Olmet Von Dor Chelomtsev, AKA Crimehaven, was an Alternate UUniversal Uwl from Planet Teriea. He was an owl-like bird and one of the biggest species who hails from a semi-technological medieval world. He views evil as more productive and profitable than good and thus sought to become a criminal mastermind by using the planet's advanced Arterian secrets to produce a powerful technological empire and almost succeeded until his plan was ruined by a pawn who ended up doing a good thing and bad thing at the same time by passing the stolen technology to curators and inventors while leaving him some great power, but not enough to succeed. After this power was lost eventually, Crimehaven grew an extreme hatred for antiheroes, swearing to destroy them all. He especially seeks to destroy the greatest antiheroes in the AUU: the Morecraft Clan, who originated on his home planet long ago. He murdered the resident Morecraft and followed them since the downfall of the Old CrimeTech, a business of which he took interest in, by safeguarding and collecting it's remnants and killing more Morecrafts who tried to stop him. Though as time passed, he replaced his aging body with powerful machinery and became an immortal robot fueled by his hatred for antiheroes. This new body proved great for continuing his quest. He continued rebuilding CrimeTech for centuries, even became it's mascot in a certain point, and finally helped restore it in 1997, the same year as the dawn of the Villains Act, with the original head's descendant CEO Vacoh Quqe Blacktrey, becoming it's 'guardian angel' and had hundreds of followers including his advocate Sozaboon genius and defector of the Morecrafts, Doctor Exix, along with four top benefactors: Eleigh, Ms. Wrath, Mugo, and Sento Obsidior, among many other minor ones. Though he soon killed the parents of Solo Morecraft seeing them a threat to his plans, leaving Solo alive believing he would be unable to fulfill his destiny. Eventually Solo and his early team members arrived at his hideout on Black Volcano, defeated Exix, and he confronted Solo head-on when the Black Volcano was about to erupt as he boasts his hatred of antiheroes and the Morecrafts, and had been tough enough to pose a great match to Solo, but was eventually defeated by being beaten into the lava and melted away, leaving New CrimeTech vulnerable to a Morecraft attack, which was already in danger of collapse on it's own when criminals were getting greatly demoralised apawn the defeat of a powerful but unrelated crime boss in Vandora. He believed himself to be the greatest villain in the AUU, having an ego in him but a very cunning and intelligent mind, alongside his robotic body and weaponry, though sometimes his ego made him underestimate legitimate threats to the point of denial, which was why he made the mistake of not finishing off Solo when he had the chance due to not having the hindsight to remember that Morecrafts are never to be misjudged, of which cost him and CrimeTech greatly. He was the true AUU version of Clockwerk (more so than Spitæ who was more focused on Clockwerk's fanon role in Kairi's past) but is blended with the cunning and threatening edge of MCU Thanos and the comically maniacal edge of Emperor Zurg.


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Crimehaven is an owl-like bird with a blended appearance of Kuro of Ori and the Blind Forest and Clockwerk, having a more intimidating robotic body, having powerful and elaborate robotic wings and tail, six-fingered talons, elaborate wiring, crown-like crests, ominous robotic eyes, an armored robotic torso, and a gold beak.

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