Craborg is still a problem ever since the Dark Order Saga. Because of making him as a character that could break the fourth wall, this gave Craborg the knowledge of the outside world, and managed to discover a way to manifest himself into the real world. After ravaging the Dragon Temple, he ends up getting inspired to show the entire UUniverses what he can do, especially when he has gained 20x stronger power than Vi-Tor had. He goes to Gamerene, and declares that he will take over, and when he does, he decides to test his unstoppable nature by holding his own tournament in 1 week. (Icky: "He's assentually going Cell Games on us, people!") If he wins and no hero in the UUniverses can beat him, he will unleash his power on the rest of the UUniverses and use his molecular manipulation to remake it in his image. Naturally, the Lodge, as well as any and all available other hero teams, go to Gamerene and help Team Quseware and Darkstorm (Darkstorm getting bailed out by his wife, and nevertheless being reformed but still cocky and swearing to beat Quse in a Vegeta-like manner), as well as surprise teams, to try and bring down Craborg and his obvious ripoff of the Cell Games.

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(Craborg's Announcement Theme)

Dragonball Z Abridged MUSIC The Cell Games Announcement - CELLGAMES DBZA

Dragonball Z Abridged MUSIC The Cell Games Announcement - CELLGAMES DBZA

(Craborg's You Lose Gag)

