Crazy Rodeo is the 45th Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. The Shell Lodgers are invited to Pastoon to partake in it's annual rodeo, as well as all of it's activities. However, since most of the Lodge is busy and unable to participate, Icky, Iago, Fidget, Spyro, Cynder, Lord Shen, and Kairi (Because she politely asked), decide to come. Plus, there is always an annual contest of strength of whoever can tame a very dangerous black horse called The Black Mare, which was a very untamable, wild-fire, and strangely-acrobatic horse that was always flipping off to dismount riders. Even Sheriff Garrot is reluctant to face the horse for the sake of his family. Now the Lodgers are involved in taming the most ruthless horse on Pastoon. However, there is a problem involving a dangerous outlaw named Iron-Hands Gizzard the Bandit Gecko, who intends on interrupting the party and stealing the horse just out of the fact that he's found a great use for a horse this strong since his last horse was killed, as well as to be a jerk and just ruin everyone's fun. But because he is known to abuse horses, which is what lead to his horses' death in the first place, it is likely that he'll get killed when pursuing this goal. Now, when most of the group is either tired and beat from the chaos that followed from this attack, it falls into the wings of Icky and Iago to bring a blind horse-tormentor and total party-crasher to justice Birdbrain style.

Material Used

(To be played in a square-dance scene)


10. If You've Only Got a Moustache - A Million Ways To Die In The West Soundtrack


Blues Brothers - Rawhide

Blues Brothers - Rawhide

Intro (The Blues Brothers- Rawhide)

Chapter 1: Rodeo in Pastoon

Chapter 2: The Black Mare

Chapter 3: A Taming Gone Bad

Chapter 4: Iron-Hands Gizzard

Chapter 5: Final Showdown


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