Craig Gus Vesling
Craig Vesling
Vital statistics
Title Van Helsing II
Gender Male
Race/Species Human
Faction Monster Hunter Brigade (Formerly), Independent Renegade Hero
Description Augmented Human Soldier Turned Renegade, Unsure Loyalties and Morality, Determined, Rough, Skillful, Cunning and Clever
Skills and Abilities Enhanced Strength, Agility, Reflexes, Speed, Jumping Height, And Endurance, Acrobatic Skill, Excellent Marksmaship, Martial Artist, Monster-Sensing Sixth Sense, Accurate Smell and Hearing, Monster-Based Weaponry and Ammunition, Armor, Spectral Katana
Status Alive
Location Judgmentela
  • Prejuit (Hometown)


  • Hallowville (Adoptive Hometown)
Alignment Antihero

Craig G. Vesling is a human who is a former monster-hunter who worked for Senator Tricorn and directly with Monz Star in the millaterry-based group called "The Monster Hunter Brigade" in hunting monsters. He was enhanced by several experiments from Tricorn to become a perfect monster hunter. He gained a sixth-sense which allows him to track the presence of monsters from far away areas, and he is skilled with blades and guns. He was raised on the world of Spookavania ever since he lost his biological parents, and became friends with the monsters, particularly the wraith known as Horrorshow. However, when Craig took an off-world trip to his own kind, he was told that monsters couldn't be trusted by people who were part of the many people who put a prejudice against monsters. Being aggravated since he kept hearing these words over and over, he returned home unconvinced. However, he discovered that Horrorshow really wasn't his friend since he was a 'normal', which he despised and vowed to destroy due to their prejudice. After a fight left to Horrorshow killing several normal peope, Craig was convinced that monsters actually were not to be trusted, and ran away from home to work with Tricorn and Monz to hunt monsters who tried to hurt any of his own kind. He went through several experiments that enhanced him, giving him greater strength, agility, and several others. However, he started having second thoughts when he saw that Monz Star was willing to kill anyone who looked like a monster and was once normal. Seeing this as underhanded and cruel and that perhaps Horrorshow was just an asshole that doesn't represent good monsters at all, he quit working for her and vowed to protect monsters. He even gets a girlfriend in the form of a Non-Equestrian Changeling named Sirith, who takes the form of a human which she used to form a relationship with him since she fell in love with him, and helps him in his quest to defeat the evil Darkspawn monster known as the King of All Monsters.


There were two local human worlds around the same space as Spookivainia. Understandica and it's rival, Judgementela, the most racist human world in exist, judging just about anything not a human or those not the pinicile of perfection or anything not the exact to their beliefs and ideals. Judgementela was extremely hateful to Understandica, as such, their leader, the hateful dictator Grand-General Bigotrosk, declared war on the planet. The attacks on the planet were cold and harsh, like the people who were doing it. Craig's parents didn't wanted Craig to grow up in a horrorable age of war, so he was sent on a pod to escape to find a new home, only for it to end up in Spookivainia. The fates of the parents are unknown, but it's assumed they became casalties of the war.

Craig as a baby was adopted by royal friends of the planet's ruler, Count Vladula, who understood well where the poor boy came from. Likely a victim of the wartorn mess between Understandica and Judgementela. Vlad figured that young Craig wouldn't be a problem growing up in Spookivainia so he allowed him as a resident, but only until a certain time must come. On a place populated entirely by monsters of all kinds, it's easy for a human child to get used to adult situations such as death and the Devil. As a child, Craig was a strong-hearted soul. He was basically a hard kid to scare and was literally fearless. And he seemed to be great friends with a majority of the monsters, who were okay about a human child living on their planet. One of them, which was considered a surprise and mystery to some, was a wraith that many Spookavanians know as Horrorshow. He seemed to get along with him just fine. They did a few great things together. But there was something Craig wasn't 100% sure on. Now it should've been a red flag that his name was "Horrorshow" and that he was an extremely unpopular wraith due his iffy beliefs, but he didn't knew better since he was a kid.

