Cringewing is an Equestrian creature whose species of the same name used to be prevalent in semi-subterranean sectors of the Changeling Underground Caverns until they went extinct once their prey became more adaptable, and they were being hunted by Changelings, though not using their meat as a food source, but for other uses. They thus went extinct by the time Queen Throx's great grandmother became queen. But this individual specimen was preserved in ice and resurrected by unknown forces and became a rogue immortalized yet not invincible endling that is still at large and considered an urban legend. It is a thaumavore (magic eater), that detects and consumes magic, depowering it's prey and even using it against them as an offensive magic breath that does anything, before disemboweling them. Despite this, the species, even before extinction, was very arcane and not very documented by even the best and brightest minds as many things were made from hunting it like medicine and witchcraft, rendering it endangered by the time of it's genocide.


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Cringewings have natural physical strength that make them as strong as ten stallions, they are agile on both land and in the air with their 4 bird-wing-shaped bug wings that often make an uncomfortable buzzing noise that's especially bad for Changelings, hence the name. They can be resilient to fire, chemicals, magic, and so on, they are extremely fast in both air and on land. They have lightning-fast reaction time and reflexes allowing them to avoid an attack like a fly. Their chelicera and mandibles have retractable teeth that are capable of delivering a poison that numbs the horns of unicorns or the ability of the victim to use magic. They have 6 legs packed with arm spikes and razor-sharp extendable claws, and their mantis-scorpion pincers have retractable spines that deliver the same bite poison.

They are known as thaumavores, or creatures that eat magic, and are capable of depowering it's prey by consuming this magic before disemboweling them. They can even use the magic they eat as a weapon through a controllable magic breath. They immobilize their prey by either their magic breath, but also a symbiotic relationship with flobberworms, which come in many species across Equestria, this one being a magic parasite that is given a share of the food in exchange for helping get it. The flobberworms go through metamorphosis and make colonies within the Cringewing's body cavities and the adults gain poisonous bites that cause paralysis, and fly with bug-like wings, overwhelming their target with numbers, crippling a defensive ability quickly and allowing the Cringewing to move in for the kill.


Cringewing has a base appearance similar to this, only with more monstrous detail, like mantis-scorpion claws, a near-necromorphic appearance, long antennae that can also work like whips, a skull-bug head, features of large bugs like cicadas, wetas, roaches, and so on, has a red jewel beetle-like back and wing case, 4 bird-wing-shaped cloak-cape-like bug wings, having similar features to Pharynx's giant bug form, vicious chelicera inside from 4 large mandibles similar to those of a tiger and stag beetle (typically for males), a lion-like mane, parts of it's body hosts their flobberworm aid, near-similar compound eyes of a housefly but with dark-green and burned armor-black coloring, the mandibles of a tiger beetle and the outer manables of a stag beetle.

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