Crokton Strikes Back

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This is a lost-drafted spinoff episode serving as a pilot to a new exclusive wiki series concerning ZongueBob. Soon, once it is completed, the plot will be posted here as well for display, yet will still remain a lost draft nonetheless.


PTE Redux Conditions: Worthy, but only semi-worthy, for three reasons:

  1. While this spin-off moisode does have AUU-related elements that won't be included in PTE, the plot related to The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie will be used in the adaptation.
  2. Whereas Sonny helped ZongueBob and Atrick accomplish their mission, the Punch Time Exploders will help SpongeBob and Patrick get King Neptune's crown back.
  3. The PTE adaption will not only include elements from the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie console game like this spin-off did, but from the PC game as well. Also, there will be a spin-off in PTE that takes place after the adaptation which will revolve on a version of the Shell Lodge Squad known as The Nicktoons Hero Gang.


It is discovered that the founding of the Clam Loungers was not as immediate as expected, as ZongueBob and Sonny, before they took off into the stars together with their friends, and the Oceons and Physheges were busy building AFTs above the ocean-covered surface of Oceonous to welcome visitors and a new chance for Oxydome to offer new opportunities, their embarrassed enemy Crokton was seeking revenge after getting back to his restaurant with Karrer since the defeat of Gaariod, utterly escaping Oceanara City with their sanity. He ends up getting it in a way that is extremely unexpected, and they tell the story of how they resolved it themselves as the HA and the Lodgers were attendiing to other matters at the time of the story. Crokton committed an act that made Tetrus look horrible and criminal, and thus got his C&C Restaurant shut down and thus legally passing his formulas onto Crokton (Under the guise of a Nothodontoid named Obvinis Retsopmi), leaving him to slowly take over 2004"SpongeBob Movie" style and creating Croktopolis, and disposing of the only evidence proving his innocence in a forbidden and far away place called Challenged Wastes, where nobody has ever returned from after a confrontation with monsters of Oceon origin, all while targeting ZongueBob and his gang as they go to Challenged Wastes to find the evidence by a large bounty, mainly claimed by a highly-deadly cyborg Ceterior assassin named Ferris, who is the most dangerous hitman on the planet. Now the heroes must to try and find a way to stop Crokton before Ferris can find them, discovering and travel distant lands to get the help and proof they need, all while stopping Crokton from extending his takeover further by planet and by extension universes.



Dragon Temple, Original UUniverses

  • Icky and Iago were watching this.
The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 2 (Original Animation)

The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 2 (Original Animation)

  • Icky: "...... Huh. So that's what it could've been like if Spongebob originated in Japan."
  • Iago: "..... Even for Anime standerds, my mind, feels fucked."
  • SpongeBob: (He kicks open the door) GUYS! SHUT UP!!! I JUST GOT THE MOST INCREDIBLE NEWS!!!
  • Icky: If it's about you and Sandy, I don't even wanna-
  • SpongeBob: THE CLAM LOUNGERS ARE COMING TO VISIIIIIIIIITTT!!! (He bounces across the room like a pinball)
  • Iago:... Who?
  • SpongeBob: Come on, remember our Alternate UUniversal counterparts from Trunk Bottom?
  • Iago: Oh, those guys!
  • SpongeBob: And you won't believe what they've been up to!
  • Icky: Do I even need to ask?
  • Spongebob: "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllll...... Do you remember when I once commented on how they would have their own Shell Louge Squad?"
  • Icky: "So, is THAT what these Clam Loungers are then? Yeesh, is the originality department going through a drought or something?"
  • SpongeBob: Well... Not completely.
  • Icky: "..... (Wheeze-laughs)! It's an intentionally picked named?! (Laughs louder!)"
  • Iago joins in laughing!
  • Spongebob: "Aw come on, guys, it's likely they made that name in inspiration of us."
  • Icky: "Hey, the Louge may have the excuse of our name being based on that toy conch shell, but, what, does AUU Spongebob have a plastic "Magical" AUU Clam to give him advice?"

(Later...) Pizza Hut

  • Sonny:... It's nice to see you for once since you gave us our hero name. Since then we got more members. (A lot of AUU clones of the Lodge were seen)... But the magic of this dimension will be so good to miss.
  • Sandy: You have NO durn idea! Aside from that, how's it been? What have you been up to since Gaariod's revenge scheme?
  • Cephward: Oy! Lotsa bulls***! I don't know WHERE to start!
  • ZongueBob: But let's just say, it was a LOTTA fun!
  • SpongeBob: I kinda guess with you guys, everything is fun.
  • ZongueBob: Oh, yeah, like you wouldn't believe! Since we kicked Gaariod's ass and Crokton's microscopic ass, if that's possible, we partied bubbling hard!
  • Sonny: Somehow, ZongueBob found a Vellan triple-strength suxxidisiac, or 'aphrodisiac' in your terms, and accidentally leaked it into our drinks, and let's just say, me and ZongueBob had sex like mad. Good thing his shapeshifting helped in... (Shivers)... The most unorthodox of ways, that he doesn't even need a condom.
  • SpongeBob: No way! I can do that, too! I did it when me and Sandy drank Kowalski's love juice and-
  • Icky: YEAH! I do NOT wanna flood the Temple with vomit again since I saw every moment of that!
  • ZongueBob: But hey, can you blame us? When you're in a horny-drive, you wanna release-
  • Icky/Jokey: THE SUBJECT! CHANGE IT!... Who are you? Are you me?
  • Master Cen: To actually answer your question properly, they first felt they needed time to 'stretch their legs' as Sonny called it.
  • Sonny: And I gotta say, the Oceons and Physheges repopulated quicker than expected. The handy AFT work the Oceons and Physheges did was epic! They built AFTs on Oceonous' surface to invite more outsiders. Of course, Oxydome helped.
  • Sau: The Oceons set us up to this new floating resort for our well-deserved R&R. And I gotta tell you, Atlanthinus, was the BEST, RESORT, EVER! Even Respite and Poolworld pale in comparison to it. Heck, it even makes Hoihoi look amaturish in compairison!
  • ZongueBob: And after a month of 'stretching our legs', we went right back to what we did best.
  • Gilda: Being, awesome?
  • ZongueBob: Being ourselves and more. After that embarrassing incident with the suxxidisiac, we chilled like ice.
  • Cephward: No more adventures? I was all over it. But, it's not my definition of vacation if I share it with annoyances.
  • ZongueBob: But aside from Mr. Grouchy here, some of us were naturals. We brought what we learned from your worlds, and gave the Oxydome a little tune-up.
  • Mr. Tetrus: Yer' style of technology isn't really bad.


  • Atrick: (As the Oxydome was filled with water and holes) Whoopsie-daisy!
  • Sonny: (Got on her knees and did this)
Darn You All To Heck Madagascar 2005

Darn You All To Heck Madagascar 2005

  • Atrick: I was just trying to make the best bubble solution! AND IT WORKED, BABY!!! It's gotta be my best work yet!


  • Sonny: I almost drowned several times afterwards!
  • Sandy: Oh, trust me, I know how that feels.
  • Sonny: Oh, sure, how many times have YOU had your oxygen support destroyed?
  • Sandy: 64, only counting when it was destroyed accidentally. The first time was back in 1999, when Patrick and SpongeBob had their 16th visit. Patrick simply forgot to shut the airlock all the way, AND smashed a hole in the wall to try and stop it, thinking it would 'divert' the water.


  • Patrick: (Sandy's Treedome was filled with water) Whoopsie-daisy!
  • Sandy: (She got on her knees and did the same thing) YOU IDIOT!!!... YOU FINALLY DID IT!!... DARN YOU!!!... DARN YOU ALL TO HECK!!!


  • SpongeBob: To be fair, we were trying to grasp how air works since we met you.
  • Squidward: And this is why nobody can have nice things! Espeicaly not around you two bozos!
  • Sonny: But don't worry, they saved me. Certainly didn't help that the answer was too visible and I had to waste my air to say-


  • Sonny: (Gurgling) GUYS!!! (She got their attention) ISLE MOUNTAIN!!! EYEBALLS!!! USE THEM!!! (She drowned and fainted)
  • ZongueBob: (They saw the island above)... Ohhhhhhh!


  • Sandy: Seriously?
  • Sonny: Seriously! Also not helping that ZongueBob couldn't control his boner for an apparent aquaphilia!
  • ZongueBob: I've never met a land creature before, so I didn't know much about your etiquette. After our make outs, you should know that. I was learning how you land creatures work.
  • Sau: To be honest, I was always bringing it up, but they never paid any attention, and I decided to just wait until the bastards FINALLY clamed up!
  • Archindarce: Morons!
  • Xoriago: Well, at least she could breath until we could get the damn Oxydome fixed.
  • Cephward: But turns out, Atrick screwed with the air filter in the Oxydome, and the low concentration of air had some...


  • Sonny: (She was dazed and relaxed, laying on the ground sleeping at random times, doing silly things, and all in front of ZongueBob)...
  • ZongueBob:... Is it weird to say this is kinda hot?


  • Cephward:... Effects.
  • Sau: And I had to be their voice of reason AGAIN! We fixed it in no time.
  • ZongueBob: And thank Nepiton! It was cute at first, but it got annoying real fast.
  • Icky: You have issues.
  • ZongueBob: I get that a lot.
  • Sonny: So then we went on a picnic together and, well...


  • Cephward: (A giant Crabsquid-Rraarg-like creature roared and chased them) AAHHHGH, RUUUNNN!!!
  • Mr. Tetrus: I CAN'T DIE AS FOOD!!! I SELL IT!!!
  • ZongueBob: OH, THE IRONY!!!


  • Sonny: While everyone argued if dying AS food was technically ironic, Atrick went and made friends with the monster.
  • Cephward: Because of course he did!


  • Atrick: (The two were playing with snow globes laughing as the others watched)


  • Patrick: Ohh, taming a monster's too easy.
  • Atrick: I've said it ever since!
  • Sonny: Then we decided to take another vacation to the Rainbow Reef. Theeeennn......


  • Atrick: (He accidentally destroyed the caravan) Whoopsie-daisy!


  • Atrick: I didn't know how that experimental chemical toilet worked! It blew up as soon as I went!
  • Cephward: Well thanks to him, we lost 80% of our rations, so fatass started going around eating the wildlife.


  • Atrick: (He found glowing sea plants) Oh, helloooo!


  • Cephward: And as it turns out, the plants are basically bubble meth ON bubble meth!


  • Atrick: (As he was zooming around at super-speed) HiZongueBob, LookhowfastIam, whyiseverythingsoslow, thisissocool, I'veneverfeltsoalive, YAAAAAYYY!!!!


  • Atrick: Well at least I did it trying to help!
  • Cephward: Well you're not good at helping.
  • Sau: But he DID find a resource-rich environment by accident. I'd say that counts as help. We took some time off travelling and had a sleepover at ZongueBob's house.


  • Cephward: (They played Atrick's Patrick! The Game-style virtual game as it ended up endangering them in comically-random ways) I WOULD'VE PREFERRED THE REGULAR BOARD VERSION!!!!!
  • Atrick: Up, no takebacks!


  • Cephward: Word of advice, never trust an idiot with virtual reality!
  • Sau: That's right around when we sold our cartoon series rights.
  • Ajax: Graphene really screwed the pooch on that one.
  • ZongueBob: Oh, we were RICH! I mean, richer than Mr. Tetrus. When we tried to stop him from stealing it all, we decided to spend it all quickly as we gave us the biggest makeover to our Oxydome, ever!
  • Sonny: Oh, like you wouldn't believe! It was maxed out so we could have a wonderful time! It was a blend of a water park, a resort, a pool, a funfair, a playground, a everything fun!




  • Cephward: BUT THEN ATRICK-


  • Atrick: (He destroyed it again) Whoopsie-daisy!


  • Squidward: When it comes to idiots, nothing can stop them from screwing everything up. You can't predict what the idiot will do.
  • Lord Shen: "Hence why I once attempted to gather some of our more destructive idiots plus an unintelligent relitive of mine to go to an idiot camp..... That went, HORRORABLY?! It was a mess that could've been avoided, IF MANTIS DIDN'T BENTED A SPARE KEY TO IMPRESS A GIRL?!"
  • Icky: Didn't help that some space squid were after us because they wanted revenge on Kowalski for sending gelatinous lifeforms of his creation to his home planet, unaware that we LONG solved that problem.
  • Lord Shen: Not that he cared or was willing to accept it anyway.
  • Mr. Tetrus: Mr. Cephward figured it would solve me customer crisis. Which worked. At least, 90.9%, minus his attempt to make himself the main star with that interate dance rotine.... You can guess how well THAT went.


  • Cephward: (He was screaming like a girl while being mobbed on stage with fruits)


  • Cephward: Then ZongueBob got praise by doing damn near nothing but just cleaning up. He could just stand there doing nothing and every dumbass here would give him an encore. HOW DUMB ARE THEY TO NOT SEE TALENT RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM?!?
  • ZongueBob: Eh, then it gave me a chance to shine. But a stand-up routine turned into a roast when I told Hydrocabiais jokes, then Sonny did the same for me.
  • Mr. Tetrus: Eh, at least it made dough.
  • Atrick:... Roasting people makes the stuff you need for bread? Well no wonder cannibals or man-eaters exist! They're closet bread enfusiests!
  • Mr. Tetrus: (Sighs) I ain't answering and/or correcting that because you won't learn.
  • Sonny: But then our show turned from bad to good and we experienced geekdom with hundreds of new fans.
  • Atrick: Oh, how it was fun to discover we had fans!
  • Sau: And the other fans who were very wonderful...


  • Sonny/ZongueBob: (They were shrieking at Spandy-style portraits of them)

Another Cutaway

  • Cephward: (He was screaming out of a theatre being chased by people with bleeding ears) AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!

Another Nother Cutaway

  • ZongueBob: (He was getting exhausted making Tetra Googers for endless fans) Ugggghhhhh!!!!

Another Nother Nother Cutaway

  • Cephward Cosplayer: (They were in a virtual reenactment theater watching people reenact their adventures in an Avatar the Last Airbender style way) I'm Cephward! I'm a grouchy jerk who has a horrible life! Waaaahhh!!
  • Cephward: I don't even sound like that!
  • Cephward Cosplayer: I'm always being stalked by a moron who may be bisexual and a potential rapist and infidel!
  • Cephward:... (Chuckles) Okay, that was kinda funny!


  • Sau:... For admirers of an average cartoon.


  • They were all seen being comically sucked into a miniature black hole


  • Sonny: Stuck in a dimension filled completely with water for a week. It was very crazy.
  • Cephward: We were lucky to have gotten out of their with our sanity.... But ZongueBob... Well, due to unmentionable reasons... He sort've-


  • ZongueBob: Come on, let's do it!
  • Sonny: For the last time, I am NOT gonna swim naked with you!


  • Sonny: Turns out the dimension's water was so pure it induced ecstatic and increases in repressed emotions, INCLUDING HIS LUST!!
  • ZongueBob: Hey, I'm not the one who got us there in the first place.
  • Sonny: And then... (Laughs)... Atrick convined ZongueBob, Game of Kings really happened!


