Insecta returned from the bug kingdom extremely excited to reveil that there has been discovered to be a sentient bug kingdom called "Insectopia" and has a chance with both families of hers coming to live in the bug only lands. However, Insecta's joys end up short-lived when the land's ruler, a giant sentient bumble bee named Queen Bumble X (Basically a modern descendant of the possible-refashion of G1 Queen Bumble), proved to have less then desireable intentions for inviting "The Mighty Insecta" as she wants to make all of Equestia to be subugated by the new founded insectopia with the bugs and other anthropods she made sentientised thanks to the hench-goblin witches of a long gone foe, Hydia and her dimwit daughters Reeka and Draggle, granting Bumble the power to do so and convinced her that bugs should become the superior race. Now it's up to the Lougers and the Main 7 to stomp on their creepy-crawly plans.

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