Crimelord Titan
Crimelord Titan
Vital statistics
Title Titan, The Old Snake (In a seperate form)
Gender Male
Race/Species Titanoboa cerrejonensis
Faction The Mafia Alliance Leader
Description Immortal, Darkspawn Creation, Vicious, Ruthless, Merciless, Sneaky, Bitter
Skills and Abilities Natural Snake Abilities, Death Grip, Limited Movement
Status Still at Large
Location Dragon Realms
  • Dante's Freezer Magic Glacier (Place Found)
Alignment Evil

Crimelord Titano P. Bolanas is a Titanoboa cerrejonensis snake who serves as the head of the Mafia Alliance and has a partnership with the Architect. He survived his species' extinction thanks to the same magic ice that trapped Tiki and Bloodjaw, and also being part of an unfortunate exspeariment by the Dragozaurs awhile back prior, he was found by a powerful Mafia group lead by a prehistoric creature loving Mafia Boss who Titan was able to eventally get freed from his icy prison and usurped the Mafia Leader through litterally eating him, where thanks to the exspeariment, has grown to have mafia-like knowledge and has since grown to become a mafia leader and commands many of the UUniverses' criminal syndicates and even grew into serving Architect since he provides him with many powerful Darkspawn talismans and the locations of artifacts of their byproducts, Heartlesses, Nobodies, the Unversed, and even the occational dream eater or so. He is also respondsable for the disappearence of Officer Axle's Parents, who he corrupted into his mobsterised henchmen with darkspawnic corruption artifacts, and renamed them Bonnie And Clyde, inspired by the famous criminals of the same name. He is capable to use one such Darkspawn meddialian to turn from his current form to an elderly Anaconda to be able to "Negotsiate" with potainional pawns of interest for he and Artitect to use. He is also considered a prioity number one bad guy for the members of The North Wind who aim to capture him, espically Classified, because Titan also took the North Wind's best agent from him, Vexity, a beautiful artic fox agent of the North Wind and was Classifived's partner and was in fact the former leader of the North Wind who didn't care about plans and stragity and was more interested in getting things done, no questions ask, believing in following her heart instead. But thanks to that quickness to be bold and charge into danger without a plan, Titan took advantage against her prideful tendingcys and was able to defeat and capture her, then she had the misfortune of being mobsterised as well, doning the name "Madam Fem Fatal".


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Basicly, A Titanoboa with a Fedora Mobster Hat and a "The Godfather" Inspired Moustace. He wears the shape-swifting darkspawnic medailian around his neck, along with a storage necklace enabling him to collect any darkspawn artifact or the like when he needs too. When he turns into "The Old Snake" form, it's basicly an elderly Anaconda with a beard and the same Fedora hat, who poses as a representive of Titan to protect his identity as well to avoid scaring off would be helpers in his plans.

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