Leoroldeon Tyle Creed
Vital statistics
Title Creed, Director Leoroldeon Creed, Director Creed, Alfa, Echo, AUU Church (OUU Residents)
Gender Genderless (Male Imprinted)
Race/Species Artificial Intelligence (Imprinted in Creed's Image)
Faction Freetrader Project: Testlancer (Formerly), Blume Team, The Dumdums (Future)
Description Mean, Jerk, Easily Aggravated, Bad At Firearms, Anxious, Stressful, Intolerant To Lunacy, Anger Issues
Skills and Abilities Can Possess Machinery, Experiences Time 100x Slower Than Sentient Beings, Agile, Skilled Intelligence and Knowledgeable of Physics
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Testlancer Tech Grounds, Creed (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Wond-Turellex System)
  • Warface Gulch, Noel (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Wond-Turellex System) (Current Safety Residence)
Alignment Good

Leoroldeon T. Creed, AKA Creed, Alfa, Echo, and many other names, is an Alternate UUniversal Omnican from Planet Creed. He is actually an artificial intelligence crafted in the image of the founder of Creed, who was an AI directing the Freetrader Renegades' combat test project known as Project: Testlancer, where the products of the Freetraders are tested on the battlefield by order of Yesman Chaeron, testing them on the feuding Reddles and Blumes who had fought since the time when the original Creed was still alive. Creed, in his times, found an advanced Teadr 1 AI brain that held what was considered a fully-intelligent intelligence, but since he could only get the one, he tortured the original AI, which was crafted into his image due to DNA recognition, and caused him to save himself by splitting his emotions into multiple fragments, his original being named Alfa, and his memories being named Echo, among others. Since the Testlancer agents, all named after states across the AUU, went into an extreme crisis and became renegades out to stop Chaeron, starting with Thex and Carolia, and later on a renegade experimental monster of excessive tests known as Metaea. Alfa, for his own safety, was brought to the gulch by Floridia to protect him with help from an unhelpful an annoying AI named Viki, and was put on the Blumes' side under the name Creed Blume, taking the body of another Blume, and has his own team in the form of Tuck, Cart, and later on former Testlancer agent Washing, and Cart's new 'pet' Walker Droid Speckles, while fighting their rival team consisting of Reddles Kernel, Simmy, Grough, Pez, and Jellroll, among other unexpected guests like Med. He has yet to discover his true origin and help save the day from Chaeron's treachery. He is essentially AUU Red vs. Blue Church, only with major original changes.


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