  • ZongueBob:... No way!
  • Atrick: Seriously, dude!
  • ZongueBob: No way!
  • Atrick: Yes way!
  • ZongueBob: Dude!
  • Atrick: Dude!
  • ZongueBob: Dude!
  • Atrick: Dude!
  • ZongueBob: Dude!
  • Atrick: Dude, I'm serious!
  • ZongueBob: That... Is AWESOME! We gotta visit!


  • ZongueBob: (Sighs), But then it turned out that the system Game of Kings took place in..... DOESN'T, EVEN, EXIST!!! He actually meant to say that the place where they make the episodes exists.
  • Jokey: HE WAS TOLD THAT BY CEPHWARD AS A JOKE!! It would've made a good episode... AND IT DID!! IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!
  • Sonny: Then Tetrus missed fighting against Crokton, so he hacked some of his old robots to attack the C&C.
  • Sau: But they malfunctioned and attacked the monsters at our old picnic spot.


  • Sonny: (As everything happened before their eyes)... I've seen some damn epic hoedowns in my life, but this?... This takes the cake.


  • Atrick: "I almost lost Wilson that day. He's been shy to be around me and anyone else ever since. I think he's trumatised!"
  • Zonguebob: "We're, still working on fixing Wilson."
  • Sonny: Then when analyzing the gravitational field of the ocean, Tetrus, seeking action since the robot incident...


  • Mr. Tetrus: FOR TOO LONG, THIS ILLOGICAL PHYSICAL LAW HAS CRUSHED US UNDER THE WEIGHT OF OURSELVES!! If we don't stand up to this mysterious force of GRAVITY, by Nepiton, who will?
  • Sonny: Are we really going to let this go?
  • Sau: (Scoffs) Why not see where it goes?
  • Mr. Tetrus: (As ZongueBob was in a boatmobile with Cephward) Buckle up, me boys! We're taking this fight to the enemy!
  • Cephward: Why's ZongueBob driving? He sucks at driving.
  • Mr. Tetrus: That gives an advantage against the enemy. (Gets on the bow) FULL THROTTLE, LAD!!!
  • ZongueBob: AYE-AYE, SIR!
  • Cephward: I'm dead!
  • Mr. Tetrus: (They drove off) CHAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR- (They fell down in a similar fashion to Squidward in Jellyfishing and My Pretty Seahorse ending with an explosion)... Owch!
  • Cephward: Too bad that didn't kill me!


  • Cephward: BUT THEN ATRICK-


  • Atrick: WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! (They were screaming as they comically went through another singularity)


  • Cephward: We went to a dimension with NO water thanks to him! THAT MIGHT'VE BEEN THE DUMBEST THING HE EVER DID!!!
  • Atrick: Hey, I thought the dumbest thing I ever did was accidentally shoot you in the arm.


  • Cephward:... Atrick, your safety's on, right?
  • Atrick: Yeah! You want me to pull the trigger and prove it?
  • Cephward: No, I wanna make sure!
  • Atrick: (He pulled it) See? It's on! (He turned it off) Now THIS is it without the safety! (He fired at his arm as he yelled in pain) Quite the difference, huh?
  • Cephward: DAMMIT, ATRICK, YOU SHOT ME!!!
  • Sonny: Oh my God, Atrick, that might be the dumbest thing you've ever done!


  • Cephward: Well, that was BEFORE the second singularity broke your record!
  • Atrick: Ohhhh, that makes sense! HOORAY, I BROKE A RECORD!
  • Cephward: Yes, yes you most-certainly did!
  • Sandy: Is that sarcasm?
  • Cephward: Nope, he really DID break that record. Congratulations, you idiot!
  • Atrick: YAAAY!!
  • Squidward: I could've said it just as good!
  • Alpha Rolf/Boss Wolf: No s***!
  • ZongueBob: But that wasn't even the weirdest thing that happened! Sonny had a cro-
  • Sonny: LET'S JUST SAY HE LEARNED SOMETHING!!! MOVE ON!!! Next, ZongueBob decided to get me some aquagens so that the kiss would be very 'natural'.
  • ZongueBob: And BTW, alternate me, didn't you say you and alternate Sonny got married one time?
  • SpongeBob/Sandy: It ended up not being official because people didn't take it seriously.
  • Icky: It was just a way to farm viewers, specifically the guys who constantly ship these two together, INCLUDING MSM!
  • Sonny:... Who was that?
  • ZongueBob: Don't worry about it.
  • Sonny: But he instead got the methmeth plants by accident!


  • ZongueBob: I could've sworn that was aquagens.
  • Mr. Tetrus: SUCK IT NEWOOOONNN!!! (He fell into a boatmobile and crashed)


  • Cephward: It's been AWFUL! Instead of a peaceful vacation, it's been the same damn s*** with the same damn idiots, only ZongueBob's got a girlfriend!
  • Pang Bing: "Yes, these, misadventurious exploits are fine and all, but, how, exactly did you came across these, vaguely simular dopplegangers?"
  • Zonguebob: "Oh, simple. We met them ever since we founded the Clam Lounge Squadern."
  • Pang Bing: "And pardon my potaintionly fatal curiousity, but..... What, drove you to basicly be like the AUU's own Lougers, exactly?"
  • Mr. Tetrus: "Oh, because Crokton came back and framed me for a mess of legal trouble and pretty much brainwashed everyone, thus Zonguebob, Atrick, and Sonny pretty much had to save everyone by going through a crazy adventure."
  • Lord Shen: "..... And we weren't alarmed of this..... WHY?!"
  • Zonguebob: "We were, kinda not in the position to call you guys because how much of a cheater Crokton was.... Among other issues."
  • Icky: "Okay, now my interest is as peaked as a kid hungry for storytime! What exactly went down with that Crokton mess, dude?"
  • Zonguebob: "(Sighs unsurprised and happly), Should've figured that becomes a topic. But overall, it would be a nice change of pace of just talking about us doing wacky things. Let me explain."

Aftermath of Gaariod's Defeat/Crokton Returns


  • (ZongueBob): Well, let's start at the beginning. The VERY beginning. A month after we defeated Gaariod and maintained peace with the Oceons and the Physheges, our lives were going fairly well. Our one-month anniversary was going swimmingly, pun intended, as the Oceons and Physheges were QUITE busy on the surface.
  • (Icky): What were they doing?
  • (Sonny): Building AFTs above Oceonous' surface to welcome visitors. (They were seen building AFT platforms, artificial islands and continents, and an entire community of aerial sky communities with advanced Teadr 1 technology)
  • (ZongueBob): Nepiton knows we need them given the fact that we've been isolated for God knows how long?
  • (Sonny): And you won't BELIEVE how good we surprised each other with our gifts.
  • ZongueBob: (He came into the Oxydome with flowers) SONNY, I'M HEEEERE!!! You didn't forget about our little anniversary did you?
  • Sau: (She came in) Oh, hello, ZongueBob. Sonny hasn't forgotten. She's actually got a surprise for you in the tree.
  • ZongueBob: Does she now? I wonder what it could be?
  • Sau: (Giggles) Why don't you see for yourself? (She teleports him)


  • ZongueBob: (He was sent in an elaborate swimming pool of waterfalls and so on)... Sonny? Is... THIS the surprise?
  • Sonny's voice: HAH! Heck no! This is just something I put together to enjoy until you got here. This is a Holodeck containing the REAL deal! (It altered itself as it ended up getting a strange combination of air and water)...
  • ZongueBob:... Uh... What is this?
  • Sonny's voice: It's a combination of water and air using hydroxide and tritium. Let's just say, the Serosity Project is pretty useful in the fairly-new field of land-sea coexistence.
  • ZongueBob: Serosity Project?
  • Sau: (She came in) It's named after a world that has a gelatinous atmosphere breathable to both land and sea critters, and the one who made it. Long story, there, but since then, the project has been failed many times. Sonny tried to pull it of for years. Now, since she started falling in love, she had the determination, to FINALLY make it happen! Congratulations, Zongue, you just earned her the achievement of being the first to bring the Serosity Project to life!
  • ZongueBob:... (He took off his water helmet and discovered it worked)... EEEEEEE!! (Sonny came in)
  • Sonny: (As small bubbles escaped her mouth yet she still spoke normally) So, was it what yall' were expecting? Thanks to you, I can bring MANY land and sea critters together. Who knows? Maybe they might be as close to us.
  • ZongueBob:... This... This is so thoughtful!
  • Sonny: What can I say? I JUST LOVE THE OCEAN! AND I LOVE YOU!
  • ZongueBob: I love you, too! (The two kissed passionately)
  • Sau: (Sighs) Young love.

5 minutes later...

  • Sau: (The two were still kissing)... ZongueBob, what did YOU get her?
  • ZongueBob: Oh, snap, I completely forgot!
  • Sonny: Yeah, what did you get for me? PLEASE tell me it ain't just flowers!
  • ZongueBob: HAH! You ain't seen nothing yet, you cute little rodent fish!
  • Sonny: (Giggles) You always find ways to moisten me up.
  • Sau: Oh, will you PLEASE take it outside if you're gonna do that? (The two paused then laughed)

ZongueBob's Podaba

  • Sonny: (They approached his Podaba home and went in as Jery jumped on her kissing her as she giggled) Yes, hello, Jery!
  • ZongueBob: Jery, Jery, give her some space.
  • Sonny: So, where's your surprise?
  • ZongueBob: Follow me, and I'll show you, pretty eyes!
  • Sonny: (Giggles harder) You STILL know how to moisten me up.
  • Jery: (Meows)
  • Sau's Voice: See? Jery agrees with me!
  • Sonny: Sau, don't ruin the moment! (They went into the basement)


  • Sonny:... YOU have a Holodeck, too?
  • ZongueBob: Actually, it USED to be a Holodeck. Now it's where I usually keep all my old comic books of Hydraman and Aguaman. It's where I read in peace, it's where I have a nice fire in the winter, and it's where I usually do some activities on the side. But... I feel like... Maybe it CAN be a Holodeck. Once I get it that way, perhaps we can have some time to ourselves, our friends, our allies, and maybe even our families. Perhaps your family can drop by if they can get the air support.
  • Sonny:... So... You want to make this into a Holodeck?
  • ZongueBob: Only by a slight amount. But here's the part 2 to my gift: (He shows her a holo-locket of which shows holograms of the many periods of their month which were comical and wonderful)... It will record our happiest moments so we can spend our lives greatly and in style. I have a few personal favorites.
  • Sonny:... (She teared up, touched by this gift)... Oh, ZongueBob! I LOVE it! (She hugs him)... And I can tell that this Holodeck will turn out wonderfully when we get it running.
  • ZongueBob: Oh, absolutely! (The two kissed again, as Sonny blew heart-shaped bubbles while doing it)
  • (SpongeBob/Sandy): Awwwwww!
  • (ZongueBob): Yeah, it was a great day for both of us.

24 1/2 minutes later...

  • Sonny: (Her head was turning red as she continued kissing ZongueBob, and then restored her helmet and gasped)... (The two sighed in joy)
  • (Sonny): Even if... It was a little TOO great.
  • (ZongueBob): But what was gonna kick off the next day, was the 71st anniversary of Tetrus' C&C Restaurant. 71 years selling Tetra Googers, and he had planned to give it a massive upgrade.
  • (Sonny): But things were not gonna start out well for us right away. Turns out, Crokton has returned. You recall, ever since we beat him and Gaariod, he has been put in a good prison as a display. Let's just say... He DID make good on that promise to make everyone pay for taking away his business and home.

Oceon Penal Colony

  • Oceon Warden: (As they were in a penal colony within a trench not too far from Oceanara City)... And this is the maximum level. Since this is your first day, I'll let you peek at one of our number one inmates. (They telepathically opened many automatic doors as they approached a walled cell, as it was a cylindrical energy barrier with a familiar figure within)... He's too dangerous to let him around the other inmates.
  • Oceon Rookie Officer: Why? What he'd do? Rob a bank?
  • Oceon Warden: Worse! He's a criminal genius who stole Oceon technology, attempted to use it for world AND UUniversal domination, attempted theft, a variety of other crimes, and WORST OF THEM ALL: He tried to steal the Tetrus holo-formulas countless times!
  • Oceon Rookie Officer: Oh-kay. I guess theft of a bunch of fast food is worse than world domination with stolen technology. Ohhh, what a monster!
  • Oceon Warden:... Eh, I guess you're right.
  • (Squidward): Oh, thank God! If that food was supposed to be worshipped by a bunch of nutjob lunatics like a religion to where any word bad about it can be blasphemy like the Krabby Patty, I was gonna give up on everything and end it all, as I am TOO miserable to be living in this even MORE miserable existence!
  • Oceon Warden: So that's why we keep him behind this impenetrable bubble-energy barrier. If we let him around other prisoners, he'd rope them into a revenge plot which we made a top priority to stop. (He makes the barrier visible as a yellow-cell-attired Crokton was seen brooding angrily)... Behold!
  • Oceon Rookie Officer:... Wow, a microscopic organism did all this?
  • Crokton: F*** you!
  • Oceon Warden: Hey, watch that language, mister!
  • Crokton: F*** you, too!
  • Oceon Warden: Don't make me send you to public display again so everyone can watch you act like an ass!
  • Crokton: Oh, NOW who needs to watch their language?
  • (Max Rabbit): (Scoffs) Sam, we gotta write that down! I'm TOTALLY gonna use that someday!
  • Crokton: I am NOT a public display, either! You just decided to replace me since your silly fanatic 'true leader' destroyed your bubble AI, until you created another one and placed me in this hairy canyon of a prison!
  • Oceon Warden: Hey, theft of technology is against the law!
  • Crokton: YOU'RE against the law!
  • Oceon Warden: Okay, if you're going to make that comeback, at least do it in a way that make sense! If you say it as your only response, it's like you're TRYING to sound like a smartass!
  • Crokton: YOU'RE A SMARTASS! (As they were arguing, it's revealed that the Crokton in the cell was a hologram as the real Crokton had escaped, and is crawling through the pipes)
  • The Real Crokton: "(Laughs wickedly). I can't believe it worked! One would figure that a Teadr 1 race would be smarter then that!"
  • (Icky): "So, did I."
  • (Sonny): It was designed to be super-real and solid light, thus making it simulate a real person. Crokton has been known to come up with those.
  • The Real Crokton: "Now I just need to find my darling wife, Karrer. I bet the poor thing must be tortured because of supporting me."

Where Karrer is.

