Troy Earl Loogler
Crazy Troy
Vital statistics
Title Crazy Troy
Gender Male
Race/Species Sprooge (Necrosimulacem avilaqer)
Faction Dumpyard Black Market Leader
Description Middle-Aged, Mostly Anti-Social, Rough, Heavy Southern Accent, Black-Eye, Infected Eye, Often Cowardly, Inaccurate With His Scattergun
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Pet Butterzird and Skrag
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Troy's Scrapyard, Armatage-Huncus Dumpyards, Jinter (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Homeland)
  • Chanceltown, Uridia (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Antihero

Troy E. Loogler, AKA Crazy Troy, is an Alternate UUniversal Sprooge from Planet Jinter. He is a raptor-like creature who lives as a hobo in the Armatage-Huncus Dumpyards and is a crazed middle-aged lunatic to the people who reside there, especially with his pet Butterzird and Skrag. He has aided the Vault Seekers once or twice, and is currently running a Black Market in the Dumpyards. In the past, he was, and still is, an anti-social person who lives in the appropriately-named Troy's Scrapyard, littered with native hostile wildlife and barricaded greatly. Crazy Troy, after receiving one of the fragments of the Key to one of the 88 Uridian Vaults, has had frequent encounters with bandits. They've stolen his food, his pets, his explosives, and the Key Fragment, which Earl explains Kromn took from him by force and put it in a place impossible to reach for anyone except him. He greatly enjoys drinking, and one of his favorite foods is canned Skrag meat. His pet Butterzird is named Butty and his pet Skrag is named Scrapper. But since he found himself unable to support himself, he founds himself a Black Market, where the Vault Seekers go to allow them to trade Uridium for resources to improve their jobs, as his profit made him earn a new living residence in Uridia's biggest megalopolis, Chanceltown, which is not too far from the Vault Seekers' residence in Fyregem, yet he stays there as an anonymous manager of his Black Market, which spread throughout the system to aid people who can't help themselves in the tyranny of Awesome Jaxtom. He is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Crazy Earl, and has the same personality.


Troy was born to nomadic scroungers in the Armatage-Huncus Dumpyards, which was made during the two companies' feud long ago as dumping grounds for their garbage. People came here when they were flat-broke and ended up becoming homeless nomads who would eat each other over minuscule things. Troy had to watch as a teenager as Vrat Lord personally killed his parents in order to steal their endless supply of resources, rare and common. In response, Troy had to shut the warehouse off from him, and successfully drove him off. Afterward, he massively fortified the warehouse into his new home, and the failed attempts to raid it from Vrat Bandits and other nomads dubbed the area Troy's Scrapyard. He even rescued two pets: a Skrag named Scrapper and a Butterzird named Butty who helped him defend his new home well.

This isolation allowed him to put all the resources his family stashed to good use and make it into a relatively pristine home, but only on the inside. Nobody knew what it looked like because he never allowed anyone except his pets inside. He even turned away his friends because he feared he couldn't trust them, losing them for good. His pets managed to scrounge the entire Dumpyards for new rare resources and even managed to work together to steal some from others. This made him a powerhouse hoarder in the Dumpyards and nobody was able to penetrate his fort. It soon evolved to become nigh impregnable. He became a legend to nomads all over the Dumpyards, and even earned the attention of the Vault Seekers after he accidentally stole one of the pieces of a Key to one of the 88 Uridian Vaults. They came by and helped him with odd jobs all over the Dumpyards. However, before he could deliver the Key piece, it left a wide hole open for raiding by Kromn. They stole all his stuff and left his home robbed clean, and even killed Scrapper and Butty when they tried to intervene. With nowhere else to go and unable to sustain himself, Troy later left the Scrapyard and detonated his entire fort, and moved onto a small city near Fyregem called Chanceltown, where he was able to use a cartoonishly-large amount of looted weapons and goods, but most importantly stolen ingots of Uridium, to become a black marketeer since everyone would do anything to get or spend it.

Taking advantage of this, Troy became a solitary antisocial black marketeer who lived in the deepest pits of Chanceltown, and made many deals with the Vault Seekers to trade Uridium for things to aid them on their missions, which were successful, and the Uridium he received allowed him to get more than enough money to sustain himself. He has been doing this ever since.


  • "Whatchu want?"
  • "This Black Market may be misleading, but don't be mistaken, boy! It helps in a world that is ALREADY a criminal cesspool of s****y inhabitants, s****y criminals, s****y forces, and an equally-s****y tyrant! People deserve to be safe from this cesspool, so don't hesitate to come in and buy somethin'. Now are you doing to do so, or just stand there, cuz' there's a standing fee!"
  • (To Alber the Smuggler) "Boy, trust me, everyone hates that. But why does teleportation and digital resurrection cost money? The same damn reason why transits and medical procedures cost money. It's the DAMN thing that makes the world go round! So I don't care if your family improved it to be fair, I suggest you stop being the system's whiniest Snackable, wake yerself up, stop believing in children's stuff, and ACCEPT LIFE!!"
  • "It's dangerous to go alone, jerkwad!"
  • Who told you 'bout this place?!? I'ma kill 'em!!"
  • "Welcome to the Black Market, Heh! Don't tell your friends!"
  • "I don't got all day, Skrag-lick!"
  • "If anyone asks, you found that! That's how we usually find s*** nowadays."
  • "Son, when you exchange this Uridium, it'd be best if we not discuss this matter again. Phaseforce would have us BOTH in the Phaseforce Maximum Security Prison just for lookin' at it."
  • "Maybe THAT will help you kill stuff better!"
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