Vladimer C. Smirnov
Count Vladimer
Vital statistics
Title Count Vladimer
Gender Male
Race/Species Rüppell's vulture (Gyps rueppelli)
Faction Independent Villain, Food Critic (Formerly)
Description Middle-Aged, Cruel, Sadistic, Meat-Loving, Xenophobic Against Snails
Skills and Abilities Natural Flight, Well Agility Despite Age, Speed And Reflexes
Status Still at Large
Location Dragon Realms Ulyanovsk (Adoptive Hometown)
Alignment Evil

Count Vladimer is a really scary, not so popular food critic vulture and the true Big Bad of the 11th episode in the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series, An All-Out French Experience with Gary. This carnivourus bird has been abusing his position as a critic. When his butler owl Alistor informs him of the Gand Reopening of Perrier Sailas' Amphibie Cafe and the toad chef planning to make the vulture, escargot out of Spongebob's pet snail Gary, Vlad who couldent resist the french traditional dellicacy sets out for france to enjoy his meal that could make or breake Perrier's reputation. After a wild adventure and series of events that transpired to happen, it is revealed that both Vlad and Lord Shen have one thing in common, thier tragic past history with snails which was the loss of his family with his son alive but never reported his disapperence to the police. But thanks to Icky's loudmouth stupidity, Vladamer nearly became the death of Spongebob but thanks to the police and a mob of resturant owners led by Perrier who have come to protest the shut downs of their resturants, bad reviews and abuse, the vultrue critic was sent to an asylum to have him cured of his deluded madness, mental scars and emotional problems.


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