning a fascist movement dedicated to lowering law and bringing on rights they 'deserve' in the ways that Taleen wants. As the words echoed in her words and she constantly listened to herself as she started growing in morality, she ends up attempting to quit. However, Mover reminds her that her labor contract says that she cannot quit because of the knowledge she has of their movement, yet she states proudly that she was no longer the enthusiastic and careless Taleen who joined them, and even accuses him of using that to manipulate people like what she used to be into playing with what selfish pursuits that 'nobody in their right mind would care about'. Insulted, Mover threatens that if she strikes out further, he'll reveal her involvement in their movement to the press, and not even her mother will protect her from the punishment that will follow, just like all the others who 'matured' and are currently in prison, and even places a surveillance collar on her, and takes her living quarters and sentences her to nights in the penance dungeon where she was forever to reside under heavy surveillance and evil rules until she repents.

However, to everyone's surprise, the next day, after witnessing all the pain the penance dungeon brought, she decided that enough was enough, and just decided to confess her wrongdoings to the entire press, and even further apologizing and begging to ensure that nobody is tricked into making the same mistakes she makes. Afterwards, Mover sentences her to death when the Suppressors are called into action. But before she could be executed through the electric chair, to everyone's surprise, the Suppressors are able to quickly locate her through tapping into their surveillance collars, and rescue her in the nick of time, as she takes a gun and sets things right by turning in the evil and childish Mover, strapping him into the electric chair, claiming 'it's where children like (him) belong: time out', yet only shocking him into unconsciousness and awaiting jailtime.

For her sacrifices, she was put into the Suppressors, but later moved up in the positions of power across the years, going to political movements when her mother is assassinated by an unrelated complainer who he too was eventually punished, taking her senator spot, and finally, makes it to the president's seat, hoping to make a huge difference. And she does as she heavily finances the Suppressors' power and surveillance of all kinds, and even makes a civil rights movement that is for a more positive light than what Mover ever did it for. Plus, after hearing her story and accomplishments, the Grand Council liked to welcome her into their circle, especially when the Villains Act came into the picture. Thus, she accepted, stepped in, and spread her influence to the rest of the AUU with her new position. However, after quickly realizing that she unintentionally created a corrupt movement on her home planet of Mover's Movement origin that constantly tried to kill her, Lotus was happy to offer her the skill to defend herself. She still does, and continues to make a difference, and prefers that her past naïveté never be mentioned again.


Taleen is the public-relations member of the Grand Council, and is the most responsible of making sure laws truly favor the people and not exclusively goverments and the 1% high life. Taleen has a habit of accepting universally-accepted things more than universally-unaccepted things, leading her to end up having atheism abolished for intergalactic respect, not realizing that it can be done for good via the Union Against Religious Abuse. But she is open to alternate perspectives, and makes compromising rules that makes both sides winners. Taleen is by no means religious as some would assume for abolishing atheism, she just counts religion as a right since many would give some religions criticism for being different than what they believed in.

Civil Rights

  • Abolishment of segregation.
  • The right to have a democracy, monarchy, or any acceptable government type.
  • Contributed in preventing law-enforcement and the Heroes Act from being racist and biased.
  • The right to abortions. (Former exception: unless religenious reasons say otherwise. The exception was abolished after the Gregamoon situation.)
  • Pending the end of the death sentence.
  • Pending UUniverseal gay rights. (Conflicted by religenious rights)
  • Abolishment of religious prosecution.
  • Abolishment of atheism. (Would soon be abolished when Athisetisum can be used for good).
  • The right to religion. Would soon be recognized to be just as corruptable and abused as political and magic powers.
  • Free cyber-network (Internet for example) protections.
  • Freedom of speech protections. (Ironicly respondsable for Anti-Grand Council Rebels).
  • Pending abolishment of genocide as punishment. (But it will be given a great push forword soon enough.)
  • Pending taxes to the rich.
  • Abolishment of governmental tyranny.
  • Abolishment of dictatorship.
  • Abolishment of Communism.
  • Abolishment of false-advertising.
  • Helped Bayo in making fair trades.
  • Aided Naeem in lesser-being interactions laws.
  • Supports Calixto in Heroes Act rules.
  • Helped Rishon in racial relations.
  • Contributed to some of Jarvis' laws for enforcement.

Environment/Animal Enforcement

  • Ending the dependence of logging.
  • Ended the desperate need for fossil fuels, aiding the likes of Eroxxon Corporation to fight off the anti-alternative fuel tycoon campaign brought from the disbanding of the USRA and for an non-transferred contract.
  • Enabled alternate energy sources.
  • Empowered the Endangered-Species Protection Laws.
  • Abolishment of poaching.
  • Abolishment of black markets.
  • Illegalized nuclear power or warfare.
  • Halted ivory trade.
  • Restricted foreign unsentient species from being introduced.
  • Ended unauthorized animal experimentation unless one is voluntary or donates his/her body to science.
  • Restricted hunting seasons greatly.
  • Ended unauthorized colonizing of unsentient animal planets or sanctuaries. All planned colonizing must be interviewed, reviewed, and the colonizers must be made to follow environmental safety regulations before proceeding.
  • Halting use of pestilence against insects and introducing environmentally-friendier methods to deter pests from eating crops, but without killing them.
  • Illegalized oil refining on water planets for the favor of the environment. This inclusion was made to prevent more like-minded fish like Aqua Regia from rising, and because Taleen felt awful she didn't prevent this sooner.
  • Ended the need for oil and other unrenewable resources. It further powered the alternate fuel industry. The law doesn't affect lesser-advanced Teadr levels by Naeem's request, insisting that the law should only imply to them once they get an interstellar spaceship.
  • Illegalized pollution of planets, both land and water.
  • Pending of reversing Pharagu and Bulech as junkyard planets and restoring them to their naterol glory. It's the most difficult law to pass due to the fact it was made by the USRA, which had much more authority than the Grand Council even while disbanded, and Taleen needed the approval of the Legion of Dominant Races to see it through. The absence of the humans made it the most impossible since they're needed for this as well, when Taleen otherwise has great support, even from the Yurans who were originally responsible making Pharagu and Bulech junkyard planets to begin with to slove a trash crisis.
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