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Count Vipper Fangula
Count Fangula.png
Vital statistics
Title Count Fangula, Butthead (Retarded Conjoined Twin), Leader of the Vipires Snake Tribe
Gender Male
Race/Species Vipire
Faction The Snake Tribes
Description Conjoined Twins, One Intelligent One Stupid, Argues With Each Other, Dark, Bloodthirsty, Murderous, Easily-Distracted, Poor Eyesight In One Eye For Both Heads, 'Blah!' Tourette's Syndrome
Skills and Abilities Magic Staff, Ability To Possess Vehicles And Become War Machine, High Level Of Magic Spells
Status Alive
Location Coldaron (Adopted Homeworld)
Alignment Evil

Count Vipper Fangula is the conjoined leader of one of the ancient armed snake tribes called Vipires, viper vampires capable of posessing vehicles and becoming snake-based war machines. Fangula is very dark and bloodthirsty and had formed an alliance with the other 4 armed snake tribes in order to help Boan ressurect his species from extinction and awaken The Great Eater. Fangula tends to litterally "argue with himself" with his retarded head brother, whom he names "Butthead", and has a misfortune of being distracted easily. He was formerly the creator and ruler of Coldaron.


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  • "Blah! BLAH! Me and my semi-retarded birth-defect brother want to suck your BLOOD! And turn your car into a war machine for the Snake Tribes!"