Coxswain Xox Gobblewock is an Alternate UUniversal Raccox Empirid from Planet Remena. With his ability to use his tense to fake out and frustrate his opponents, he plays tricks on even his own friends, with joy only being shared by Annora Valleys, as a member of Team JVCY. He is a dedicate jokester that came from the same hometown as Annora, and felt sorry for her after a harsh world like Remena did not fit well with her race's pranking nature, making her despondent and eventually met back up with her in the Radiance Academies, as he found a way to blend both her kind's cheerful nature with the harshness of Remena simply by telling her to laugh away her troubles and make the most joyful out of a bad situation, much to the dismay of her concerned friend and teammate Chi Chen. He is also hinted to have a serious crush on Annora as she was more fixated on Chi despite him being much older than her. Once Remena is eventually saved from the battle against Magemaster Ura'nus Azzhole's discriminative ways which forced the seemingly chaotic actions of Grimmess Occultra, the two become a giggly couple. He is the AUU version of RWBY Fox Alistair.


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