Mial Uva Pijix
Vital statistics
Title Secret Founder P, Overlord Pijix (Alternate Reality)
Gender Male
Race/Species Chrogton
Faction Villains Act Secret Founder
Description Underappreciated, Power-Hungry, Greedy (More TBA...)
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities (More TBA...)
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Briinx, Goalax (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Gorvina System) (Hometown)
Alignment Evil
Count Mial U. Pijix, anonymous name Secret Founder P, is an Alternate UUniversal Chrogton from Planet Goalax. He is one of the many founders and lesser-known prime leaders of the Villains Act. He was an ally of Nuke Munbay and helped him form the Villains Act Council, but because of his forced attempt to be the leader of the Council, he was made a governor of the Villains Act, and was stripped of all Council privileges as punishment. Angry, Pijix tried to usurp Nuke for years by manipulating both the Villains Act and the Legion of Dominant Races in the hopes that Nuke would be humiliated and kicked out. He was unable to do this when the VA was destroyed, and he was able to flee Peerbon and plotted to take over The Dark Radicals. He does this on a secret hideaway on Goalax with an entire mobile robot factory that produces Starbots as his personal army. However, eventally in the series, Pijix might end up never seeing his wish come true due to a few conflicting reasons: 1. He never holds contact to Nuke. 2. The reason why Nuke was never kicked out already was caused by The Grand Fate Master. 3. The Dark Radicals, even when Nuke gets out of office in The Escalation of the Artifital Being Wars, Grand Duke Kafar-Ja was entrusted to take it over without Pijix knowing about it due to him having no contact to Nuke. 4. Heroes United marked the end of the Starbots' loyalty to the remaining Villains Act members including him thanks to Cone Unit 1991 and fellow Starbot renegades infecting the Major Control System with a virus that 'purifies' the Starbots. And 5. In the Sister of Xerxes 5-parter, his legacy as a villain is ultimately destroyed when all the bad things associated with the Villains Act was undone when Xemantha mostly did it to save both the UUniverses and her brother, granting Pijix the alternate fate of being infected by 'moral worms", preventing him from ever being a problem to begin with and the heroes never got to know he existed outside from some mentionings from various episodes. So after all mishaps and complications, he never got to be among one of the many villains to attempt re-establishing the Villains Act. However, we may not ever have to worry about THIS Count Pijix, but if someone still evil gets ahold of a device capable of opening gates to alternate timelines and realities, we might have to worry about alternate versons, particularly what Pijix was originally meant to become, an all powerful overlord of the "Pijix Empire" known as Overlord Pijix had he been able to kept contact and preventing many of the other following things that went wrong with the VA remeiniments.

History (Original)

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History (Altered)

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