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Seftin Selman Sable
Lord Seftin.png
Vital statistics
Title Crime Lord Seftin, Crime Lord Sable, Boss Seftin, Boss Sable
Gender Male
Race/Species Green Macroconda (Eunemicrus greenus)
Faction Slithering Mafia Leader
Description Single Father, Sacrificing, Vengeful, Over-Protective Of Daughter And Mafia, Cunning, Ruthless, Limited Movement
Skills and Abilities Natural Snake Abilities, Semi-Aquatic Abilities
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Sable Wetforests, Adrinda (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Winxton System) (Homeland and Current Residence)
Alignment Misguided Villain

Crime Lord Seftin Sable is an Alternate UUniversal Macroconda from Planet Adrinda. He is a crime lord that was in league with the Villains Act and is currently in league with The Dark Radicals, and is the leader of the criminal syndicate called the Slithering Mafia, which consists entirely of snakes, hence the name, and has been known to spread all over the AUU through 35 worlds and moons. He was the most feared crime lord in the Villains Act for his size, his abilities, his reputation, and his carnivorous nature. He eats anyone who stands in his way (depending if he can swallow them whole), and he has been involved in bank frauds, black market deals, and illegal experiments. His size keeps him from being sent to prison, and everyone, even the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council have decreed that death is the only consequence for him considering that he has murdered and injured hundreds of people. What makes him so formidable is that he has never been off of his home planet. He became infamous because he was well-adapted to a stealthy aquatic lifestyle in a humid, hot, and wet environment. Given his nature, he is more stealthy and maneuverable in the water, but can still be menacing on land. People have died trying to bust Seftin. But his daughter, Sava, is the only one who he can never harm. She has made a living as an antihero who was originally destined to take her father's place as leader of the SM, but she quit and became a bounty hunter. Like her father, Sava is more adapted to water than on land, so she only did work on other wetland or rainforest planets. However, behind a seemingly unredeemable beast, beats the heart of a broken victim of govermental incompidence. You see, the Slithering Mafia was once, VERY differnet from other mafias. You see, Seftin is, or was, asentually a god-father Fu-Xi-like anti-hero with a near Sly Cooper mentality. His mafia, only robbed from other criminals, even other mafias, and in a robin hood-like fastion, return the goods to the wronged victims. A majority of his past murder victims were in fact crime lords and super criminals that refused surrender. Seftin originally had the potainional to do serious harm to the VA, but, the VA High-Rankers, Darkness QuiCount MookuGeneral Grosvenor, and Mind Warper, struck first. The 4 assassinated his beautiful wife by poison, and made it look like it was by a hired assassin by the Grand Council. Outraged and wronged by this, he got vengence on the wrong people by beating up and killing half of the minor members of the Grand Council. The Slithering Mafia went down the darker road ever since, and only Sava knew that it was nothing but a set-up. She left to continue what the Slithering Mafia was originally doing, and stood clear of her father ever since. He is also persued by a ruthless un-true hero named Vincent The Magnificent.


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  • "So what I ain't the size of a giant monster. I'm still big enough that I don't bow so easy like a wuss, capish?"