Crazy Leg Fry
Crazy Leg Fry SV
Vital statistics
Title Cabin Boy Fry
Gender Male
Race/Species Eastern cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus)
Faction Captain Blot's Crew, Professor Eagle Beak
Description Insane, Intimidating Yet Cute, Diminutive Yet Deadly, Quick, Pony-Hating, Violent
Skills and Abilities Natural Rabbit Abilities, Pocket Knife
Status Still at Large
Location Kingudamu System (Home System); Wherever Professor Eagle Beak Resides As Of Emperor Lu Kang Part 2
Alignment Evil

Crazy Leg Fry is the Squint of Captain Blot's crew. He packs an amazing amount of crazy into his diminutive, rabbit frame. If he were more than three feet tall and his adorable bunny ears didn’t always seem to pop up when agitated, he might genuinely be terrifying. His three great passions are his pirate knife, hatred for ponies (Fluttershy) and unprovoked great acts of violence. But most importantly, as any crew member knows, never call Fry cute or cuddly 'cause once he raises his ears in aggitation you have 5 seconds to run before you bunny chow.


Crazy Leg Fry

Crazy Leg Fry (Season 2 Appearance)

Fry was born in a forest in the Kingdom Hearts world. During his younger years, he liked ponies. He liked interacting with them, and even riding them. However, when he went to Equestria with his parents at age 7, his sights of them was changed forever. His parents were killed by none other than Pred Judu Des, who also cut off Fry's right leg, warning him to never come back.

As the years passed and Fry was sent to an orphanage, he begun hating ponies, and reacted violently to any pony he saw. He got a pegleg to replace his cut off leg, and was unable to maneuver good from then on. However, his violent acts against ponies went too far when he tried to hurt a young filly, but his clumsiness causes him to trip on a rock cause of his pegleg, sending him straight into a river where he was never seen again, with the filly passing it off as a strange moment she will eventally forget about rather quickly. So he then desided to settle for a knock-off skull that has the obvious imprint that reads "Made in China", and fails miserbly to pass it off as a real skull to scare them, but eventally, it was desided that this mostly harmless harasser racist is banished from Equestia by the Unicorn Council themselves, where he was teleported to Desteny islands where he would be thought to had drowned.

When he woke up, he was saved by Captain Blot's crew, and after explaining his back story, decided to join them on their hunt for the Loot of 100000 Realms. Even though Blot and crew do realise that the skull Fry has is CLEARLY fake thanks to the imprint, they still acknowledge and respect Fry's anti-pony beliefs... However, it will be appearent that Fry will lose his pony hatred when he starts to get along well with the plastic Nightmare Night skull, naming it "Betty Carrot" and even treating it like a baby, though Fry will closet it as momentary insanity, though the crew will see otherwise.

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