Krum Perben Vladula
Vital statistics
Title Count Vladula
Gender Male
Race/Species Vampire
Faction Spookavanian Ruler
Description Wise, Noble, Small Grudges, Centuries Old
Skills and Abilities Flight, Shapeshifting, Hypnosis, Increased Longevity
Status Alive
Location Spookavania
Alignment Good
Count Krum P. Vladula is a vampire who lives on the monster world of Spookavania and has been their ruler for over a century. He had been connected to several other monster worlds such as Monstropolis and Halloween Town and is a good friend to Jack Skellington who has been just as feared as him. His ancestors had helped immigrate several jeopardized monsters to this world and protect them from the prejudice of normal people. Like many of his family, he doesn't think it's fair to punish an entire community over the actions of several bad examples over the history, and would love more than anything to finally convince normal people that monsters are not all evil or at the least automatically hostile. He is a grand leader, yet he has trouble keeping several prejudicial monsters in line, like that of a extremely dark wraith named Horrorshow, especially since he turned a good friend of his named Craig Vesling against their kind. While he is rather scary, he is open to having others be better than him. He even has an assistant named Hiver.


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