Deathimir Narrow Ravenshadow
Count Deathimir Ravenshadow
Vital statistics
Title Count Ravenshadow
Gender Male
Race/Species Pteraveus
Faction Independent
Description Sadistically Evil, Calm And Collective, Intelligent and Cunning
Skills and Abilities Strength, Agility, Reflexes, Silver Tongue, High-Speed Flight, Echolocation, Thermal Sensing, Night-Vision, Psychic Powers, Feeds on Depression and Despair, Telekinesis
Status Currently Imprisoned In Silver
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Stonshule, Vaarcovania (Alpha Universe, Pisarque Sector, Urone System) (Homeworld)
Alignment Evil

Count Deathimir N. Ravenshadow, is an Alternate UUniversal Pteraveus from Planet Vaarcovania. He is a psychic vampire who feeds off of the fear, hate, sadness, and depression of his victims. His horror story, Ravenshadow, is about his fearful reign of inducing bad dreams and fearful memories throughout Vaarcovania from midnight to dawn until his eventual imprisonment in silver. Since then, his story was considered a myth, and only his ancestors knew that it was a fact. He even uses his trickery and psychic powers to create minions that only serve him.


Actual Life

Count Deathimir Ravenshadow Silver Statue

Deathimir's Silver Statue

Deahtimir's history and rise into being a vampiric nightmare is largely unknown. Rumors say that he was born with a vampiric condition and before he gave birth to a child, he went mad, and mutated into a telepathic vampire who feeds off of fear, sadness, and depression. Unlike the story, which was only half-true, his story is rather tragic in reality. As of today, the Pteraveus is not only feared and hated, but they are endangered as the result of a 'Purge' that rendered them to endangered status. This was the basis of Ravenshadow's story. Before the Purge, the Pteraveus race was so judgmental and bent on superiority and power, they were utterly intolerable to get along with, reaping harsh things on those that were dragged into their planet as slaves, which was understandable because of the time period, in where non-Pteraveuses are not exactly squeaky clean themselves and doing dispicable things in the name of self-impourence was pretty much the norm. It's only that the Pteraveus did it in a way that was too much for anyone to bare and cope it and that they were too powerful for any defences, even to conventional anti-vampiric weaknesses (Not to say they never worked as it only works 50% of the time, depending on how strong the individual Pteraveus is), which would run the risk of the Pteras becoming a powerful majority while others are condemned to a minority. In response, the people commenced the Purge that wiped them out into endangered status. Now as to why they only became endagered and not flat-out extinct is considerably debateable, but a number of facters would commenly suggest that some Pteras were too diffuclt to catch or an unknown efnic group stoping the slaughter because, reguardless of their attatude and actions, genside was still wrong and people simply stopped on their own or because of intervention of the rulership. Either way, the controverseal race was lucky to avoid extinction reguardless. The Pteraveus race grew from this experience, but the only judgmental member left on the planet was Deathamir Ravenshadow, who was so angered that his family was killed, he embraced his vampiric condition and became the beast he is today. He thus used his powers to wipe the truth of the Purge from his race's minds, and left them forgetful of the reason of their endangered status, while he made up a story that they were unforgivable and fearful xenophobes to try and make them not only independent, but to get them to repeat history so he can reap hate, fear, sadness, and depression into the inhabitants, thus giving him something to feed off of, becoming their leader of his massive castle on Bellpathian Mountains, where he commenced his plan for revenge. Though his family, or what was left of it, were the only ones who knew the truth, and renounced their servitude to Deathamir, specifically his brother Count Goodblood, who sought out to remind people of their true goal. However, he cursed them into being unable to talk through his own powers, mind-warping them into his control, while Goodblood, who was too will-powered to be controlled, (Which is ironic considering that Goodblood was no super-genius, but not incredably dumb enough either, so perhaps a balenced mindset protected him from easy control), was put into a coffin imprisonment. Thus would commence the story that went to the books, where he tormented 5 families, and with the aid of the most strong-willed family member Abrohmn Van Hellman and Goodblood, he would be defeated, turned to silver after so many suffering occurred throughout Vaarcovania, but because of this, even the family was unable to convince the people out of hating the Pteraveus family since Ravenshadow's actions only fueled their hate, specifically for Count Goodblood, who was given huge oppression, and after not taking it any longer, Goodblood asked Hellman to imprison him again so the hate won't be strong enough to free Ravenshadow again, and to look after his family. Thus Hellman would claim the castle and turn it into a church dedicated to equality. However, the truth of the Pteraveus' endangered status would be forgotten even to the Ravenshadow family, to the point where they forgot that the two were connected. But the five families were executed for 'blasphemy', yet their spirits still remained in the Church itself. But there was one they could not account for, and that was Humpgore, who was hiding since Ravenshadow's defeat aiming to bring him back, especially since he was the one who orchestrated the execution of the Hellmans and their family friends, hoping that the xenophobic terror would be enough to free him again. But it simply wasn't enough. That's when he had an idea, as he thought that the rest of the family would be useful, as the manipulation of a simple individual would be enough to do the trick. But the rest of the Ravenshadow Family has been gone and unfound for centuries, as the Hellmans urged them to hide for safety measures. But when they would finally be found following the birth of Princess Amber Ravenshadow, he might get a chance.