  • Karrer was treated like royalty and surrounded by hunky Omnican males.
  • Karrer: "Ahhhhh. This is the life. No worries. No having to be second banana to a mistranslated microscopic husband, no being made to help steal a piece of fast food and SOMEHOW take over an entire planet from it, no more illogical messes. Who know being arrested would be the best thing to ever happen?"
  • (Icky): "HA! I like the logic where when someone thought their loved one is in the worse shit when the exact oppisite is true."
  • Karrer: At least this is far better than henching for my joke of a criminal mastermind. For the first time in my life, things are starting to-
  • Crokton: (He pressed a button which alerted her)
  • Karrer:... Uggggh!
  • Oceon #1: What is it, mam?
  • Karrer: I remembered, I have some errands to run! (She left)... Of all times he could've escaped, THIS was the time! URRRGH! (She went out to meet up with Crokton)... Urgh! Crokton, this is just typical of you to escape when I'm having the biggest day of my life.
  • Crokton: Karrer, we were NOT meant to be here! Everyone stole everything from me! My business, my home, my life! They never even bought the illegal tendencies Tetrus reaped on me when he cheated me by making his Tetra Cuisine! I swore they would pay, and I meant it! So, are you in this, or do I have to activate the divorce setting?
  • Crokton: Yes, the divorce setting! You betray your loyalty to me, I WILL delete you! There's a hundred million Omnican wives just like you!
  • Crokton: Got'cha, didn't I? It's actually a function that keeps your loyalty to me. Your rants about belonging here are why I installed it long ago. Since you came, you have become too moral and turning against me. You were made for me, and me only! Had you been a normal robot, you would've glitched yourself to death. But since that's out because you're an Omnican incapable of that and being technically a person, I had to remind you why I brought you to my side!
  • Karrer: Well, according to the contract of use, I only stand by as a wife, and therefore I have my limits in my service. There is NO clause whatsoever with being loyal completely to the very end. That's for programming and wiring only.
  • Crokton: Well, when you live in MY world, you obey MY rules! If you don't, I'll make you.
  • Karrer: Regardless, I will still remain an incomplete asset. I will do what I must for your own safety and to keep you from making an ass out of yourself. I am NOT meant to be a henchwoman.
  • Crokton: Whatever, let's just go! (They scurried off)

Crokton's Cell

  • Crokton Hologram: "YOUR THE BIGGER- (Starts flickering and glitching with a distorted voice) SMA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A--A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A (Flickers out and turns into a crokton in a suit) (Starts speaking in AUU Spanich and appears to be talking about the weather)....."
  • Warden: THAT'S NOT THE REAL CROKTON, STUPID?! THAT'S A HOLOGRAM!!! WE GOTTA SOUND THE ALARM! WE GOTTA- (The hologram short-circuited so powerfully, it caused everyone to get knocked out and the power to go out)
  • Crokton:... Good work on that holo-EMP, honey! Now they won't be able to report me making good on my vow of revenge!
  • Karrer: "You do DO realise everyone here will eventually recover from this and THEN report your escape?"
  • Crokton: "Don't worry, my sweet Omnican. I already have a congenincy for that. (Presses a button and activates a series of hacked security bots). These bots are programmed to take over the prison while all the organic staff will be publicly declared wounded from a prison riot. The prison will enter a protocal that'll cut the prison off from the rest of the city!"
  • Karrer: "..... Wow, that's like, the one smart thing ya made."
  • Crokton: 71 years went into this plot, Karrer! And the day of Tetrus' Restaurant's 71st Anniversary, is the perfect opportunity to strike! Come, Karrer!

Crokton's Old C&C Restaurant

  • Crokton: (As they had taken care of the previous owner) Alright! Now that SHE'S dealt with, we need a plan! And this time, it has to be GOOD! Karrer, how much has been confiscated?
  • Karrer: Literally everything is gone.
  • Crokton: I was afraid of that! That's why I thought ahead! In the event I should be defeated for the last time, I had a spare mobile lab in an ISD for me to get started.
  • Karrer:... Again, smart move!
  • Crokton: Again, 71 years! But we can't stay here! This place is too obvious of a location to make a lair now!
  • Karrer:... Let me guess, you thought ahead of THAT, too?
  • Crokton: Yep! 71 years, Karrer! I thought of virtually everything! To the secret backup hideout! (He pushed a secret button as it revealed a secret turbolift that went deep within the ground as comically-insane underground things were seen as they descended, and arrived into sea caverns)... BEHOLD! The Crok Cave!
  • (Icky): Wow! He was an INCH to getting sued by Crocker for that.
  • (Xandy): It's an alternate dimension that happens to be similar to yours. Lawsuits technically don't matter in that regard.
  • Karrer: When did you install this?
  • Crokton: 56 years ago. So... (He saw the lava, water, dusty, animal-infested rusty machinery and everything indicating the dated nature)... It's seen better days. But that is not a problem. (He clapped as robots did handy work and refined the place)... And, voili! It's ready for use! Now, let's get into my NEW lab! (They entered as he activated the ISD device as a new lab was set up)... Now, for the plan! It's gotta be good! But to be honest, I don't know where to start. Much of my plans were exhausted from 1A to 10Y
  • Karrer:... What?
  • Crokton: Oh, heh, I figured an alphabet-based list was limited, and number-based ones sounded... weird. So, I combined them. It works like this: (He showed a screen display) You see, these plans are supposed to be for special occasions. The minor ones are not worth much. THESE, have gotten me into a greater role than just owning a fast food business, but also my long-awaited vow of world domination. 1A was the first major plan I ever came up with. When that failed, I went to the drawing board, again and again. The ones that almost got me close, were in this list. But all of them, flopped harder than a fish on the beach!
  • Karrer:... Then... if you went through 1A and 10Y... What about 10Z?
  • Crokton: (He was surprised)... I don't recall making a 10Z.
  • Karrer: Well, to be honest, it was so sensitive, I had to make blocks on it. Don't know why, but it was causing a lotta conspiracy alerts on the Holonet, so I had to lock it away. I even had to erase your memory of it.
  • Crokton:... Show it to me!
  • Karrer: As you wish! (She did as she brought out a holofile for him to read)
  • Crokton: Alright, let's see here... (He started getting excited with what he read) Oh... OH... OHHHHHHH!!! It's evil! It's DIABOLICAL!! (He sniffed it) IT'S CITRUS-SCENTED!
  • (Icky): "Ha! That bit always gets to me from the Spongebob movie. Not just the fact that the paper can smell like fruits, it sounded like he was reading a fricking playboy magazine!"
  • Crokton: THIS PLAN 10Z CAN'T POSSIBLY FAIL!!! Karrer, you diabolical genius!
  • Karrer: Glad to help, honey! (Quietly) Althought I already have an itching suspition that it's all gonna go downhill from here.
  • Crokton: (He came out) Enjoy your little anniversary, Tetrus, because by tomorrow, I'll have your holo-formulas! Then everyone will eat at this place, and I WILL RULE THE WORLD! ALL HAIL CROKTON! ALL HAIL CROKTON!!! (Cackles until ZongueBob ran by)
  • ZongueBob: Ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, Hi, Crokton! Ready, ready, ready, ready! (He ran off without even realizing who he greeted)
  • Crokton:... Stupid kid! (He went back in)
Epic "Mass Facepalm"

Epic "Mass Facepalm"

  • (Sparx):... Are you crapping me?
  • (Sonny): Sadly, no! He didn't even acknowledge he was right there when he did what was coming next.... (Giggles) And sometimes, that gets me giggling, and it at least gave me a GREAT adventure!
  • (Sandy): Oh, ha-ha-ha, his laughable nature makes a good apology!
  • (Sonny): Yeah! Think about it, does YOUR boyfriend make YOUR life an adventure with HIS antics?
  • (Sandy):... When you put it like that... Yeah!
  • (Sonny): And have YOU ever found his antics better to laugh off instead of just lashing out like a little child?
  • (Sandy):... I suppose so.
  • (Sonny): Well, there ya' go! Sometimes, when you're in a relationship, it's best to find ways to make fun out of a predicament. Try and remember that next time you decide to call SpongeBob 'idiotboy'. Now, back to the story.

Tetrus Shut Down/Crokton Blooming

Tetrus' C&C Restaurant

  • Mr. Tetrus: (On a small replica of his restaurant) Make way for this new upgrade! Du-dum, Du-dum... (He smashed it with an upgraded version) DUUUUUUUUM!!! (With a Prench Cherles figure) I must say, Mr. Tetrus, this upgrade of your restaurant is well-earned. (With a figure of himself) Well, yes, I know this is well-earned for keeping it a top-notch tight ship for over 70 years running, but, to be honest, I couldn't have done it without the good people in my life. They deserve just as good. (Sighs) Well, boys, it's finally happening! The 71st Anniversary of this business is gonna give me the BEST upgrade it's ever had.
  • ZongueBob: Congratulations, Mr. Tetrus!
  • Mr. Tetrus: Congratulate yourselves, lads! A business manager ain't nothin' without his loyal crew. I mean, a crew like you comes around maybe once in a lifetime.
  • Cephward: I'm just confused you're able to live this long.
  • Mr. Tetrus: You clearly need to learn about biology more, Mr. Cephward! Anyway, the upgrade is coming today! I am so happy I think I'm gonna turn meself into gold!
  • ZongueBob:... I must say, it's gonna look fabulous.
  • Cephward: Weak definition for something deserving of such.
  • Mr. Tetrus:... Mr. Cephward, do you ever learn to not ruin excitement? Anyway, lad, I can tell YOU'RE in an exciting mood.
  • ZongueBob: Yeah. Me and Sonny had our one-month anniversary last night. It all seemed like last month when we first met.
  • Cephward:... Are you serious right now? What do you think an anniversary means, quarter-wit? (He chuckles to Mr. Tetrus) Quarter-wit! It's less than half!... (Sighs) You could've at least TRIED to play along.
  • ZongueBob: We were on an amazing adventure! We stopped Crokton from abusing Oceon technology, and we rescued the Oceons from danger. Then Sonny got to live here, and that was the day when our romance bloomed.
  • Cephward: Oh, I am SO touched that I forgot your idiocy! (He was launched into the ceiling again)... Shutting up!
  • Mr. Tetrus: (Vehicles were heard outside) OOOH, THAT MUST BE THEM!!! (They cartoonishly zoomed to the door) Behold, me loyal crew, the dawn, of a new era, of the Tetrus Restaurant! (He opened the door to reveal authorities through the windows of the place)
  • Cephward:... That doesn't look like a new era.
  • Mr. Tetrus: Oh ye of little faith, Cephward, when I said that, I mostly meant figuratively- (He looks and sees them) WHAT IN THE FLYING GHOULMAN'S LOCKER?!?
  • Mr. Tetrus: THE FUZZ?!? WHAT DO THEY WANT WITH ME?!? I DIDN'T DO NOTHIN'... At least, not this time!
  • (Icky): HAH! Understatement of the ENTIRE MULTIVERSE!
  • Mr. Tetrus: (Brings out a microphone) MAY I ASK WHAT I DID WRONG?!?
  • Mr. Tetrus: (The trio all looked at each other)... Ain't that something you already knew? I did open my restuarent in a relatively old building after all.
  • Cop #2: Well this time it CROSSES the line beyond health issues related to location! You have been accused of 68,000,000 counts of endangerment of your very customers by the use of illegal taste-enhancing chemicals that have been banned since the 70s! Many people are sick!
  • Cephward: Eh, I dunno, given your history, I'm sure you'd use a thing if you found it.
  • Mr. Tetrus: (Sternly through clenched teeth) Not, helping, Mr. Cephward!
  • Cephward: But NOT inaccurate! You're not exactly free of dishonest practices, sir!
  • Mr. Tetrus: You look me in the eye, and tell me I-
  • All Except ZongueBob: YES!!!
  • Mr. Tetrus:... Well, even so, taste enhancers are the one thing even I WON'T TOUCH!! NOT EVEN IF IT WAS OFFERED TO ME IN EXCHANGED FOR POCKET CHANGE! Where's the proof?! DO YOU EVEN HAVE A WARRANT?!?
  • Cop Chief: Actually yes, (Brings a warrent out) We do!
  • Cop #3: Search warrant initiative is advised! (They came in and started searching)
  • Mr. Tetrus: Ah, butt-sauce! I shouldn't've provoked karma on that!
  • ZongueBob: Don't worry, Mr. Tetrus, I'm sure you're innocent. I mean, I'm sure it'd be WAY too stupid for you to ruin your reputation at this time-
  • Cop Robot #1: Chemical traces detected. (They found a hidden tank full of chemicals)
  • Mr. Tetrus, ZongueBob, and Cephward started to do this.
My Reaction of hearing Cussing on The Incredible 2 Movie Yesterday

My Reaction of hearing Cussing on The Incredible 2 Movie Yesterday

I found a shorter video for you.

