Crimson Syndicate Logo

Crimson Syndicate Logo

The Osdronian Crimson Syndicate was an Alternate UUniversal military fascist governmental system that originated a year after the Villains Act began. The ruler of this movement was General Tarvox, a supersoldier monkey who served during a short Osdronian war, and betrayed his own commanding officer by ending the war his way. He joined the Villains Act, and gained weaponry, power, and his own personalized android army based on the design of the Starbot Manbeetle series called 'Stingers', and forcefully created supersoldier commanders to lead them. Because people called Tarvox 'a ruthless leader out for blood', he called his movement 'The Crimson Syndicate'. This military force was meant to destroy all of Osdrone's military forces, replace them with his android army, and convert Osdrone's democratic government into fascism, controlling 5 parts of the planet. It's reign and battles lasted most of the Villains Act until near the end, when Tarvox was killed by Vindicator, and the Crimson Syndicate was destroyed for good.


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