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The Boundary Generator

The UUniversal Boundary Generator is an advanced device that is located in the center of the UUniverses (Give or take 50ft), and was meant to prevent the Banished Realms, and less-commonly it's counterpart Heaven for limitation matters, from merging with the rest of the UUniverses. It was authorized and created by The High Council after the Second Cartoonian War, with the architecture and design was provided by the Zoni, which is the main reason why it bears similarity to the Great Clock in Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time. To this day, the Boundary Generator is in the possession of Team Nefarious, where Dr. Nefarious plans to use it to blackmail the Villain League into forsaking Malefor and serving them instead. Yet he is still unable to do so because he requires the key to the Boundary Generator, which is so secret that the High Council needed to withhold the information from things like the inhabitants of the UUniverses, and even need to censor it when it is mentioned on forms of communication.


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