  • Mr. Tetrus: (After the rythimistic jaw-drops) OKAY, STOP, THAT'S NOT HELPING US!!
  • Cop #2: Just as we suspected! The infamous gustathol! The most unhealthy and life-threatening taste enhancer in the black market!
  • Mr. Tetrus: HEY WAIT JUST A SECOND! I've never seen that before in my life!
  • Cop #1: Oh, no?
  • Mr. Tetrus: This is LITERALLY the first time I even SAW this stuff! In fact, that tank is usually a place for excess grease, something we NEVER reuse mind you, so it's NOT connected to the cooking in anyway! And first and foremost of all, THE BAN MAKES EVEN FINDING THIS STUFF IMPOSSIBLE!! Even with my resources and knack to knowing people who can virtually get me anything! How could I possibly get my claws on that?
  • Cop #6: We have no idea! YOU'RE the criminal mastermind, not us!
  • Mr. Tetrus: Okay, that answer was either very sarcastic or very stupid, either way, that is NOT mine! What's next, are you gonna accuse me of cooking people- (They found dead bodies as he had cartoonishly crazed eyes in reaction as suspenseful music played)... Okay, whoever planted that there is just teasing me now! Okay, I know that looks bad, but trust me, THIS IS JUST AS MUCH MY FIRST TIME SEEING THIS AS IT IS YOURS!!
  • Cop #1: Eugo Tetrus, you're under arrest for possession of illegal chemicals, business ethic violations, murder, AND the 66th violation of your probation.
  • Mr. Tetrus: Okay, okay, I am NOT a murderer! They must've been dead already! I mean, look how rotten that pile is! They smell like they were dug from the local cematery! If I was that crazy, which I'm not, even I would stay clear of rotten meat! Just as much I would stay clear of taste enhancers! Plus, I told you, THAT WAS NOT THERE, AND THAT'S USUALLY A TANK NOT CONNECTED TO ANYTHING THAT PREPARES THE FOOD! IT'S AN EXCESS GREASE COMPARTMENT! NOTHING GOES BACK TO THE FRYERS FROM THERE!
  • Cop #1: Sir, you have the right to remain silent! (They shoved him in the police car)
  • ZongueBob: (He was shocked at what just happened)
  • (ZongueBob): Mr. Tetrus was framed for a crime he didn't commit.
  • (Cephward): But likely would have.
  • (Cephward):... That was right in my ear-hole!
  • (ZongueBob): And, the court was a little... Overwhelming with the sentence.
  • Judge: Mr. Eugo Tetrus, you stand accused of the crimes of possession of illegal gustathol, business ethic violations, murder, AND violation of your probation! How do you plead?
  • Mr. Tetrus: Not guilty!
  • (Icky): I KNEW HE'D SAY THAT!
  • (Lord Shen):... Really?
  • (Icky): I always wanted to say that. I always forget every time we were in a trial.
  • Mr. Tetrus: Someone CLEARLY planted those chemicals and dead bodies there! Who do you think I am, a demosumerist?
  • (Shenzi): A what?
  • (Mr. Tetrus): It's a term which means often voluntary people donate their bodies to cuisine since, you know, we're all animals, and eating each other is what nature intended. I was CERTAINLY not one of them!
  • Judge: You tell me.
  • Mr. Tetrus: Okay! I ain't! Ask anyone, they'll vouch for me!
  • Judge:... Very well. Does the defense have any... Well, defenses?
  • ZongueBob: Yes, your honor!
  • (Sandy):... You were the lawyer?
  • (ZongueBob): Well, the other one... Well...
  • Lawyer: Oh, this is gonna be a slam duUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! (He slipped on a wet floor)
  • ZongueBob: Careful, sir, I just moped there!
  • (Iago):... You were f****d!
  • (ZongueBob): Yeah, we were f****d!
  • ZongueBob: Mr. Tetrus may look like he'd do all those things, because it's no surprise to everyone here that he's been called cheap, miserly and chronically tight-fisted.
  • Mr. Tetrus: (Grumbles under his breath) Not, helping, you idiot!!
  • Zonguebob: But, if he were as cheap as the prosecutions claim he is, would he be able to sit there quietly, while I took out a dollar (Took out a dollar) and dropped it in the blender? (Did so as Mr. Tetrus was terrified as it was shredded)
  • Mr. Tetrus: No! No-no! No! (He runs and grabs the blender, grabbing the piece of shredded dollar from the air) Daddy's got ya! Daddy's got ya! Daddy's here! (Everyone was not convinced) A little glue, a little tape. It'll be right as rain. (He walks off, but then walks back to pick up a stranded piece of dollar) Daddy didn't forget'cha!
  • Mr. Tetrus:... Alas, my love for money, pushes me into a ditch!
  • Judge: Sounds like a weak alibi to me. I suggest you change your testimony, Mr. QuadPants.
  • ZongueBob: ("Uh, uh, uh, OH, I KNOW!") Defense calls Cephward to the stand! I'm sure he can agree that he's not cheap enough to extort something illegal!
  • Cephward: Yes! He is DEFINITELY likely to extort something illegal!
  • ZongueBob: Uh, uh, allow me to rephrase the question! Can you tell the court of some instance of Mr. Tetrus' generosity in any way, if there is any?
  • Cephward: Nope. Can I go now? One day off in three years and I have to spend it testifying? (Everyone mumbled angrily)
  • Ceptward: Okay, I'll give Tetrus this: He never has the guts to kill anyone. And give him credit for his cheapness, he's too stingy to hire a guy to do the killing for him. For all we know, those people were killed by a loose serial killer with a bad sense of hiding and thought a restaurant was perfect for hiding bodies. And there's the matter that they looked too rotted to be fresh kills anyway. (The jury was convinced on those merits as they muttered)
  • Judge: A fair arguement... But the illegal taste enhancer is something that statement can't excuse.
  • Ceptward: That much I'm willing to agree with.
  • ZongueBob: ("OH MAUNUCLES, CEPHWARD!! Okay, that didn't work!")... Hmmm... Defense calls, Crokton to the stand!
  • Judge:... You DO know he's still serving his punishment in Oceanara City, right?
  • ZongueBob: Have you EVER seen movie sequels? It's possible he planted that evidence there as revenge after returning!
  • Judge: We checked his place already. It's still empty. No Crokton, no Karrer, no nothing. I'm afraid it's clear that Mr. Tetrus is guilty.
  • Mr. Tetrus: (Face palms) Darn, that was an easy one!
  • (Sonny): Yeah, as we learned later, he had his way of hiding against authorities. He didn't make himself obvious by plotting in his place. Rotten little microscopic organism!
  • Mr. Tetrus: Okay, okay, okay, look, hypotheticly speaking, do you even HAVE any evidence that I would do it that WOULD show that I seen it?
  • Cop Robot #1: Yes. The lab showed that it was there since the days specifying the offenses. And the DNA analysis pins it to you.
  • Mr. Tetrus: That's a lie!
  • Cop Robot #1: It is not. (Shows them the evidence) In fact, there's more! Security footage shows more info. (They show the security on the place showing an android of Mr. Tetrus taking the tank and hiding it)
  • Mr. Tetrus: (Obviously robotic voice) (Laughs) This is gonna make me millions! Why didn't I think of this before? It'll give me the upgrade I need for me 71st anniversary! Everyone will be so amazed by the good taste, they'll be BEGGING to have it upgraded!
  • Judge: Actually yes, that is clearly a robot! That robot is clearly glitching again!
  • Cop Robot #1: Apologies, your honor! (He shuts down) Initializing reboot!
  • Judge:... But then again, though it does prove that you ARE being framed, you lose points for name calling, so your still not Scott-free. (The mass facepalm gag happens again)
  • (Sonny): To be fair, things were kinda getting confusing, so people don't know WHO to believe!
  • ZongueBob: OBJECTION!!!
  • Judge: Overruled! I sentence the defendent to be held in custody until we can get CONCRETE and DECISIVE evidence confirming what is true or not! So, technically, guilty by concern of would-be threat, considering his dishonest nature! (He slams the hammer down)
  • Mr. Tetrus: WHAT?!? JUST LIKE THAT?!?
  • Judge: And for further notice, until Tetrus CAN be proven innocent and that everything really WAS just very bad coincidences, Tetrus' C&C Restaurant, is to be shut down, for investigation purposes!
  • ZongueBob: (The words echoed in his mind)
  • Judge: That is irrelevant! And to ensure you don't end up confirming the original statement, you are hereby stripped of your vendor's license, AND your holo-formulas until further notice!
  • Judge: That's your problem, I'm afraid. I suggest you better start learning to play the holo-harmonica! The verdict has been made, so it stands! And with the passing of the holo-formula, I hereby pass it's sails to the new head of Crokton's C&C Restaurant.
  • Mr. Krabs: And who might that be?!
  • ???: That would be me! (A Nothosaur-like reptile came in) Allow me to introduce myself. I am the new owner of the Tetra Googers and Tetra cuisine, Mr. Obvinis Retsopmi!


  • Karrer: (A female Lanker was tied up and trapped in an imprisonment dome of air as Karrer was seen) I am SO sorry it has to be like this, but it's so my crazy husband can be able to pull off a stupid plan of his! And worse off, it's something he has legit faith in! Ugh. The sooner karma rains on his parade, the better! Oh, and those bodies he planted? Yeah, those guys were already dead. They were from the graveyard after all. Oh, one last thing. It'd be fair to warn ya, do not to move or try to escape. The thing's designed to decease the level of oxygen the more you move. Trust me, I'm not completely loyal to Crokton's acts, as I only support the ones that AREN'T extremist like this. I just have to play along. Just, roll with it until Crokton ineditably falls flat on his face.
  • (Xandy):... A land creature is working in an underwater business?
  • (Sonny): It's a part of welcoming visitors. She took over since Crokton was sent to Oceanara. But, Crokton in his OBVIOUS Nothodontoid disguise made a good excuse for her departure.


  • Nothosaur: Uggh, she wasn't able to handle the position anymore, so I'm taking her place! I had just gotten my vendor's license, and I got an opportunity I couldn't refuse: Sell the greatest fast food in Trunk Bottom when it's cheap owner abused it's ownership. And with that and the establishment that once belonged to that crokton, I have a chance to make my business SHINE!
  • Cephward:... A Nothodontoid? They usually aren't common around here.
  • Obvinis: I just transferred. Wanted to get out of my boring hometown and make a name for myself filling hungry tummies. I just never expected it'd come at my doorstep. So, Mr. Tetrus, I wish you luck on getting your life back togather.
  • Mr. Tetrus: NOW HOLD ON!
  • Judge: You will not testify! The case is over! You're sentence is final! Take him away!
  • Mr. Tetrus: (Gets grabbed by the guards) UNHAND ME?! BOYS?! BOYS?! BOYS?! IF ANY OF YOU CAN, FIND THE SCALLYWAG WHO DID THIS, AVENGE ME?! AVVVEEEEEENGE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- (Gets dragged out of the room)
  • Obvinis: And you two? (Points at Cephward and ZongueBob)... You wanna continue selling Tetra Googers? Then I've got two openings in my new business. That is, if you're interested.
  • Cephward: (He lowered his brow)... I don't buy it! You just happen to show up when Miss Goodmealzi couldn't take it anymore and when Tetrus just had the worse day of his life? I can buy that Tetrus is a reckless lout, BUT NOT CONTRIEVANCES LIKE A SUDDEN NEW OWNER OF BOTH RESTAURANTS! AND ADDED BY THE FACT THERE WAS A ROBOT ON THE SCREEN, TETRUS HAD NO MEMORY OF THOSE BODIES AND THE TASTE ENHANCER, ADDED BY THE FACT THAT THOSE CORPSES LOOKED TOO WORN OUT TO BE FRESHLY KILLED!! That makes me come to the realization THAT TETRUS, WAS FRAMED!!
  • Obvinis: (He was sweating nervously) I-I-I-I-I-I-I, I would take that as a no then?
  • Cephward:... I may not have liked Tetrus, but despite my expectations, Tetrus DOES has more of a moral center than even I would give him credit for! I mean, the taste enhancer, I would buy, but murder?! Espeically when those bodies CLEARLY looked too wasted away to be fresh?! Tetrus' is a greedy f***, BUT HE'S CERTAINLY NOT INSANE!! Rotten meat will taste HORRIBLE unless you're BUILT to stomach it! Even an actual demosumerist would KNOW this! And you just showed up when Tetrus falls from graces? THAT IS TOO CONVENIENT FOR EVEN A CHILDREN'S CARTOON! I mean, for all we know, YOU COULD HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH ALL THIS! AND YOU MAY'VE CAUSED MISS GOODMEALZI TO VANISH! (The crowd started to act up in concern to all of this as Obvinis started to sweat more, as the Judge was pondering)
  • Judge: Based on Mr. Cephward's, words, that brings in a whole new predicament. Mr. Obvinis, you are to be placed in probation and are to be monitored. If you do anything that would confirm that everything was your doing, you will lose BOTH restaurents and the Tetra Googer recipe! Is that understood?
  • Mr. Obvinis: But your honor-
  • Judge: Up-up-up! No talking back!
  • Mr. Obvinis: (He raged out a bit but then calms down)... I accept the terms begrudgingly, your honor!
  • Judge: That's more like it! Court is RE-Adjourned! (Slams the hammer again)
  • Mr. Obvinis: (He looked angrily at Cephward and ZongueBob) Just for that, you two can FORGET about ever working for C&C ever again! I was being a nice guy and wanted to offer you a chance to serve me- D'oh, I mean, to work for me, and you brought this on me?
  • Zonguebob: Well, I'm sorry, Obvinis, as much as, it hurts me, I'll have to hang up my spatula until the rightful ownership is restored.
  • Mr. Obvinis:... FINE!! THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM, NOT MINE!! (He left angrily)
  • Cephward:... ZongueBob, I hate to say this, but, despite my assumptions, I'm starting to think that Tetrus was framed, rather poorly I might add, of being someone he's not even half close to! YOU need to find a way to help him, while I stay here and investigate that Obvinis guy. Something doesn't smell right, or my name is Arbirious Kraan!
  • (Icky): And it's not! HA! I love that old Courage the Cowardly Dog joke!
  • (Thunderclap): Isn't that kinda contradictory to name yourself 'Courage' and yet be a coward?
  • (Icky): Why don't you ask John R. Dilworth, wise guy?
  • (Thunderclap): Yeesh, asking a question, okay?
  • (Icky): Don't ask a question from the book of 'IRONY FOR DUMMIES', then!

Dawn of Croktopolis/Crokton's Bounty

Crokton's Office

  • Obvinis: (He went into the office) Ugh! I swear, that probation officer AND that nosey Cephward are an annoyance! Not surprising to say the least! But hey... AT LEAST I FINALLY GOT THE HOLO-FORMULAS!!! (He revealed the elaborate digital robot disguise and is shown to be Crokton, chuckling) AOW!!! Karrer, baby! I haven't felt this giddy since the day you agreed to be my wife.
  • Karrer: I never agreed.
  • Crokton: I still can't believe it was too easy for Plan 10Z to actually go this far. There were snags, but it went far just barely. It was such a long time ago I made it.
  • Karrer: I did rearranging so many times, I was sort've saving it for a special occasion like what happened a month ago.
  • Crokton:... Clever Omnican! I suppose I owe you an upgrade. How's the land-lubber who stole my place?
  • Karrer: Still in the oxygen torture chamber.
  • Crokton: SPLENDID!!! Evil Plan 10Z is working better than I imagined. They even fell for my guise, though barely, but that's beside the point! Nothing can stop me now!
  • Karrer: Aren't you forgetting someone?
  • Crokton:... The Lodgers?
  • Karrer: They are occupied according to the Holonet, along with the Heroes Act.
  • Crokton:... Oconoce?
  • Karrer: Busy fixing the AFTs on the surface with the Physheges.
  • Karrer: (Sighs) ZongueBob's girlfriend, Sonny.
  • Crokton: Oh, right, the Gurgler!
  • Karrer: They had a monthly anniversary recently, and have been planning something. If she checks up on this and joins the nosey Cephward and ZongueBob, she might discover some fingerprints... Tiny, fingerprints... Stubby, tiny, fingerprints.
  • Crokton:... Eh, actually, I'm way ahead of you, baby. I sent an android of ZongueBob to deal with that and keep her busy.
  • Karrer: Sonny is not stupid. Otherwise I doubt she would even be allowed to come here, let alone work for Oxydome if she was. She'll see right past the ruse, especially since her holographic helmet has analysis functions, as does Sau. And come on, did you learn ANYTHING from your 71 years of mistakes? It's not wise to make an android of an idiot.
  • Crokton: First off, it has a cloaking device to resist that kind of thing. Second of all, Plan 10Z has a lot of backup plans in the case it SHOULD fail. Third of all, I DID learn! I didn't come this close 25 times by just being a moron. That android has the ability to go around idiot-based clumsiness. It IS elastic like him after all. Trust me, Karrer, everything is gonna be just fine! Soon enough, I'll ask myself 'where do I see myself in 5 years besides being on top of the fricking UUniverses?'
  • ???: How about in Oranos? (Sonny came in)
  • Sonny:... (She showed the android ZongueBob's head)... Word of advice, Karrer's right! NEVER design an android of a clumsy but charming moron. He slipped and damaged himself. Seriously, I expected better from you!
  • Sonny: I guess karma doesn't like you! (She throws the head away) Cephward told me about what was going on, and I can safely confirm that there was INDEED something rotten in the Olomo since I heard that Nothodontoid's name. Seriously? 'Imposter' spelled backwards? That'd be worse than if you just put your name in reverse! AND EVEN THAT'S STUPID ON IT'S OWN MERITS!
  • Sonny: Besides the point, you nasty little cell! This was seriously the best you can do after 71 years? You may've fooled everyone else in this backwater town, but I smelled your chemical work from the moment ZongueBob and Cephward informed me of the situation. It's clear that YOU set up Mr. Tetrus! YOU built the robot that planted the chemical, AND the rotten deceased corpses so he could lose the restaurant and you could FINALLY get your stubby little paws, on his holo-formulas! IT WAS YOU ALL ALONG! But you made ONE FATAL MISTAKE! You hurt my poor boyfriend's life! And I'm going to tell everyone!
  • Crokton: We'll see about that, Inspector Loves-Bubbles!
  • Crokton: (He pushes a button) I'm sorry, what?
  • Voice: Activating mind-control devices.
  • Sonny: Mind-what now?
  • Crokton: TOO LATE! (Cackles as a radio tower activated, turning everyone into mind-controlled drones through the helmets)
  • All Drones: ALL HAIL CROKTON!
  • Cephward:... Oh, damn convenient timing!
  • Sonny: You won't get away with this, Crokton!
  • Crokton: I already have! AND I'M NOT STOPPING THERE!! (Gets headgear) SEIZE THEM, SLAVES!
  • Sonny: I don't think so! (She karate-chopped one of the drones' helmets)... OW!
  • Crokton: (Scoffs and laughs) That's pure titanium, Sonny girl! Indestructible, even for your silly Qong Fu! Did you think I wouldn't be prepared for you?
  • Sonny: It was a shot in the dark given your karma curse, but not completely! (They grabbed her) AHHH!!
  • Cephward: I'M GETTING OUTTA HERE! (He headed for the door as more drones blocked him as he screamed and was overwhelmed by them screaming)
  • Sonny: CEPHWARD, NO!!!
  • Cephward: CEPHWARD, YES!!! And you're next!
  • Sonny: (She couldn't escape as the drones' grips were too strong) LET ME GO, YOU LITTLE SPECK OF DUST!!!
  • Crokton: You've interfered for the last time, Sonny! Now it's time to become one of us! SLAVES, TAKE HER AWAY!
  • Drones: ALL HAIL CROKTON! (Suddenly, a blast of bubbles was seen as the solution short-circuited the helmets and freed Sonny) ALL HAIL CROooo- *Plop!*
  • Crokton: What the-?!?
  • ZongueBob: (He had the bubble gun, along with Atrick) Nobody move! This thing's loaded! I'll let ya have it!
  • Crokton:... HAH! A bubble gun? That's too cu- (He fired it into his eye as he made an ear-piercing scream) AGAIN WITH THE F*****G EYE!! THE MURSTURD WAS BAD ENOUGH!!! AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! (The three escaped) GET THEM!!!
  • Drones: ALL HAIL CROKTON!!! (They fired at them with everything they got, bringing out some of Crokton's robots as they attacked and went very far)
  • ZongueBob: THAT'S A PLAN!!!
  • Atrick: ADVENTURE HO, IT IS!!!
  • Crokton: DON'T LET THEM ESCA- (The drones and robots plowed over him)...... Aaaaoooooow!!
  • Karrer: Ugghhhh. Healing bath it is, then.
  • Sonny: (They ran towards her Oxydome) WE'RE ALMOST THERE! (Suddenly, drones and robots overwhelmed the Oxydome and claimed it, as one of them did the 'I got my eye on you' gesture)... CROKTON, YOU DIRTY CHEAT!!!
  • Sau: (She teleported out) WHEW! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?
  • Sonny: SAU! You made it! (She spun-hugged her)
  • Sau: Okay, Sonny, can you PLEASE explain?
  • Sonny: No time, we need to get outta Trunk Bottom!
  • Sau: Well, don't worry, since I thought ahead given what I suspected was coming, I packed some equipment within an ISD cube. (She gave a few to them) Food, ammo, guns, first aid, purified water, anything you need to save the day.
  • Sonny: But we'll need a vehicle. And since those guys clearly got to the buggies, we'll need to improvise.
  • ZongueBob:... Don't worry! I have JUST the thing!