So as the years passed, he grew to be caring to monsters of all kinds. But Count Vladula had always told him that, someday, he would have to go back with my own kind. So he planned to send Craig to a new life. Thing is, it was meant to be Understandica because it was a much better exsample of humanity, who luckly were exspeariencing the war being more on a hiatus for a future attack as suppose to true peace. But Horrorshow tricked Vlad to be be distracted and send Craig to Judgementela in part of his plans for Craig. Natrolly, Judgementela lived up to it's name for poor Craig. All he heard was harsh comments and prejudicial claims about monsters. Luckily, when he told people that he was from a world of monsters, none of them believed him. But at the same time, they also thought he was nuts.

All they did was hit him with mean words about them. Too be fair, the world was called "Judgementala", and was porbuly not the finest world to introduse him to, but again, neither he or Vlad knew the truth behind Horrorshow's sceme. After constantly hearing this everywhere he went, he finally broke down and returned back home. He felt more comfortable being with monsters. But when he returned, Horrorshow made his move. He and a gang of monsters he turned to his side attacked the very human world he was in, and had every single human slaughtered and turned into spirital slaves thanks to a witch assisent he had.

Horrorshow claims it was to avenge Craig and that he was the one who tricked Vlad into making a mistake, and that he wasn't meant to go to Judgementela to begin with, he was meant to go to Understandica, a much peacefuler and tolerent world that was being tormented by Judgementela, because of it's wicked dictator and rotten goverment, so not only to possably avenge his real parents assumingly causalties and prevent Judgementela to go on a xenophobic conquest warpath, but it was also he is able to make him into what he wanted him to be. A weapon against humans. Craig turned him down and thought that what those stupid humans said monsters were right, and ran away.

Vlad caught on to Horrorshow's sceme and gave him due punishment, though it was too late to repair Judgementela, which as been declaired a dead ghost planet now, though an ironic good considering what the Dictator planned, Horrorshow was still far from better on how he stopped Tross' threat. Meanwhile, Craig was still process by troubled feelings and ended up being taken in by the Birgade and Monz. He was trained to become a fighter, given enhencements, and was desten to cleansed the universe of monsters.... But, then, he discovered another truth. Humans are not any better. Espeically not the Birgade, as he was reminded by how humans were not any better. After saving a poor monster couple from a fire caused by Monz and quit while barely making it out alive, Craig dedicated himself to be a stability between relations to both monsters and humans, but he is still uncertain who is the lesser of the two evils? His kind, or the prosicuted creatures who raised him?

Abilities and Skills

Craig, as a former member of the Monster Hunting Brigade, was meant to be the ultimate monster-hunter. He was given several enhancements that gave him the strength of ten men, increased gymnastic agility, faster reflexes, greater running speed and a great jump height, and the ability to stay active for hours on end. His marksmanship is extraordinarily keen, and he is experienced in several forms of martial arts. He also has a sixth-sense that he gained from brain enhancements that allows him to sense monsters anywhere within a few miles. Aided with his accurate hearing and smell, this sense can allow him to locate and identify any kind of monster, and even sense them wherever they go, even while blindfolded.

His main weapons of choice are two dual pistols which use a special kind of ammunition he learned how to create from his experience in the MHB, including ghost rounds, silver and gold bullets, or just ordinary armor-piercing rounds. He mainly uses ordinary rounds because he mainly fights non-monsters, yet he uses the other monster-designated rounds for when he's fighting corrupt monsters. He also has grenades with adjustable power levels, as well as garlic grenades, or quantum grenades for monster enemies. His last weapon is his katana which is made of a blend between lightweight titanium and a spectral metal that is useful in handling any monster enemy.


  • "I ain't entirely sure who's the monsters at this point. But whoever's the monster, it doesn't matter!"
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