Horror Story

In the story, he haunts five different families every night, the Hellmans, the Harks, the Wehsens, the Helmwoods, and the Sewthds. The Hellmans were a Church-loyal family who had a sense of equality and damnation to those who had bitter relationships, but they had senses of purity, and when their head, Abrohmn, discovered that all 4 families, including his girlfriend, Lury Wehsen, each have the same problem, they decide to search for the reason. The adventure leads them to an abandoned church atop the haunted Bellpathian Mountains (Castle changed to church because of seclusion reasons). There, they meet Deathimir, who seems innocent to them, but on top of the hill, their nightmares are twice as worse, and twice as fearful. As they continue, they grow depressed and sad as they took time admitting to their sinful pasts and tragedies. However, they are unable to leave when a storm destroys their only means off the hill. But as they hang out with Deathimir, he tells them that there might be a vampire on the loose, and that he might be close to finding him. But while they don't believe him, 2 of them, which include Lury, wind up missing the next day, learning that they were so because the vampire, who fed off of tragedy and sin, took them as the second and third most tragic behind Hellman. While they continue, their parents and family wind up searching for them, though end up in Deathimir's grasp just as well as they played a part in their tragedies. Then, after learning about Deathimir's family, and the eventual birth of his daughter in a distant land, who is thought to have been born with the same vampiric condition Deathimir possesses, the group soon learns that Deathimir is the vampire, and also learn that, with their family and friends in his grasp and with his unfathomable power growing as the disappearance of the five families have brought mass hysteria for Deathimir to feed off of, and turn them into his first army, the only way to stop him is to find an ancient relic that turns supernatural entities into silver called the Bellsing Ritus, which was created by the priest who tried to defeat him before and the original owner of the Church by the name of Saint Bellsing. But they are soon captured by the missing two teenagers who have been bewitched by Deathimir to serve him. They are locked up into a dungeon, but they manage to escape, and find the Ritus while barely avoiding Deathimir's powers. But in the end, Deathimir tries to corrupt them onto his side with their tragic pasts and fears, using his silver tongue to nearly break them, but does this at the exact moment the Ritus is activated, and with Lury snapping out of her trance because of seeing the raw emotion in his boyfriend, she stabs it into Deathimir, turning him to silver. Since then, he has been imprisoned for over a hundred years, only for a twist to appear at the end to signify that 'he will return'.

Powers and Abilities

Deathimir is known to have devastating psionic powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, and mind-control. But this incredible power derives from the depression and despair of others. He has to feed every night, and the more he feeds, the stronger his powers get until he is forced to retreat into the shadows at dawn. His telepathy allows him to know the fears and hate of others. His mind-control abilities derive from using fear and hate to haunt the conscious of the victim so much, they will be too scared to fight back. His telekinesis is used for different scenarios.

His natural abilities include flying, echolocation, and heat-sensitive pits in his nose. His flying speed increases as his power increases. Also, when at the perfect level, he can use his echolocation as a sonic weapon that can give a little scare to his victims. His pits also allow him to locate his victims, and gets stronger when he gains more power. He even possesses increased physical strength, agility, and lightning-fast reflexes. He hides well in the shadows and he is a master trickster.

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