Jenogin Vekus Gruemberger
Count Gruemberger
Vital statistics
Title Count Gruemberger, Count Gruel Burger (Erroneously)
Gender Male
Race/Species Gneollan
Faction High-Mighty Revengers Guild Leader
Description Bitter and Broken, Bad Back, Bound By Cane, Mild Yet Unpredictable PTSD, Rough, Vengeful, Angry, Cunning, Desperate To The Point Of Losing Sight, Wise (In Better Times)
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Strategic, Self-Defense Combat Skill (Hindered By Bad Back), Scientific Intelligence
Status One Of The Counts Of Higherworld
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Gneollia (Destroyed Homeworld)
  • Higherworld (Location coming soon...) (Current Residence)
Alignment In An Extreme Grey-Area
Count Jenogin V. Gruemberger of the regel Gruembergers is among several endling Gneollans that have made it Higherworld. In not just being able to be one of it's ruling counts, he is also leader of a known revenge group known as High-Mighty Revengers Guild, has long been advocating to get after Balactan technology as a means to get revenge against the Bullarns for destroying his homeworld and much of the Gneollan race. Apart from this and dispite looking like a clear cut basic baddy, he otherwise has been a fair and just ruler, if though quick to enact rules that make it that outsiders not from dying spieces like them are quickly captured to protect Higherworld's secret, and that he has mistakenly trusted a false Exhaeon named Scordin about how that Balactanian tec can be used into freeing him in return for revenge and getting his world and race back. Cause of this, the count is actselly an extreme far cry from any truely malitious person, it's just that his desire to restore the legacy of his race has entered maximum overdrive to the point that he appears to had misplaced his commen sense, hence why he basicly trusted an AUU demon where a huge betrayal risk is at hand. It'll have to be up to commen trouble makers and outside assistence to snap him back into reality before the Gneollans would end up losing Higherworld too.


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Coming soon...

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