Crocamile Zen Levarman
Vital statistics
Title Crocovore
Gender Male
Race/Species American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)
Faction Hank the Mutant Frog (Formerly)
Description Rogue, Comically Cranky and Mean, Rough Bully
Skills and Abilities Natural Alligator Abilities, Enormous Deformed Arm, Increased Physical Strength
Status Alive and De-Mutated
Location Poi-Son
  • Oakheart (Hometown)
Alignment Reformed

Crocamile Z. Levarman, AKA Crocovore, is a mutant-zombie crocodile with immense physical strength. He was created by Hank to act as an ultimate weapon against his enemies. He has an incredibly large arm, and wears overalls. (which are pants with built in suspenders.)


Crocovore was once Crocamile Levarman. born and raised in a farm found in one of the peaceful villages of POI-SON! he was, however, a cheap thug and bully to the other village kids and was hated for it. the kids finally stood up to him and framed him for the painting of a village chief's pet goat into red, and he was banished from the village. Crocamile was left alone, and grew up an outcast. however, then came across another outcast: Hank. Hank offered revenge on the kids who framed him for the goat painting, inexchange for forsaking his "Normal life" to become a superior breed. without a second thought, Crocamile agreed, and became the first of the mutantions! he arm grew twice it's normal size, and was left with only two fingers and a thumb. it has a side-effect, shruck intelligents. yes, the price for this improved brute force is the lost of being a thinker, and become more of a destructive force. though Hank disliked Crocovore's newfound stupidity, he at least found use of the sheer power it resulted. he however, needed a metathorical replacement brain for him, which later resulted in the creation of Jetstorm.

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