Tetrus' Restaurant

  • Sonny: (They arrived there as it was still under custody, but all the cops were mind-controlled)... Great! Just great! How do we get in?
  • ZongueBob: Let's use the secret entrance!
  • Sonny: The secret wha- (She saw a door in a rock) Ohhh, THAT's what you're talking about! (They went through, as they went down a pole grind, and through an elevator as the tension calmed and calm elevator music played, and it resumed as they ran in)
  • ZongueBob: Feast your eyes, my friends!
  • Atrick: What is it? (They showed a Patty Wagon-like vehicle)
  • ZongueBob: The Googer Wagon!... Tetrus uses it for promotion reasons. Lemme show you some of it's features.
  • (SpongeBob): And here we go!
  • ZongueBob: Seheme seed finish, steel-belted pickles, grilled-leather interior for a great carpool, (Opens the hood) And under the hood, a fuel-injected fryer with dual overhead grease traps.
  • Atrick: Wooow!
  • ZongueBob: Yeah, wow! (He shut it) Alright, everyone! Carpool! (They got in)
  • Sau:... Forgive my skepticism, Mr. QuadPants, but is this legal considering you have no driver's license?
  • ZongueBob: You don't need a license to drive a sandwich.
  • Sau:... You know what, I'll just take your word for i- (A ding was heard)... They found us!
  • Sonny: FLOOR IT!!
  • ZongueBob: FULL SPEED AHEAD! (They started driving as they started dodging the mysterious construction around Trunk Bottom)
  • Sonny: What the?!? What's with the construction?!
  • Sau: My guess is that Crokton's hacked the Holonet again and he's commanding the vehicles to likely construct his evil empire.
  • Sonny: (The connection on her helmet was static)... Yep! Definitely!
  • (Crokton): (On the Holonet across Trunk Bottom) YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY THAT EASY, MISFITS!!! CROKTOPOLIS IS ALREADY IN CONSTRUCTION! THIS TIME, YOU SHALL NOT ESCAPE! (He cackles, then whinces and moans as it was revealed that he was in the healing bath) -I-It hurts to la- (Sonny shot the TV they saw him on down)
  • Sonny: JUST WATCH US, CROKTON! (She spun the pistol in her hand and digitally summoned it away) ZONGUEBOB, I HOPE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!
  • Sau: Actually, I sense his mental patterns are not the same as among an average vehicle. For some phenomenal reason, he seems to drive perfectly now. Let's give the benefit of the doubt and trust him on this one. After all, it's why you fell in love with him.
  • Sonny: Well, that is true.
  • ZongueBob: HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS! If you don't have a hat, get one! (They drove through the obstacles of construction as they advanced)
  • Atrick: WHEEEEEEEEE!!
  • Sau: Seriously? You find joy in a hostile situation?
  • Atrick: Try to think of it as a video game in an exciting car chase!
  • Sonny:... You know, when he puts it that way, it does seem exciting considering I'm used to it after so many times in the Virtnet. (They were blocked from a shortcut) MAUNUCLES! IT'S BLOCKED!
  • ZongueBob: We'll have to cut through the Central Park! (They did so with a wheel screech as they dodged laser fire, continuing to avoid the obstacles and they reached the goo)
  • Sonny: Dead end, DEAD END, DEAD END, DEAD- (They were stunned that it switched wheel functions and into a hovercraft-like function)
  • ZongueBob:... Tetrus spares no expense even if he IS cheap!
  • Sonny:... (Giggles) Oh, ZongueBob, you kidder! (They went to a road in the park as a giant flying robot approached) Oh, crap!
  • Robot: Freeze! (They drove into an underground tunnel as the robot crashed into pieces on the tunnel wall)
  • Sonny: (Laughs) NEXT TIME WATCH YOUR BLIND SPO- (A tankbot showed up blocking the other side of the tunnel)... AW, NO!
  • Tankbot: COME GET SOME! (The Googer Wagon smashed through it)
  • ZongueBob: WELL, WE'LL TAKE ALL OF IT!!
  • ???: AS YOU WISH! (More robots circled them and fired)
  • Sonny: Urrgh! (She took out a Crucyd assault rifle and unloaded on them) AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! (The robots fell one-by-one)... THAT'S for messin' with Thexus! (She briefly disintegrated her helmet as she bubble-blew the smoke off the gun)
  • ZongueBob: BLUE GATE BRIDGE! (They went through a monumental Golden Gate-like bridge)
  • Sonny: Well, it's good practice for a Virtnet, anyway! (She got a Crucyd bazooka as more robots arrived)
  • Sau: Sonny, you never fail to impress.
  • Sonny: NOT NOW, SAU! (She continued firing at robots, and they approached the edge of the bridge as the robots formed a police-like barricade)
  • Atrick: CRAP, IT'S BLOCKED!!
  • ZongueBob: Oh, they're just robots! LET'S FLOOOOOOOOOOOR AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHT!!! (They plowed through the barricade as a robotic Wilhelm scream was heard)
  • Crokton: (On a screen and still in the bath) WILHELM!!! MY LONG-SURVIVING HENCHBOT!!! Oh, it's on now! KARRER, BRING IN, THE BIG ONE!!!
  • Karrer: As you wish! (She brought in a giant robot blocking their path simply called 'The Big One')
  • Sau: No doubt he has ALL the budget he needs since he's practically running the place!
  • Sonny: THAT WAS RHETORICAL!!! (She got some bazookas as it had no effect due to shields) URRGGHH!! (She got another weapon which was a Spartan Laser-like weapon of Crucyd origin) SUCK ON MY BEAMS, YOU OVERGROWN BUCKET OF BOLTS!!! (The beam did a lot of damage, but only by a 1/3 amount) BULLSEYE!! ZONGUEBOB, FLOOR IT!
  • ZongueBob: Right on it! (He drove around the Big One as she used the laser cannon to take it down with a huge explosion as they drove off)
  • (Sonny): SEE THAT?!? We don't even look back or flinch, there's a HUGE explosion, and we just KEEP driving!
  • (Sau): You're overdoing it, Sonny.
  • (Sonny): Totally worth it!
  • Sonny: YOU THINK THAT WAS EASY?!? GET A LIFE, GUY!!! (They plowed through a truck holding crates epically)
  • Sonny: OH, COME ON, YOU'VE GOT ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD, QUIT WHINING! (They approached the sign of Trunk Bottom City Limits)
  • ZongueBob: We're almost there! Adventure, here we co- (A laser hit them as they staggered, and Sau bounced out and recovered as the robots started to target her).......... Uh, Adventure, your gonna have to wait for a bit.
  • Sonny: SAU!!!
  • Sau: (She fought as hard as she could as the robots were too much) GO! NOW! I CAN'T MAKE IT! I'LL SEE YOU AT THE END OF THIS!!!
  • Sonny: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (They raced out of the Trunk Bottom entrance as a huge explosion occurred)... (She got determined)
  • All 3: CHALLENGED WASTES, HERE WE COME!!! (They were gone)

Crokton's Restaurant

  • Crokton:... DAMMIT!!! SO CLOSE!!!
  • Karrer: Well, at least we were able to separate Sau from them. I'll have the forces intercept her.
  • Crokton: You do that! And send detector balloons so we can track their location every step of the way! We got the DNA to make it work! Also, put a bounty on them! 50000K worth in rarium! We can't let them get to Challenged Wastes! I've come so close if not barely, and I can't take another failure!!!
  • Karrer: Okay, okay, don't be so pushy.
  • Crokton: And luckly, I happen to know one guy who'll DEFINITELY respond to this bounty! HE'S A VICIOUS COLD-BLOODED PREDATOR!!!!
  • (Icky): "And whom I suspect to be an obvious Dennis expie...... But worse."
  • (Sonny): Well... Whatever, you're saying, I'm gonna have to say yes. But we'll get to that later.

Through The Desert Reefs and Criminated Reefs/Arrival Of Ferris

(Desert Reefs) Criminated Reefs County Line

  • Sonny: (They drove as she was feeling upset)... (Sighs)
  • ZongueBob: Sonny? Honey? Are you alright?
  • (Patrick): (Scoffs) You called her honey!
  • (Everyone): SHUT UP!
  • Sonny: Yeah, I'm fine, it's just... I can't believe we had to leave Sau behind!
  • ZongueBob: Look, we had to get outta there while we still could. Sau clearly looked like she could take care of herself.
  • Sonny: I don't know. Given how Crokton was growing in power around us, it didn't look like she stood a chance. I... I just can't help but feel she's gone for good. (A communication was acting up as something like this played)


  • ???: (First line) HEY, HEY, HEY!!! Do you feel like you're just firing blanks? Do your ladies find you a little, short, on firepower? You need, BAMAMA, by Oxydome Enterprises! BAMAMA, will be having you firing on all- (Sonny blushed in embarrassment and switched it off)
  • Sonny: OH, GOD, I HATE THAT STUPID BAMAMA AD! It's one of the things I find my line of work questionable!
  • Atrick:... What is Bamama?
  • Sonny: You don't wanna know! (It suddenly switched back on)
  • Sonny: (She cut it off) THE JUNKOPUS?!?
  • Ad Guy: (It switched back on) BLOW YOUR-
  • Sau: No, no, Sonny, it's me, Sau!
  • Sau: Well, it wasn't easy!...

Trunk Bottom

  • Sau: (In a secluded location as the drones did construction labor and the robots were patrolling)... But I managed to escape, and get past Crokton's power over the Holonet and use what little I had to mask myself into an ad for a...

County Line

  • (Sau):... m*gurgle sound*ent ad.
  • Atrick:... What was that?
  • Sau: What was what?
  • Atrick: That gurgle sound.
  • Sau: What gurgle sound?
  • (Icky): "Aw not that crap again."
  • Sau: Uh, whatever! Point is, it's safe for me to communicate with you now. I'm gonna keep you posted on what Crokton's doing to Trunk Bottom while you're gone. I've just discovered that Crokton has not only found a way to locate you wherever you go, but he's also putting a bounty of 50 millites of rarium on you. Where are you right now?
  • ZongueBob: (As they drove to a corner market) Well, we're about to approach the county line.
  • Sau:... I was afraid that would be part of the path.
  • Atrick: Huh?
  • Sau: I've done some research on Challenged Wastes since you last left the Oxydome. The road to Challenged Wastes is REALLY dangerous. There's crooks, killers, and monsters everywhere. And what's worse, there's giant monsters of rumored Oceon origin that guard the outskirts of the wastes and prey on innocent sea creatures. Whatever you do, do not let them catch you, because if they do, they'll take you back to their lair, and you'll never be seen again!
  • Atrick: Damn!
  • Sonny: And the county line?
  • Sau: Well, behind that line is a lawless sector of Oceonous called, Criminated Reefs. An exile site for modern residents and the Oceons before them. There's corporate wastelands, hazardous environments, bandits, criminals, and treacherous lands all over the place. In fact, the place has it's own defenses that the ruling family of the Crimes had set up with the stolen, abandoned, or contraband money they unearthed.
  • ZongueBob: Wait, the Crimes? As in, THE Crimes? The top crime lord family in this sector of Oceonous?
  • Sau: I believe so. And it's best NOT to turn your back on them! They are full-dedicated crooks, and given the bounty on your heads, they'll surely come after you.
  • Sonny: Eh, big deal! We've handled crooks before.
  • Sau: Well, I can't stay any longer, so, all I can say is, prepare to be surprised. Sau out! (She hung up)
  • Sonny:... Well, thank God Sau's alive!
  • ZongueBob: But let's keep our heads in the game.
  • Atrick: But first... I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM! (They stopped as the two guys running it heard them beep)
  • ZongueBob:... Hey, boys!
  • Manager #1:...
  • (SpongeBob): And, cue the joke, leg-slap, and incessant laughter in 3, 2, 1...
  • Manager #1: Where'd you boys get them wheels, THE JOKE STORE?!? (They slapped their legs and laughed)
  • Atrick: Are they laughing at us?
  • ZongueBob: No, Atrick, they're laughing next to us.
  • Sonny: Nope, they're DEFINITELY laughing at us!
  • Manager #1: (They continued laughing and then finally stopped) Where you three misfits goin', anyway?
  • Sonny:... Well... We're heading for... Challenged Wastes.
  • Both Managers: CHALLENGED WASTES?!?
  • Manager #2: Ain't that the place that's guarded by killer monsters?
  • ZongueBob: Yep. Let's just say, our home depends on it, after sick circumstance.
  • Manager #1: Wit, take off your hat in respect... RESPECT FOR THE DEAD! (They slapped and laughed again)
  • Sonny:... Hmmph, more like respect for the stupid!
  • Manager #1: Ohhh! But seriously, you all ain't gonna last ten seconds over the county line.
  • ZongueBob: Just watch us! (They drove off, then this ensued as the Googer Wagon was stolen)
Halo Parody - Stewie Carjack

Halo Parody - Stewie Carjack

  • Sonny:...
  • (Icky): (He and many of the Lodgers scoffed at that) Wow, AUU, you just made it funnier than the theft of the Patty Wagon! (Laughs)
  • ZongueBob:... How many seconds was that?
  • Manager #2 (Wit): (Checks his watch)... 14!
  • All Three:... IN YOUR FACE! (They slapped and laughed)
  • Wit:... Well, Dim, they're dead!
  • Manager #1 (Dim): Though I must say, that guy sounded like he was from-
  • Sonny: Criminated Reefs, yet, we got that! But seriously, we've handled worse. We saved the Oceons and Physheges from danger, so we can handle a few obstacles. (They turned around to see the desert filled with hazards like cactus-like dark urchins, gulches, hazardous rocks, predators, and so on)
  • Wit: Wait... Ain't that the desert where nobody's ever come back from alive?
  • Dim: IIIIII think that's the one BESIDE that one... THE FAR WORSE ONE!
  • Wit:... Yep, they're dead!
  • Dim: Heh, bet you a dollar they don't make it!
  • Wit: Me, too! I counter-bet'cha a dollar! After all, you ever hear the story of the zongue, astrofish, and alien who made it through the Desert Reefs?
  • Dim: No.
  • Wit: ME NEITHER! CUZ' THERE AREN'T ANY!! (They laughed)
  • Sonny: (Shrugs) With attitudes like that, I can see why you're a run-down business!
  • ZongueBob: (Laughs) Good one, Sonny! Let's move! (They left)
  • Dim: "...... Well, they're not, wrong persay."
  • Wit: "Awww, shaddap!"


