Cragmire Pobo Lucifer
Cragmire Lucifer the 700th
Vital statistics
Title Cragmire Lucifer DCC, Cragmire Lucifer the 700th
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Dragon
Faction Independent Interdimensional Immigrant Warlord
Description Xenophobic, Bitter, Vengeful, Abusive, Egotistical
Skills and Abilities Natural Flight, Fire-Breath, Roar
Status Away from UUniverses
Location Original UUniverses
  • Wild Dragon Lands, Equestria (Homeland)

Alternate UUniverses

  • Lucifer Badlands, Ferus (Eta Universe, Anderem Sector, Ackorvinus System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Xenophobic Evil

Cragmire Lucifer DCC is an Equestrian dragon who went to the Alternate UUniverses and went to Planet Ferus, where he is plotting to use it's much more powerful mythological beings and creatures as a way of making ponies like Pred Judu Des pay for their crimes against his people. He is currently in the process of gathering several corrupt kingdoms to help him get extra muscle, have him magically control mythological creatures, and eventually allow him to overpower even the Mythical Creatures and Beings Unity. He has been doing this for only 7 months, but his progress feels as if he did this for over 16 whole years, conquering other mythological planets such as Dixar and Acrilles thanks to his so called "promises" of universes without discrimination. His skills in magic have made him a successful tyrant, having several assistants such as his cowardly Flakka servant Artem Sizbog, his five bodyguard Razzabacks, and his various mythological monsters such as a ape-like crocodilian Aamble named Sprain, a giant scorpion Zarkakuma named Crestle, a squid-like monster Zora'nax named Flux, and a 6-armed orangutan-like Keoruna named Benner. With these, he has yet to return to the Original UUniverses and invade Equestria, and rid it from the terror that the Des Clan had brought.


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