Sifen Nessel Mooku
Count Mooku
Vital statistics
Title Count Mooku, AUU Count Dooku (OUU Inhabitants)
Gender Male
Race/Species Guocyne (Guocynus fulcurvorus)
Faction Villains Act
Description Medieval Accent, Sophisticated, Naturally Color-Blind Yet Is Chromothysic (Animal Technique Allowing Color-Blind Animals To Determine Color), Cybernetic Left Arm
Skills and Abilities Natural Canine Abilities, Sense Of Smell And Hearing, Thermal Energy Sword Capable Of Melting Anything, Limited Magic Spells, Advanced Kevlar Vest And Flexisuit Underneath Robe, Explosive Charges And Thermal Detonators, Cybernetic Left Arm Grants Enhanced Strength And Special Thermal Blast Capabilities, Robotic Associates, Sundered Heart Space Cruiser
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Äsalag, Euvabon (Eta Universe, Anderem Sector, Eampapor System) (Hometown)
  • (Current Location Unknown)
Alignment Evil

Count Sifen N. Mooku is an Alternate UUniversal Guocyne from Planet Euvabon. He is a powerful Villains Act general who lead several invasions in the AUU and had near-similarities to the Star Wars Count Dooku. He has a sophisticated medieval accent, has a unique battle-style, has various types of equipment at his disposal, and wields a red thermal-energy sword. He was also Darkness Qui's personal advisor before the Villains Act's fall. It was hardly believed that he knew the location of Equaria, the alternate version of Equestria, which mysteriously vanished just when the VA was gonna head to it during it's somewhat early days. Since the fall, he has been on his own for the purpose of pursuing the quest for Equaria's most powerful and crucial weapons, The Sun-Gems of Peace, which are being wielded by Equaria's queen's daughter and her five friends in the Decurion Guard, due to everyone else thinking he's nuts and the successful capture would prove otherwise. So far, thankfully, he has yet to succeed because, even though he knows exactly where the planet is, the planet's invisible shield makes it impossible for him to locate it within it's Sun's orbit, and fell into near-obscurity as a result. His only companions are three personalized VA drones named Drone 432, A3-Six0-P, and Companion 5627182987.


Mooku was born on the Planet Euvabon in the Eampapor System in The Animal Square Province. He was an eccentric puppy that was raised by a single former noblewoman mother for the Eampapor System that had a fortune big enough to fill a thousand moons. His lineage earned him an easy chance to become the next nobleman to take his mother's place. Once he became 18, Mooku was given the job and he took over his mother's career and fortune. However, unlike most noblemen who usually like to keep to themselves, Mooku always had a soft-spot for less-advanced beings. He was like this because he studied and admired the beliefs of a Yatoran who shared the same beliefs, and Mooku felt it seemed unfair that people were too afraid of introducing technology to lower teadr levels and risk them being misused or ending up causing serious trouble that it drove the Yatoran to disappear into obscurity.

Though agreeing that giving stone-age primitives technology is automaticly a very bad idea, he felt that if something smart enough to learn can be trusted with technology, it can prove that lesser-Teadr levels can be trusted with higher levels of technology if you take the time of to teach them and nurture them until they're ready. But the problem was that the Legion of Dominant Races and the AUU Grand Council had an expansive knowledge of all worlds not yet in higher-Teadr levels and always kept in check, so Mooku wanted to be able to prove his theory on a world rarely-visited, or even known for that matter, which was a considerable nightmare for Mooku to pull off successfully. He couldn't find such a planet for over 5 years.

But eventally he found a lesser-known and hardly-visited planet called Equaria, which was at a Teadr 5 level due to them relying solely on magic. The 'brilliance' of this race amazed and inspired Mooku. He felt that this race could become the next Teadr 1 race if he took the time it needed to teach them and show them the marvels of advance technology, hoping that a race with the combined powers of science and magic could make the AUU and possibly beyond, a much better place. So he introduced himself to the Lonies of Equaria, and he introduced and teached the ways of technology to them, becoming a messiah to them, even earning the affection and admiration of the noble ruler of the planet, Queen Caelestis, and the two developed a friendship over time. In a matter of 9 months, Mooku's introductions of technology raised the Lonies' Teadr level from 5 to 3, and he ensured that no major mistake ever occurred to discourage bad people to use as evidence against what Mooku was doing.

Mooku was hoping this could finally create a better understanding in the current rules placed by the Grand Council and then some. Then Mooku learned of Equaria's most critical and powerful weapons, the Sun-Gems of Peace, which were wielded by Caelestis' daughter, Princess Shade and her 5 childhood friends, who now worked for the planet's new revolutionary police force, the Decurion Guard. Mooku was glad he was trusted with something like the knowledge of the most powerful gemstones ever known in Equaria. But things soon turned bad when Mooku announced plans to take the Lonies to Teadr 1. He delivered an inspirational speech until the Dynasty Cruiser arrived and brought Headmaster Warson and the Human Protection Agency to arrest Mooku for illegally introducing technology to a primitive race, and threatened to send him to prison as punishment, accusing him as a disgrace to his family name. The event not only horrified the Lonies, but Caelestis was disgusted by their insults on Mooku. She ordered the Decurion Guard to protect Mooku, but it ended up in injuries on both sides, though there were no deaths. The attacks and injuries angered Mooku to the point where he drew out his thermal sword to try and murder Warson for hurting the people he held dear, only to be met with a human officer blasting his arm off to stop him. Now even more furious, Caelestis chased Warson and the humans off the planet and back into the Dynasty. This resulted in the Grand Council fearing that returning to Equaria would cause another Interuniversal War.

While Mooku's arm was taken and replaced by a cybernetic, he was still capable of fighting with his thermal sword since he was ambidextrous. However, he became a broken person since his long-running goal would no longer come true now that he was a criminal. Mooku ended up wanting revenge on the AUU Grand Council, and even the humans, for taking away his dreams and for their violent actions on the Lonies. Though he was personally proud when he heard about a new group called the Villains Act that was capable of dissolving the HPA and driving the humans away. But Caelestis was skeptical because the name was a clear reminder that they couldn't be trusted. But Mooku ended up disobeying her and appeared to the VA in the hopes that they would help him seek vengeance on the Grand Council. While he wasn't a founder, which would've made him more powerful than any other villain, he became a high-ranking member and adviser to Darkness Qui. Mooku told the Villains Act everything about what the Grand Council had done to the Lonies and how they took his arm, and this interested Qui since she believed that their technology and magic will be very useful. Mooku gained his own space cruiser called the Sundered Heart, as well as some new robot friends. But while he tried to introduce Equaria, Caelestis realized immediately that Mooku disobeyed her, and ordered that the planet be surrounded by a magic force field that would make it invisible. When Mooku arrived first before the VA and saw the 'disappearance' of the planet, just before the following VA arrived, Mooku ended up looking like a liar and a delusional fool. It didn't affect his title, but a lot of the VA members end up thinking him as a nut as a result, only getting support from his robots and barely Qui because of her being a bit more mature.

Upon the VA's departure, Caelestis called Mooku down and scolded him for disobeying her. Mooku was seen as a traitor as a result, and he was shunned by any Lony he came across. He was banished from Equaria forever. Now abandoned by the one race he cared for all these years, Mooku became determined to prove to them that the Villains Act was the key to their salvation by trying to prove that they were real. And he feels that the only way to do that was to steal the Sun-Gems of Peace and introduce them to the Villains Act, thus starting the chain of events that would finally allow him to exact his revenge. He has been doing this ever since, and he ends up developing mental insanity as a result.


"Thou shalt not incur the wrath of Count Mooku, your future master!"

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