Ruger M. Pryse, AKA Crankshaft, is an Alternate UUniversal Neimongo from Planet Cquirion. He is a former con artist who was ratted out by his own family, and after escaping prison and kidnapping his baby son, Pryse, he raised him to be like him as a weapon smuggler who brought weapons like the illegal Qooler weapon line into the system where they'd get into the wrong hands, while Ruger himself would love using an ΘMEN-20 Cannon, the most powerful cannon in the known AUU, as he enjoyed using it to annihilate his enemies, as any forces that tried to stop them were blasted into smithereens by him in seconds. But his son, growing a conscience and falling in love with Qoola during her starting days in the Phaseforce, but when Ruger threatens to turn him in for all the illegal things he did to aid him, he nevertheless betrayed him, and though the two went to jail together, his son was let out for good behavior. However, Ruger escaped as well and tried to kill him, taking his left arm, but Qoola used her Qooler Plasma Cannon to render him so injured and maimed, he became a holobot cyborg, all while replacing his son's arm with a holobot arm. Though this would lead Qoola to replace the illegal weapon with the Plasma Cannon she uses today. As for him, he was rendered into a holobot cyborg by Master Krooger and turned into his best gladiator and henchmen, albeit he still uses an ΘMEN Cannon, his 20 model was confiscated and destroyed by the Phaseforce upon his second arrest, leaving him with the 10th model, which despite not being able to be as powerful as the 20th, is still powerful enough to keep his reputation, as he gives himself the stage name 'Crankshaft' in honor of his con artist nickname. with his ΘMEN-10 Cannon. Though he is constantly accused of cheating in the arena in multiple ways, he is still allowed in the arena because of Krooger being corrupt. He is the AUU version of Borderlands Piston.


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