  • Sonny: (They were beat while in the desert)
  • ZongueBob: Uggh! Yeah!
  • Atrick: Alright!
  • ZongueBob: Victory... Screech!... Loolooloo!
  • Atrick: Are we there yet?
  • Sonny: Don't think so! But I feel there's gotta be something here we can eat. That guy stole our supplies.
  • ZongueBob: I heard that in times of starvation, the pioneers would eat coral.
  • Sonny:... No coral out here looks safe to eat-
  • Atrick: OHH, THIS ONE LOOKS NICE! (He took what looks like a grape-like fruit from a sea cactus)
  • Sonny: WAIT, ATRICK, NO! That's a picktus berry! INFAMOUSLY illegal in the drug department!
  • Atrick: Oh, please, I KNOW MAH BERRIES!
  • Sonny: DON'T- (He ate it)... Swallow!... Well, I hope you packed your bags, At. Because you're 'bout to go on a triiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiii... (Atrick tripped out with rainbow-swirling eyes as this music played and he did amazing and dreamy things like he's in a dreamscape environment, yet doing ridiculous and nonsensical things)
The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Spongeball Floating block Challenge

The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Spongeball Floating block Challenge


  • ZongueBob: (Atrick was laying there silent)... Is he gonna be okay?
  • Sonny: Yeah, the picktus sea berry lasts for only 6 hours, as long as he don't do anything that'll kill himself.
  • ZongueBob: You mean like falling into a pit of yellowish acid?
  • Sonny: Well, that's oddly specific, but... It's actually happening, ain't it?
  • ZongueBob: (They cartoonishly engorged their eyes in panic with an aoogah sound as Atrick was doing that)
  • Dim: Teeheehee!
  • Wit: There's a highway over there! (He pointed it out)
  • Sonny:... You guys get around, don't you?
  • Dim: Yeah, just enough to see ya' end up like all the rest. At this point, watchin people die here is like watchin' a sitcom. More than replaces our cut Holonet connections due to neglect for the bills.
  • Sonny: Oh, you poor, poor, poor little hillbillies! Even the ones in Thexus weren't this pitiful! Well, just watch us get through! (They went through the pits)
  • Dim: Teeheehee! I'll pay ya double if they go out like punks!
  • Wit: I'll pay ya' double if they go out thanks to a mistake!
  • Sonny: WE CAN HEAR YOU, YA KNOW!!!


  • Atrick: (They resuced him at the last moment he was dead)...
  • Sonny: WHEW!
  • ZongueBob: YES!
  • Dim/Wit: AWWWW!
  • Dim: Hey, look on the bright side, at least they were funny when trying to save him.
  • Wit: Heh, but hey, if this won't kill em', THE CRIMINATED REEFS WILL! The alien won't make it out with her ovaries! (They laughed)
  • Sonny: (She was unamused, and actually kicked down a support that caused them to get cartoonishly crushed)
  • Dim:... Ow!
  • Wit:... Not cool, toots!
  • Sonny: Oh, calm down, you'll live! Now if you'll excuse me, our home needs us! (They left)


  • (Sonny): Well, we thought it was gonna be smooth sailin' all the way from there on out. But... This vicious cold-blooded predator Crokton was talking about was already on his way. (A dolphin-like creature was riding a bike-like hover cruiser with his name on the back of his shirt, as his attire was similar to that of Ghost Rider and Osmosis Jones Thrax, only with differences similar to that of Dennis, including the comical details of his career) His name is Ferris. According to his Holonet profile, he's regarded as the planet's most feared hitman. He had more skill than is apparent at first. He likes to mostly stay silent, being a SILENT yet FRIGHTENING killer, he has the weaponry and the vehicle to make it possible, as well as the skill, and he used to have killer pets until they themselves were killed in a mission. Let's just say, when Crokton offered that bounty, he was VERY interested! (He saw the ad on the screen of his cruiser, showing the $50 million reward for the three heroes as he brooded menacingly and made a B-line on their trail once he did commands, and later approached Dim and Wit's corner market, detecting the seheme seed from the Googer Wagon, and analyzed it with his tech-sunglasses, brooding again)...
  • Dim: HEY, MISTER! (He faces them)... DOES THAT HAT TAKE 10 GALLONS?!? (They slapped and laughed again)
  • (Kowalski): Ohhh-ho-ho-hoooo, now they've done it!
  • Dim and Wit laughed as Ferris walked up and cartoonishly ripped off their mouths!
  • Feris threw the mouths off into the distance and got back onto his ride.
  • Ferris:... (Max von Sydow voice) Find that if you can! (He rode off to not be seen again)
  • Wit's mouth in the distance: "..... Maybe it's time we stop being jerks to every person that comes here."
  • Dim's mouth in the distance: "Agreed. But... At least it can't get any wo-" (The entire corner market exploded behind them)
  • (Sonny): And he has BIIIIG grudges to where he plants bombs before you even knew they were there.
  • Wit: (Through mouth as he beat up Dim) HOW DARE YOU TRIGGER KARMA, YOU IDIOT?!? (They continued as Ferris rode off in the distance with the camera on his face)

(Criminated Reefs)

  • Sonny: (They came down after surviving a tumble down a gorge)... WHEW! Everyone okay?
  • ZongueBob: HAH! I'm a Zongue. Pain is nothing to me- (He was hit in the head by a boulder) OW!... I stand corrected!
  • Sonny:... (They noticed the area around them as it was a place of criminal scum)... Well... I guess this is Criminated Reefs.
  • Atrick: Yeah, the sign's over there! (They saw it, as it also had a lot of graffiti on it)
  • Sonny:... How did I miss that?
  • Atrick: Eh, I dunno.
  • ZongueBob: Uh, guys? I think we should focus on getting our vehicle back.
  • Sonny: Was it automatic?
  • ZongueBob: No, Tetrus couldn't afford that, so it needs a key.
  • Sonny: Figures. Let's go! Mainly, we should find the guy who stole it.
  • Atrick: Yeah, that brute with the crusty eyes, the moles, the buffed out body, the silly-lookinh semi-ski mask? (The two were shocked to see he was behind him) I mean, he was u-u-u-u-UGLY, like a big swollen overgrown... He's standing right behind me, isn't he?
  • Thug: Hey, BITCH! (He punched him off)
  • ZongueBob: ATRICK!! (He hit a rock)
  • Atrick: (As hot wings spun his head) Hot wings!
  • Thug #1: You come for your wheeled googer, huh? Well, sorry, boys, finders keepers, losers weepers!
  • Sonny: Uh, more like finders retrievers, stealers weepers! (She took out a Crucyd pistol) And I do NOT appreciate being robbed!
  • Thug #1: P-HAH! You think I'm scared of you? You're the gurgler this guy was looking for! A DAMN good bounty on you!
  • Sonny:... You crapping me? First off, I'm NOT a gurgler! Second, he's paying you to do something that helps you take over the world, INCLUDING YOU AND ALL OF US!
  • Thug #1: Hey, we're criminals, so we get a good share with world domination. Crimes made it sound like a criminal syndicate on a much larger scale.
  • Sonny:... Well, too bad, because prepare to be disappointed! We're among the best heroes on this planet! The best of the best of the best, cream on the clorn on a platinum cob! And you can just watch us fight our way through this cesspool of crime and get our way over to Challenged Wastes! (Incessant laughter was heard as criminals surrounded them)
  • Sonny: Yeah? Well I went to dangerous places... AND survived! This should be no different.
  • Thug #4: Well, too bad, whoever gets that reward will be RICH! Crimes made us a GOOOOOOOD competition to see who gets you three scumbags!
  • ZongueBob:... Sonny, what do we do?
  • Sonny: You know, boys, I am armed with among the best weaponry in the extinct race line. (She took out the beam cannon) Draw, partner! (They hesitated, but then fired incessantly as they ran off and this music played)
The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt

The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt


  • Atrick: (They arrived in a giant factory with a lava pit and lots of platforms and machinery)... Wha?
  • Sonny: This must be their weapons and munitions factory, as well as their ammo dumps, their waste disposal, and their welding factories.
  • (Mister Crimes): AS BIG AS WE CAN MAKE IT, FATSO! EVERYTHING A CRIMINAL EXILE NEEDS TO FEEL COMFORTABLE AND WELCOME! (Cackles) It's also a good place for an arena for my competition!
  • ZongueBob: Ugh, gladiator matches! What, you gonna jack off to it later if you survive?
  • (Mister Crimes): I might. Good luck, boys! (Cackles)


  • Sonny: (They burst into the tavern of Crimes' Manor)... ALRIGHT, EVERYONE! HANDS, FINS, TENTACLES, OR ANY OTHER LIMBS IN THE AIR!... (They all armed themselves)...
  • ZongueBob:... Why do they always wanna do it the HARD way?
  • Sonny: When DO they do it EASY way? (They fought as they approached the halls as they were at the mercy of many dangers) BY TAVY SPROCKET!!!!
  • ZongueBob: YIPES!!!
  • (Mister Crimes): "SPARE NO EXPENSE ON THESE DEFENSES, MISFITS! Deadly outlawed hybrid weaponry, high-powered laser grid, death machines, EVERYTHING WE NEED TO TURN OUR BOUNTY INTO RAMGOOGER MEAT!"
  • Sonny: Dude, your gladiator matches are over! You're games are over!
  • (Mister Crimes): (Cackles) That's what YOU think, gurgler! (They went through the defenses until they ended up sliding into a disco room a this music played)
The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Disco Star

The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Disco Star

  • ZongueBob:... A disco floor?
  • (Mister Crimes): Oh, it's more exaggerated than that, cheesy! It's a Holodeck! It can be ANYTHING you wish! A disco floor, a wreck room, an arcade, a swimming pool, a sports room... And my most personal favorite of them all... (The holodeck turned into an arena)... A COMBAT ARENA, BABY!!!
  • Sonny: Oh, you sly rog!
  • (Mister Crimes): Oh, you're too kind! When it comes to crime, it makes a LOOOOOOOOOOOTTA money! And you all are my place's next chances of making that rarium reward Crokton offered! I must admit, you all got guts. Too bad my boys are gonna rip em' outta ya! (This music played as criminals of different sci-fi and punkster types came in)
The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Combat Arena

The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Combat Arena

  • (Master Crimes): Alright, boys! You know the drill! Make the bolts fly, make the three drop like seaflies, and most importantly, have fun! (He cut transmission as they fought)

(Mister Crimes Fight)

  • Mister Crimes: (He was playing Under the Law) YEAH, YOU LIKE THAT, COP BITCH?!? D***S! YOU'RE ALL D***S!!
  • (Cop): This is just like training!
  • Mister Crimes: I agree. Only THIS IS FOR REAL! (He blows him up violently) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (A communicator acted up)
  • Mister Crimes: (Sighs) WHAT?!?
  • (Thug): You'll be happy to know that... Crokton's bounty victims, the gurgler, her boyfriend, and the dumb star are... Here, and you might wanna help because THEY'RE KICKING OUR ASSES!!!
  • Mister Crimes: Oh, come on, you DO know this is a competition! If I helped you, (Chuckles evilly) That would be cheating!
  • (Thug):... Ugh! Noted, sir! WHICH ONE OF YA' WANTS A PIECE OF ME, YA CHUMBAAAAGS?!? (He was knocked out)
  • Mister Crimes:... (Chuckles) Well, hopefully, once they all lose, I go onto the battlefield with all my toys!
  • Mister Crimes: Never, never, NEVER! You can have the key when you pry it from my cold dead fins, gurgler!
  • (Sonny): WILL EVERYONE STOP CALLING ME THAT ALREADY?!? Crokton, we live, I will kill you! (The dial tone acted up)
  • Mister Crimes:... No... I'LL kill you! DIBS?!? GET ME MY ARSENAL!!!!
  • Remora-Like Fish: YES, SIR! RIGHT AWAY, SIR! (He opened a secret auto-compartment as it shined and Crimes cackled wildly)


  • ZongueBob: (As they blasted the Holodeck into destruction with the TNT around them) YOU JUST MET THE ZONGUINATOR!
  • (Icky): Whoa, hold up! You have Terminator in your universes?
  • (Sonny): Thanks to YOURS, we do. But that's got nothing to do with that pun. I was referencing 'Terminator' as in a robotic and comical antihero who fights on a robopunk post-apocalyptic world of-
  • ZongueBob: (They ran out) SEE YA, WOULDN'T WANNA BE YA'! (All the thugs were beat and comically sulking in their defeat) I swear, this place is awesome once you get used to all the crime and the cruelty. Winding, twisting, and turning roads, factories with lava around them? Pools with dangerous predators? Contraband power? This is a criminal's dream come true.
  • Atrick: I'm just shocked it's THIS big. What is this, some kinda video game?
  • Sonny: Who cares? Lets just get that key from the digital vault and get outta here! (They approached the door to Crimes' office) ALRIGHT, CRIMES! NOW YOUR GAME IS UP! COME OUT AND SURRENDER THE KEY!
  • ???: AS YOU WISH! (He busted down the door toting a powerful mech with random weapons as this music played)
Red vs Blue "SharkFace Rooftop" (Jeff Williams) Rooster Teeth

Red vs Blue "SharkFace Rooftop" (Jeff Williams) Rooster Teeth

  • ZongueBob:... What the f*** is with this guy?
  • Master Crimes: I'll show you what's with me! MAH MONEY! (He blasts a liquidator-based plasmathrower as it unleashed a powerful path of plasma)
  • Sonny: (They jumped out of the way) OH, THAT'S HOT!!


