Pusarnalla Sabir Pussix
Count Puss-Pus
Vital statistics
Title Minister Count Pussix, Pusar Puss, Puss-Pus
Gender Male
Race/Species Cunone
Faction Cunone Empire
Description Middle-Aged, Bitter, Clever and Cunning, Rude
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Royal Cane For Defense
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Száwou, Cunoone (Zeta Universe, Ougus Sector, Nukston System) (Hometown and Current Residence)
Alignment Secretly Evil

Minister Count Pusarnalla S. Pussix, traditionally named Pusar Puss by his family, or often nicknamed Puss-Pus by his critics, is an Alternate UUniversal Cunone from Planet Cunoone. He is a particularly nasty looking Cunone who is the Minister Count of the Cunone Empire, and the Grand Advisor of Emperor Brundel Tankoru. He is the descendant of a war hero named Count Zogan Puss who was the first of his family to take up the job as Minister Count and was the Grand Advisor, and best friend, to Emperor Trode RuMorax. Pusar is the next of the family to take this position, soon to pass this role to his daughter Kaiti Katt Puss. His family has had a long history with the family of RuMorax since before the founding of the USRA. Long ago, the Cunones were once ruled by an incompetent Emperor, Emperor Marlin Paw. While not a tyrant, and a well-meaning guy, he was making bad trades and questionable desidtions that harmed the planet's ecomamomy. The families of Puss and Rumorax suffered the most. The family leader of puss convicned the Puss and Rumorax clans to band togather to get the incompident emperor out. The Ansister desided that to do it, he and the Rumorox ansister need to trick the Veexomites into wanting to attack the Cunones to take advantage of their own incompident but much more tyrantical goverment. And it worked. The Veexes were made to look like savage beasts that resulted in their own extiction. The Puss and the Rumorax familes were never discovered, and fought in the war they caused. This made them heroes and were welcome into the position of power to replace Paw. Rumorax was made the emperor cause their strong honor values, so the pus got count position. Puss-Pus continued the deception and bullied the Emperor into obeying him, even the most awful request. Rumorax wanted to expose the "Cunones' Bug Ugly Truth" as it was called to make amends to save the membership of the Necktronians who were mostly acting out to avenge their lost friends, but the Count harshly advised against it and allowed the Necktronians to suffer ever since until the Montronians enlightened them. Brundel, the new emperor, is actselly less imtimidated by Puss and plans to expose the bug ugly truth, but the count countered against it by threatening to expose the Tankoru's families contributions in supporting the crimes of the Rumorox and the Puss so he would suffer in this too, thus so far keeping the current emperor in his place. Puss-Pus would soon attempt to halt the Humans' attempt to bring back the Veexomites with any means nessersary, but one day, his own daughter and unlikely heroes would ruin the falsely earned legacy for good and correct this grave injustice.


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  • "I have a legacy to preserve."
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