Angry Video Game Nerd You and your friends are dead

Angry Video Game Nerd You and your friends are dead

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Craborg's Announcement


  • Quse:... (On phone)... So, your wife bailed you out, huh?
  • (Darkstorm): Yeah. And she said that she gave me original technology that's not just like that of which I stole, but is far more effective to ensure that I can make up to all those trophies and awards that you called...
  • Quse/Darkstorm: The world's biggest pity party.
  • Quse: Yeah, whatever. But hey, you did ONE thing right. You got me to step up my game, and much like that Cars 3 movie that came out a while ago, it got me to be much smarter than any new-age technology could offer.
  • (Darkstorm): Oh, I assure you, you weren't the only one. New-Age Technology is all over the UUniverses, and people like you have been able to adapt to it. Soon enough, we may be able to make up the honest way, and this time, no gear is gonna blow up in my face.
  • Quse:... And your wife forgave you?
  • (Darkstorm): Yeah. She felt sorry for me, and said that she'd normally say 'I told you so', but like me, she and the kids were not African American. So, yeah, your kid can date with mine as much as they want. So long as it doesn't get too chaotic.
  • Quse: That's what I like to hear.
  • (Darkstorm): But remember, though I may not be the same bastard I once was, we are STILL due that rematch.
  • Quse: HELL YEAH! See you then. (They hung up) Well, I can tell that this is gonna go quite well. So all I can do now is kick back and reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeela-
  • Aellyce: (Barged in with Ware) HONEY! Check the news! Something is tearing it's way through the transmission tower!
  • Quse: WHAT?!? (He turns on his TV to see that Craborg is flying through, and even though they change the channel, Craborg was there as he flew through every studio as he went up, and then the kids came in)...
  • Ware:... I think... I think it wants to announce something.
  • Kayelin: YOU THINK?!? (They switched over to the news)
  • News Anchor: And in other news- (Craborg burst through the floor as he choked him)
  • Craborg: The following contains violence, coarse language, and adult situations not suitable for minors! Viewer discretion is advised! (He seemingly killed him off-panel)
  • Kid #1: WHO-HO-HOA, BRUTAL!!!
  • Aellyce: Kolly, why are you still watching those shows?
  • Kid #1 (Kolly): Puberty, Mom!
  • Craborg: Ladies, gentlemen, boys, and girls, and that Technicolor rainbow in between... I... Am Craborg! You may remember me from what was once the Dark Order until it was beaten by your favorite interuniversal heroes, who by the way, created me as the heir to my creator, Viral Vi-Tor! But let's move on. I have come to make an announcement. I am hosting a once-in-your-lifetime event. A tournament so grand, it will leave you breathless. It will make you more excited than ever since you find any other tournament the same damn thing except with changes and different winners. But in this one, I will be your deciding factor. I hereby dub it, the Craborg Games.... Be part of the conversation on Twitter at #CraborgGames!
  • Quse: (On iPhone) AAAND he's already trending.
  • Craborg: If you're curious, this tournament will have all possible games you can think of. Combat racing, deathmatches, obstacle courses, capture the flag, juggernaut, tower defense, anything your video games made you fans of. And think of it as the World Martial Arts Tournament in the DBZ Galaxies of the Anime Universe. And like these Cell Games of which you may be thinking I'm ripping off, it's because I F****** AM! (Laughs) But anyway, unlike that, there IS brackets, but it's more than that. Yours truly will be making it hard as much as I can, because these are MY games, and you will follow MY rules, as I'll be changing them however I please. You think that doesn't sound fair, know that I intend to make it as fair as I can, that way you can have good reason to attend. But it doesn't exactly matter anyway, because here's the ultimate reason to attend: If you all lose or fail to comply in one week's time, then it's a loss for this entire world!
  • Quse: WHAT?!?
  • Craborg: That's right. I came here for more than just to have fun or test out my new skills that were enough to annihilate the Lodger's little Temple crib. I came here, to make this my new base of operations. I come from a game, so what's to say I couldn't use a world of virtually video-game excitement to start out?
  • Kid #2: Eh, I guess that's not UN-true.
  • Craborg: So, yeah, defeat will mean not the death of this world as you might think, but rather in ANOTHER sense. As a machine which has the ability to manipulate a fictional substance in my world, here, like in my Dark Order days, I can manipulate all matter around you to the molecular level. Except unlike last time, I'm 10x stronger. Knowing of my fictional status has made me get better, and beyond the difficulty level. The least I could do is test these new powers out. Again, the games will start a noon one week from today at the biggest arena on this world, and I DAMN WLL BETTER GET AN ANSWER LEST YOU WANT ME TO DO THIS EARLIER!
  • (News Anchor): The... The Marathonian Coliseum! Here's the coordinates! (Hands him his iPhone and shows it to him on a Wikipedia page)
  • Craborg:... Eh, Wikipedia? Eh, not completely reliable, but it's true enough. (Memorizes it in his memory banks and destroys it) In return for this, I will have your afflictions healed in good time. Anyway, It will take place at the Marathonian Coliseum one week from today. That should give you plenty of time to prepare. Or for those not participating... (As everyone was panicking and worried) Time to connect with loved ones. Get your affairs I order. Or maybe just kill your boss. Get a PURGE going, live a little. Because in one week's time... (Chuckles) Well, to give you an idea... (He blasts energy at a mountain, and rearranges it into his own Mountain Stronghold similar to the one in the game, all while making the surrounding area similar to his own tyrant kingdom)... So, keep THAT in mind, and I can't wait to see you then. Also, feel free to pray to your God. But, spoilers... I won't be listening. (He flies off as everyone was shocked at what they saw)
  • Kid #3: THE ENTIRE WORLD'S AT STAKE HERE?!? (So many kids were so scared by this, they started crying)
  • Aellyce: It's okay, kids! We're gonna be fine!
  • Quse: (Someone picked up) DARKSTORM, PLEASE TELL ME YOU SAW THAT!!
  • (Darkstorm): I most certainly did! This guy is INTENSE! If he can beat the Lodgers, how does he expect anyone HERE to beat him?
  • Quse: (Sighs) Well, s***! Looks like we're gonna have to postpone our challenge and use what we got for a greater purpose. He may not destroy the planet, but reshaping it in his own sick image is far worse! (Another call was on his phone) Oh, crap! It's the Lodgers! No doubt they heard of it. I'll call you back! (He takes the call) Hey, guys! If you're warning me about Craborg, he's already here. He's-
  • (Icky): He's essentially going Cell Games on you guys, yeah, no s***! We were gonna warn you, but he kinda used our security systems against us. It took us until now to call you, and by then, it was too late.
  • (Quse): PLEASE tell me you guys have a plan for this!!!


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