  • Master Crimes: (He was placed in a wheelchair after the events of his battle)... SOMEBODY STOP THEM! WE NEED THAT BOUNTY!!! DIBS?!? WHERE ARE YOU?!? (Dibs was heard screaming as he was thrown into a wall and was knocked out)...
  • ???: That bounty, is MINE! (Ferris came in)
  • Mister Crimes:... Oh, heh! The legendary Ferris, huh? Heh, I've had a personal goal of surpassing YOU in the bounty business someday. NOTHING in my Omnic criminal career makes me tingle with joy than hitman business! Well, I got news for you, if you want that bounty, you can have it when you pry it from my cold dead-
  • Ferris: (He took out a gun and pointed it at him, brooding angrily)
  • Mister Crimes:... Wow, when you're silent, you really ARE frightening! Well, uh, how's about a deal, then? We get it, it's ours! But if we fail- (He saw on the cameras that the heroes got away successfully)... (Ferris smirked)... Best outta three? (He made a Wilhelm scream as he was punched out of his manor and landed in an embarrassing pose, as was Dibs)
  • Dibs:... Eh, look on the bright side, boss, at least we're still alive! It's just a bounty, nothing to be all worked up about!
  • Mister Crimes:... They, cost me, MY LEGS!!!!
  • Dibs:... Except that of course! (Ferris did an awesome wheelie on his hover vehicle and jumped into the exit of the reefs, going after them)... Okay... Not gonna lie... THAT, was awesome!

Escaping From Ferris/Monstrous Trench

Outskirts Of Criminated Reefs

  • Sonny: (They got out of there in the Googer Wagon)... THANK THE MERCIFUL BOUNDARY CLUSTER, THAT WAS TOO CLOSE!!! Good thing Sau was available to provide us help again!
  • ZongueBob: Yeah! That leader was dyn-o-mite!
  • Atrick: At least he warmed me up.
  • Sonny: And by 'warmed ya up', you mean 'nearly burned you to a crisp'?
  • Atrick: You call it danger, I call it making the best of danger.
  • ZongueBob: The good news is that we're alive.
  • Sonny: Yeah, but that's far from the worst we've had to deal with. Next thing we know, the next threat is gonna be knocking at our bumper- (A bike-like cruiser came in through slo-mo and he fired a gun at one of their tires, flattening it as it cartoonishly turned into gushy food slag) SWEET MERCIFUL SPICEBERRIES!!! (They crashed into a rock as they jumped out, the Googer Wagon blowing up as the result of the projectile being explosive, cartoonishly covering them with food slag)
  • ZongueBob/Sonny:... HOLY S***!!!
  • Atrick: DO IT AGAIN, I WASN'T LOOKING!!! (Sonny slapped him) OW!
  • ???: (He landed dramatically)... Hey there, meats! (Ferris appeared before them)
  • ZongueBob:... Uh, who are you?
  • Ferris: Who am I? Your worst nightmare!
  • Atrick: (Gasps) A BIG PILE OF ROCCOLI?!?
  • Ferris: (As a drumshot was heard) Uh... No! The name's Ferris!... I was hired to kill you!
  • Atrick: Oh, thank Nepiton! Because, when Roccoli wants to eat you for not eating healthy... It's game over, ya' know?
  • Sonny: (She chuckled) A hired gun? That ain't no worst nightmare! That's a playdate! Look, Ceterior, you may think you're pretty tough, but so are we! We beat Crokton AND Gaariod, which lead to us saving Oceonous from a freaky doomsday water manipulator device! So, you think you can take us in a fight? Go ahead, and hit me with your best shot. (Ferris' boots suddenly donned laser spikes)... How, is that, even plausible?!? (She dodged the stomp) Okay! You wanna fight? (She rolled up her sleeves) This is gonna sting worse than a Jeller in a bucket of Elecmands! HAI- (Ferris sucker-punched her into the air) YAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
  • ZongueBob: SONNY!!! (They looked in horror at Ferris, as he never spoke any further and got out a gun, cocking it as he aimed it at them)... (Gulps) I-If I am to assume this is because of Crokton's bounty, if you let us go, I can make it worth your while! (He offers him Goofus Dollars)
  • Ferris:... (Clearly not fooled, he said nothing as he aimed)
  • ZongueBob:... I take it that's a 'no'? (Before Ferris could fire, Sonny landed on him as the impact disintegrated her holo-helmet, as she was dazed and bubbles escaped her mouth, and she quickly restored the helmet)
  • Sonny:... Okay, that was... Unexpected!
  • ZongueBob: WHEW!
  • Ferris: (He grabbed Sonny by the tail, and threw her at the two as he got another dual gun and fired laser blasts at them)
  • Sonny: EVERY ANIMAL FOR HIMSELF!!! (They ran as Ferris chased them and this music played)
The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Frog Fish Boss

The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Frog Fish Boss

  • Sonny: SHUT UP AND RUN LIKE HECK!!! (They did so)


  • Sonny: ATRICK, YOU LEAD HIM RIGHT TO- (Ferris came in with a blasterbuss)...
  • ZongueBob: Thanks a lot, Atrick!
  • Atrick: Sure thing, buddy! (He fired as they ran off, and rolled down a rock slope and stopped right near the way within a trench)...
  • SpongeBob:... Oh... My... Various... Sea... Gods!
  • Sonny: That's gotta look dangerous. (A SpongeBob Trench Monster sound was heard from below)...
  • Atrick:... I'd say so.
  • ZongueBob: We have to go down THERE?!? (Ferris blasted at them as he slid down and cornered them) DAAH!
  • Sonny: Get behind me! (She got out her beam cannon)... Alright, Ferris, you'd best back off! (He said nothing as he fired) YEESH! Giving me the silent treatment AND nor backing down even to an armed opponent? This should be fu- (Ferris grabbed her by the suit, malfunctioning it a bit as the helmet failed as she held her breath)
  • ZongueBob: SONNY! NO!
  • Sonny: (She tried to attack the arm holding her as it was revealed to be a synthetic robot arm, as she blubed in surprise, and Ferris groaned in aggravation, and he tightened his grip, choking the bubbles out of her)
  • ZongueBob: LET GO OF HER! (Ferris pointed his blaster at them, and then got out his laser-spiked boots)
  • Atrick:... That's a big boot!
  • Ferris:... Don't worry! It'll only hurt once!... But it WILL hurt a lot!...
  • Sonny: (She kicked him in the solaplexes as she freed herself, restored her helmet, gasped heavily for air, and pushed ZongueBob and Atrick to safety before they were stepped on)
  • Ferris: GRRRGH!
  • Sonny:... We have no choice! We're gonna have to jump!
  • Sonny: Just trust me! (Ferris recovered as he transformed his synthetic arm into an arm cannon and aimed it at the three, charging it up)... OKAY, EVERY ANIMAL FOR HIMSELF! (They jumped and avoide the maxed blast as it hit the other side in a massive explosion)
  • Ferris:... Grrgh!


  • Sonny: (She brought out her propeller pack as they landed, as Patrick continued yelling even afterward as Sonny covered his mouth)
  • Atrick:... Are we dead?
  • ZongueBob: Nope! Seems like we got away from that lunatic!
  • Sonny: Buuuuuuuuuuut, looks like it came with a price. (They saw the alien-like trench life around them, including the cnidarian/invertebrate-like monsters, boney graveyards, tube-worm like creatures, invertebrate flora, lava and acid pits, hydrothermal vents, Ice VII, and so on as this music played)
The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Now that we're men

The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Now that we're men

  • ZongueBob:... Well... We escape from danger... Only to fall into GREATER danger! That does NOT look like we can survive in it!
  • Sonny: Well, I for one am NOT gonna let Crokton just steal my home! I'm gonna- (Suddenly, geysers burst and formed a deadly lava pit in front of them)... Okay... That's gonna be tough.
  • ZongueBob: Well, if we're gonna get outta here, we need to keep our wits about us.
  • Atrick: "..... Ya know, going through all of this danger, made me think..... Why are we bothering doing this? Even if Crokton suceeds, the very MINUTE he attacks another world or takes over Oceonious, the Lougers and the Ha are pretty much gonna solve all of this anyway. Everything we're doing just feels, moot."
  • Zonguebob: "It's HA, Atrick, also, what are you talking about?"
  • Atrick: "I mean, we got spiraled into a needlessly-dangerous adventure filled with criminals, that jerkoff Ferris up there, and these monsters, and pain, and criminals, and Ferris, and pain, and a rash! And pain, and Ferris, and terror, and danger! SOOOO, MUCH, DANGER!... So much danger! We keep getting in danger! And for what? Because Tetris-"
  • Zonguebob/Sonny: "Tetrus."
  • Atrick: "Got framed by Crokton for taste enhancers and graveyard corpses! It's ridiculous and pointless when you stop and think about it for a while! What are we really on our own? If it wasn't for the Lodgers and the Ha-
  • ZongueBob/Sonny: HA!
  • Atrick: We wouldn't even be a problem to Gaariod, let alone Crokton! Face it! Our success, was entirely dependent on them! And because they are too busy with something arbitrarily-convenient to allow this mess to happen, and that Oconoce somehow hasn't NOTICED the chaos going on from ther APTS-
  • ZongueBob/Sonny: AFTS!!

AFT Base

  • Two Oceons saw the changes.
  • Oceon 1: "..... One of us should probuly go tell Oconoce about that."
  • Oceon 2: "We should...... Rock Paper Lazer Scissers saids you do it!"
  • Oceon 1: "YOUR ON!?"
  • (Icky): "Our advanced race, ladies and gentlemen."

Challenged Waste Limits

  • Atrick: "I mean, even if maybe it isn't serious enough now, but eventually they're gonna notice a planet of dark dystopian skies and Crokton enslaving everyone and Tetrus being trapped in prison and everyone being enslaved by stupid hats! In fact, why don't we just wait for Oconoce to finally notice and take care of things FOR us?!? I mean, he was pretty capable of beating Crokton before! This isn't any different! One fancy Teadr 1 shock from that stick he always carries and Crokton's empire falls apart like a stack of dominos! WHY, BOTHER?!?
  • ZongueBob:... That's a good point. Why are we even doing this? Now we've been roped into a trench of neverending misery and death, at the mercy of monsters and other trench filth! What's the point of this when anyone out there will take notice and help us? Sonny, we didn't need to do anything! We just needed to contact the heroes, explain the situation, have them come, kick Crokton's ass, AND DONE! HELL, THERE'S NO DILEMMA HERE! LITERALLY NOTHING IS STOPPING US!! WE DON'T BELONG OUT HERE!!!
  • Sonny: Zongue-
  • ZongueBob: Don't 'Zongue' me! I mean, we wasted so much time going on this adventure! We just made enemies likely to take revenge, we've got an assassin after us, Sau's in danger of being killed and scrapped, and we're in the midst of being prey to some hideous disgusting monsters! PLEASE TELL ME, WHAT, DOES, ALL, THIS, ACCOMPLISH?!? (Echo: COMPLISH, COMPLISH, COMPLISH, COMPLISH, COMPLISH?!?)
  • Sonny:... (Sighs)... Guys? I know Crokton's destined for failure regardless of what happens. It's not like he would actselly succeed with his logical failicies. But it's not a matter of how Crokton is stopped. This is more then just clearing Tetrus' name! It's all about..."
  • Atrick: "...... Well? I'm waiting......"
  • Sonny:... It's all about the results! (The two looked at each other)
  • ZongueBob:... Results?
  • Sonny: Yeah! I mean, sure Crokton's screwing everything up! But look what THAT's doing for US! We're starting another adventure frought with peril! I mean, when I was free in the waters of Thexus, I DEFIED peril! I rescued Sau from a carnivorous seaweed! I had so much fun in the sea! I didn't care for what predator showed it's ugly face! Our species were slick when it came to danger. Hell, danger is what made us who we are! We are experts at high diving! We can swim like literal fish! Two of my species are part of the Heroes Act! It's not about the obvious solution, it's about what WE can do about it.
  • Atrick:... You lost me at, "Yeah".
  • Sonny:... Ugh! Look, Atrick! Weren't you the one who got ZongueBob to nut up and ask me to socialize?
  • Atrick: Yes.
  • Sonny: ZongueBob, weren't you the one who lead me to an adventure I would've craved by finding those Oceon Ruins?
  • ZongueBob:... Yeah.
  • Sonny: So, you two will do anything as long as it benefits a lot of people, or just one. Right?
  • ZongueBob:... I suppose that's true.
  • Sonny: Don't you see? We're doing this for more than just because it's the right thing to do, even if others would have it covered. It's about starting our lives. We were chased out of Trunk Bottom because of the danger, and if we had just stayed put, Crokton would've had us by now. Get the picture?
  • Atrick: Uh, we have no camera! Do you?
  • ZongueBob: There's a camera on our oPhones, Atrick!
  • Atrick: Oh, heh! Almost forgot!
  • Sonny: Not THAT kinda picture! I mean, this is CLEARLY not the first time Crokton has made it too far in world domination. ZongueBob? Tell me, how many times has Crokton come this close to what he's doing now?
  • ZongueBob: 26... Counting now.
  • Sonny: Exactly! Crokton is clearly not THAT much of a pushover since he's been at it for 71 years. Doing it for this long ensures he learns from mistakes, if not makes more to learn from. And what's to say that next time in the future, he finally has a plan so dang perfect and flaw-free, even the Lodgers and HA won't be able to stop him? They may solve big problems, but sometimes, villains evolve and learn the next time, if there IS one. It's clear that, in a world, correction, UNIVERSES, of chaos, they'll need all the help they can get, and I feel that, as heroes in their gratitude, we should be around to aid them in the event they should be occupied. After all, more than one villainous plot can occur at the same time, and even if they split up, it's not so simple to stop it. The Heroes Act and Lodgers already have allies in their own settings, but I don't see no durn reason why we shouldn't be among them.
  • ZongueBob:... You know... She might have a point. Villains are often so unpredictable and inaccurate in their activity. These UUniverses could always use more heroes. Atrick, have you always wanted to kick a villain's butt?
  • Atrick: You mean like Hydroman and Aguaman? Heck yeah!
  • Sonny: So, what do you say? Are you men or mouques?
  • Atrick:... Let's do it!
  • ZongueBob:... Sonny, you are QUITE the motivational speaker!... I LOVE THAT!
  • Sonny: Now, let's put our heads in the game! If we're gonna get outta this, we gotta work together!
  • ZongueBob: Well, can't you use that propeller pack of yours?
  • Sonny: Sad thing is, it ain't useful for flight in THIS world. It works very well in waterworlds without this cartoonish gravity, but here, all it's good for is gliding long distances. I mean, I DO have a flying churrel function for when I'm in the air, but that's usually for jumping across the places, especially given my species. Though we're great swimmers, we're still natural-born climbers.
  • ZongueBob: THAT'S IT!
  • Sonny: Huh?
  • ZongueBob: You can climb and glide. There's a few things you can use to build up a safe passageway across this lava pit of literal hell!
  • Atrick: (Laughs) IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE WE'RE SO DEEP!
  • Sonny: Well, I'll see what I can do. Okay... Here goes nothin'! (She leaps and uses a flying squirrel-like suit to glide across the lava and reach a rock, then leap up and start climbing, then she approaches a spot, but ends up aggravating a giant gulper eel-like monster) WHOA! AGONYFISH! (It roared at her as she tricked it into smashing into the rocks, thus allowing her physics to create a stable bridge for them)... YEE-HAH! That worked out better than I expected!
  • ZongueBob: I didn't think it'd work either. Let's head out! (They did so as they went past bioluminescent lamp-like plants and black-green kelp, and approached wildly-graphic organic graveyards)... Whoa!
  • Sonny:... Interesting. I haven't seen orgaliths in a while.
  • Atrick: Orga whats?
  • ZongueBob: I think it means ruins of unperishable organic material.
  • Sonny: Yeah, with just the right bacteria, organic tissue can be preserved to form something like this. They can be found all over the UUniverses. But... I feel that... We're gonna have to try harder to get outta this. (They noted all the aggressive monsters, flora, lava pits, and hazards as one of them roared in the same fashion as a SpongeBob Movie monster)
  • Atrick: Oh, that's nothing! PLUMP POTHOOOOOLE! (He tries to smash one of the giraffe-pattern-shelled turtle-like monsters as it sprouted spikes as he screamed in a similar fashion to Patrick when Sandy stuck the trombone on his neck, and landed right next to the two cartoonishly with holes all over his body)... Okay, that didn't work!
  • Sonny: See, that's why you must ALWAYS pay attention to the environment!
  • ZongueBob: I'M LISTENING TO YOU, ENVIRONMENT!!! (He goes in and manages to provide as an asset to the others with his shapeshifting, providing as a melee weapon, a bridge, a shield, and anything else to defend against the monsters, volcanoes and lava pits, and everything else, as this music played)
Raze 2 Music - Necromacy

