Crangor Jack Woe
Vital statistics
Title Crangorjack, The Woeful Bandit King
Gender Male
Race/Species Golden jackal (Canis aureus)
Faction Mafia Alliance, Independent Bandit Leader
Description Scarred Face, Nasty Behavior, Abusive Jerk, Merciless Slayer
Skills and Abilities Natural Canine Abilities, Common Egyptian Sword, Entire Gang
Status Eventually Captured and on Death-Row
Location Deserta
  • Sirius, Osiran Lands (Hometown)

Prison 42 (Death-Row)

Alignment Evil

Crangor J. Woe, AKA Crangor the Merciless, is a ruthless jackal mercenary from Deserta infamous for is particular nastiness. He gathered up many merciless killers who served him like a king. Though he has been hired by outside shorces before, his true alliegence belongs to the Mafia Alliance. Eventally, the Mafia Allience will hire him to bring someone to them alive for money. Though another problem with him is that he doesn't just kill his targets. He either kills or tortures those who anger him, are unable to pay him his debt, or for several other reasons.


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