Nate Tane Sanchez
Vital statistics
Title Father of Pastoonian Organized Crime, Boss Sanchez
Gender Male
Race/Species Mule (E. asinus x E. caballus)
Faction Mafia Alliance
Description Hybrid, Bitter, Anger Issues, Murderous, Manipulative, Moral To Evil Deeds
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Intelligence in Strategy, Entire Bodyguard Army
Status Still at Large
Location Pastoon
  • Grayce City (Hometown)
  • Black Eye Cayon (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil
Criminal Boss Nate T. Sanchez is an infamous mule from Pastoon. He is known for being the one who, with the help of the Mafia Alliance, introduced the criminal underworld to Pastoon. As a child, he was made fun of for being born as the result of an accidental pregnancy. After years of this oppression, he grew into being a criminal who murdered those who made fun of him until he escaped and became the crime boss he is today, bringing the terrors of organized crime into a world that normally only worries about outlaws. Sanchez has also included a maximum of 10 different outlaws from all over Pastoon, like Charlie Crowe and Pedo Fred due to being the only one a threat to the son of Sheriff Garrot and knowing where to stop the one boy planning to introduce a stronger law into Pastoon, as right-hand men. Though Sanchez is not afraid to criticize and call out people like Fred for their non-normal actions including his pedophilic desires, and admit clear disgust to those who even fail.


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Personal Henchmen

  • Pedo-Fred- A Western-banded gecko who has been known to be a pedophile who kidnaps kids and rapes them. He is especially hated by Sheriff Garrot since he almost got to his son, Ralph, though Sanchez scolded him for almost getting Garrot on their case.
  • Charlie Crowe- An American crow who is an infamous bandit who kills for pleasure, always shoots on 2, and is basically fearless as the leader of 6 other crow bandits. He cannot fly because he and his men were shot in their wings and disabled of their flight.
  • Nightrider Nester- A bat outlaw who lives in high-altitude caves with his army of bandits. He is most comfortable working in the night, and Sanchez found him good for his skills of stealth.
  • Kelly the Quick- A jackrabbit gunslinger who is agile, quick, and good at catching his opponents even without a steed. His aim is extremely accurate even when running as fast as he can. He has rarely been quelled by any sheriff on Pastoon, and Sanchez found him good for his agility and speed.
  • Tackler Tico- A Baja blue rock lizard who is rough and aggressive, as well as having one of the best shots across the continent of Olmon. He was chosen to be one of Sanchez's henchmen because his personality and skills make him qualified enough for a chance to serve him.
  • Lynda Pecca- A Collared peccary who is known for being a rogue and aggressive lady that kills when opposed, and can charge with a serious injury. She can charge like a football player, knocking people out and disorientating them. Sanchez recruited her as a close friend.
  • Crocker Croak- A Columbia spotted frog which is an agile and quick jumper, and an excellent wielder of a whip-like tongue and a shotgun. Sanchez chose him as a close acquaintance in school to serve him.
  • Johnny Band- A Gray-banded kingsnake who, despite naturally having no venom, has a personality that is just as deadly. He has a reputation of success, and kills anyone who crosses or fails him. He is aiming for perfection, and has a lot of successful bandits which carry out work for Sanchez without anything holding them back.
  • Crazed Kate- A groundhog who has a bit of an insane personality. Though she still retains a sane mind, when she is committing robberies, she is almost unstoppable. While most of Sanchez' men have a perverted lust on her, she has been known to disorientate them with grip holds and twists for self-defense.
  • Harold Wood- A Gila woodpecker who has been noted to kill through violently pecking after zooming at the target at incredible speed. He can dodge gunfire almost easily, and has been imprisoned at least twice. His speed makes him a good choice for Sanchez to use.

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