Raze 2 Music - Necromacy

  • Sonny: (As the music continued) Huh?...
  • Atrick: WHOA, big lava ocean!
  • Sonny: That there's a THEXUS-sized ocean!
  • Atrick: Oh, so Thexus is this size? I thought it was a big planet.
  • Sonny:... It was a figure of speech! Anyway, I suppose the only way through THAT... (Points at the massive lava ocean)... Is through THAT! (She points at a massive orgalith that forms a tube and goes all the way to the other side) You boys fancy yourselves up for a little ride?
  • ZongueBob: You bet, I feel safest when I'm next to you.
  • Atrick: I feel safest when I'm next to ZongueBob!
  • Sonny: (She got out a hoverboard) Then let's roll!
  • Atrick: ROLLING OOUUUUUT! (He literally rolled down the orgalith tunnel blabbering like Patick when he rolled during Survival of the Fittest Monster Sandy's attack)
  • Sonny:... Not exactly what I meant, but it's the thought that counts! (She and ZongueBob got on the hoverboard and blasted down the orgalith tunnel, the music playing as they slid down, encountered frightening and scary lifeforms and scenes, fought off monsters with their skills, and dodged other obstacles) SEE?!? DOES THIS LOOK LIKE WE'RE STARTIN' LIFE A NEW?!?
  • ZongueBob/Atrick: HECK YEAH!
  • ZongueBob: FOR THE HEROES ACT!
  • All Three: FOR OCEONOUS! (They charged into a scary entrance as they plowed through the danger, and exited out of a butt-like exit and launched above the lava ocean)
  • Atrick: HEY, I CAN SEE MY ROCK FROM HERE!... Wait, it's just a rock! (The other two laughed as they went into another orgalith tunnel, and continued on, and ended up comically defeating monsters like hitting one in the crotch, going into one's mouth and coming out of the butt off-camera, and eve showing them uglier and much scarier pictures, as they ended up launching themselves out of the trench and onto the other side as they laughed)
  • Atrick:... THAT... WAS... FUN!!!
  • ZongueBob: You were AMAZING out there, Sonny!
  • Sonny: You weren't so bad yourself, ZongueBob! (The two were about to kiss)
  • Atrick: HEY! Look! We're almost at Challenged Wastes! (He shows them the sign that means 'Challenged Wasted Dead Ahead')...
  • Sonny: (They saw that the place was littered with garbage of many scales)...
  • ZongueBob:... Uggh! What is that stench?
  • Sonny: That is the stench of adventure! Wait, what? That sounds like something Atrick would say!
  • Atrick: I was gonna say it anyway!

Challenged Waste Limits

Challenged Wastes Limits

  • Sonny: (They made it out of Crokton's robots' trap)... Whew! Thanks for the aid, Sau!
  • (Sau): Sure thing! Now, given Crokton's determination and what I just got you out of, I need to be more careful when I contact and send you messages! In fact, I overheard his backup plans for Crokton to expand his control outside of Croktopolis and even Oceonous. He's been tricking them into coming for his stolen Tetra Products through his control over the Holonet, and thus becoming slaves. He's been starting to suspect me hiding my contacts through a m*gurgle sounds*ment commercial so we can speak freely.
  • Atrick: Seriously, what the heck is that?
  • (Sau): What is what?
  • (Icky): (Sighs) Damn spam filters!
  • (Sau): Okay, we're getting off track again. Expect Crokton to send more than bounty hunters after you. (A shatter was heard)... They found me! You're on your own from here! I'll keep in touch! (She hung up)
  • Sonny: Sau!..... We'd better get a move-on before-
  • ???: FREEZE, CHUMBAGS! (Mind-controlled bystanders teleported in behind them armed to the teeth with solar-powered weaponry, one within a large mech of Crokton's tech)
  • Sonny:...... Well, S***! (She looked behind her)... HAH! Come on, Croky, you can do better! Qong Fu prepared me for worse! ZongueBob, on me! (The two attacked as they leapt)
  • Mech: Motion detecting solar rays engaged! (They locked the laser sights upon them)
  • Sonny/ZongueBob: WHAT THE- (The solar rays fired as it shocked Sonny's holo-helmet off)
  • Sonny:... (Gurgling) OW!!! (She reactivated the helmet)
  • ZongueBob: What, was that?
  • Mech: Engaging energy shields! (It gained a shield generator that generated shields around not just itself, but the others)
  • Sonny:... Well played, Crokton! Well, played! Looks like we gotta take out that generator!
  • ZongueBob: And how are we gonna do that?
  • Sonny: Just follow my lead! You too, Atrick!
  • Atrick: Way ahead of you! (He threw a piece of the garbage in the setting at the shield generator, destroying it, and allowing the shields around the bystanders to go down)
  • Sonny: Atta boy! (She lassoed the motion-detecting rays with two ropes, holding them away from the both of them) ZONGUEBOB! NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!!
  • ZongueBob: AAAAAAAIIIIIII-YAAAAAAH!! (He chopped the reactor core, but ended up breaking his arm instead as it snapped like a twig)...... Ow.
  • Sonny: Oh for crying out loud! (Does it herself, destroying it as it shut down, leaving the three to finish off the others as they teleported way)... Good think Crokton's not in the habit of paying for collateral murder fees. Glad I don't have to waste any teleport grenades.
  • ZongueBob: (They wandered through the garbage wasteland and went through slime)... Wow! ECHOOO! (The word echoed)
  • Atrick: So, ZongueBob, you think this fudgey green stuff we're walking in is...
  • ZongueBob: Leftover pudding, yes, I thought so, too.
  • Sonny: I think he's been meanin' to say is it toxic?
  • ZongueBob: I dunno, we seem to be walking through it fine.
  • Sonny: (She analyzes it with her holo-helmet)... Ohhhh... Well, glad I'm wearin' boots, because this is essentially the waste of urine, feces, algae, and other non-hazardous wastes.
  • Atrick: Oh, then I guess we're fi- (ZongueBob reacted to this crazily as he jumped onto Sonny)
  • ZongueBob: AHHH, NASTY!!!
  • Sonny: (Sighs) Come on, a little stink won't hurt as long as yall' can wash it off. And Atrick? After this, we NEED to talk about letting go of this 'love of various smells and germs' before it ends up becomin' yer last words.
  • Atrick: Hey, I don't need to be clean to be healthy. You know what they say: A health bar a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Sonny: Nobody says that!
  • Atrick: Not somebody you'd know.
  • Sonny: Do you at least have health insurance or something?
  • Atrick: Like I said, I eat health bars, I don't need a doctor. You can't exactly trust them with their old magazines, and their silly stethoscopes that tortures you like when you yell in the end. I was deaf for a while and I never trusted them since.
  • Sonny: You're gonna DIE!
  • Atrick: My granny hasn't seen any doctors in years, and she's lived forever.
  • Sonny: Atrick, you can't use a case study to gage the effectiveness of a medical treatment.
  • Atrick: Funny, I thought that was all you were about.
  • Sonny:... Case studies don't have NOTHING to do with science! Atrick, germs are not your friends! All they wanna do is chew up your insides until all that's left of ya is in a dirtnap.
  • Atrick: You sound just like the doctors! Let's just focus away from this nonsense and get back to stopping Crokton! (He sings as he went ahead)
  • Sonny:... F*****g idiot!
  • ZongueBob: Trust me, he's better off that way. His species is known for resisting many types of illnesses, and even if we had a kinda war against cleanliness vs. filthiness that ended with the entire town getting slopped around, I learned to accept him being like that. Besides, the only thing he CAN do is remove the stench. Having no nose means he don't smell s***.
  • Sonny:... Whatever you say. It's his funeral.

Encountering The Beasts

Challenged Wastes

  • Sonny: (They arrived)... Sau? You there?
  • Sau's Voice: Yeah! I'm here! Unfortunately, Crokton's started running a tighter ship! He, as well as I, know that you've finally made it to Challenged Wastes. However, I've learned more about this insight on whatever these 'beasts' are and how they tie into the Oceans, and as it turns out, these beasts are something that had been trapped in their own territory as they nearly killed the entire population, meant to be a germ warfare project that backfired. They're supposed to be bio-androids of 99.50% water, have reactive triple-stranded programmable DNA, and assumed Omnican behavior, but they seem to have no intelligence as they have become so mindless, they will kill, eat, or torture anything they find for pleasure.
  • Sonny: Arbasus!
  • ZongueBob: And how dangerous are they?
  • Sau's Voice: They're several stories high, and they sure as hell can intimidate people with their lack of faces, their menacing eye hidden within those blank faces, their dangerously ear-piercing dry roars, and their absolutely atrocious ways. Let's just say, they know how to scare you to literal death.
  • ZongueBob:... Nepiton!
  • Atrick:... And we can't be caught by these things?
  • Sau's Voice: No. Like I said, if they do, you'll never be seen again.
  • (Thundra): Oh, dear! I seem to be getting an Attack on Titan vibe here.
  • (Kowalski): With a side of X-Men Days of Future Past Future Sentinels blend to it.
  • (Sonny): Oh, trust me, they WERE impossible to deal with. We couldn't fight them head-on. They were just too big for us, too ravenous, too indestructible, and WAAAAAY too adaptable! The Oceons went pretty far with their creation.
  • (Skipper): So... How did you get out of there with the evidence alive? Did they get destroyed in some way?
  • (Sonny): Unfortunately, no. Like I said, they are basically immortal, and luckily, the only thing that can EVER stop them is their range of travel. To ensure they stay within Challenged Wastes, the Oceons had them trapped by a quantum field of energy that literally keeps them magnetized to their home. Their DNA, being programmable, can be manipulated, but most of their nature cannot. They are durable not by dense armor or something like that. They are durable... Because they are literally as viscous as water.
  • Sau's Voice: So, you'd better be careful. From how they are described, they cannot be killed, shot at, or stopped. They can only be held back or stunned.
  • Sonny:... Got it!
  • ZongueBob:... How did Crokton even GET this evidence here in the first place?
  • Sau's Voice: Crokton said himself that he ensured the evidence CANNOT be retrieved. However, he didn't specify HOW he did it yet. Right now, I'm almost done cracking the encryption on that log. *Ding* Alright! Here's how he did it...... Oh, dear!
  • Sonny: What, what is it?
  • Sau's Voice: You're not gonna believe this, but... He tricked one of the beasts... Into swallowing it!
  • All Three: WHAT?!?
  • Sau's Voice: Crokton had the evidence put within something that looked delectable to one of the beasts, and it devoured it....
  • Atrick:... I... No!
  • Sonny: PLEASE don't tell me we lost! Don't tell me that Crokton finally won!
  • Sau's Voice: I'm afraid it might look like it. (Sighs)...
  • Sau's Voice: Hold on, wait a second!... It says here that... That Crokton, upon feeding the beast, he accidentally obtained a sample of it's DNA.
  • Sonny: What?
  • Sau: If I can retrieve this sample, then perhaps I can provide a way for you to get that evidence back.
  • Sonny: Are you sure? Because that's the ONLY way we can prove Tetrus innocent and save everything!
  • Sau's Voice: It's a long shot, but it's our only chance!


  • Sonny: (She and the other three saw their first Beast as they ran from it as it was off-camera, as it appeared like a blend between a Future Sentinel from X-Men: Days of Future Past, and a AoT Titan, having a menacing glowing eye brewing with deadly energy, a wicked smirk of a Titan, and it was very gelatinous like a jellyfish, while also possessing a glowing body, as it stomped off, and roared loudly in aggravation, leaving the three to cover their ears upon the loud noise as it walked away)... Holy s***!
  • ZongueBob:... We have to get the evidence... OUTTA THAT THING?!?
  • Atrick: I think I just wet myself!
  • Sau's Voice: Sonny! Come in, Sonny! Are you there?
  • Sonny: Sau! Did you get the DNA?
  • Sau's Voice: You bet'cha! I'm feeding it into the DNA analysis device right now. Once the results are back, I'll be ready with a strategy to get that evidence back!
  • Sonny: Well, hurry, time is of the essence! Those beasts can find us anywhere! And you're right! They are more than adaptable! They can shapeshift, they can evolve, and thankfully not beyond their limits, and... And... Oh, God, Crokton, I REALLY mean it, I WILL kill you if we survive this! (A Beast pulled the roof above them off as it roared, and they escaped)


  • Sau's Voice: (As the Beasts continue attacking and they made Cyclops-like cackles) ALRIGHT, GUYS! I ran through the results, and it turns out, there's a SLIM chance for you to get the evidence out of that Beast!
  • Sonny: And?
  • Sau's Voice: You got any teleporter grenades?
  • Sonny: Yeah?
  • Sau's Voice: Well, turns out, when a Beast EATS someone, they don't die. It's sort've a prison. The Oceons made them to be walking weapons AND prison cells.
  • ZongueBob:... That means...
  • Sau's Voice: That's right! Those who disappeared and were eaten actually didn't get digested. Like I said, they don't eat as a food source. Eating them does nothing for them except pleasure. The evidence is down in that Beast's stomach laying dormant waiting for someone to get it. However, there's a catch.
  • Sonny: And that would be?
  • Sau's Voice: The cells have a mind of their own. These beasts seem to have TWO brains, one being a, for lack of a better term, 'dumb' one which is in their heads, the other being more efficient as the AI of the cells inside them. This is because the energy within them, which is powered by an adaptable biotic quantum battery as a heart, cannot be used to power both the mind and the cell at the same time, as it can cause a singularity given the type of energy. All you need to do, is get into their stomach, retrieve the evidence, and teleport out of there before the cell detects anything that cannot be kept in prison and disintegrate it into nothingness. Which means you'll have to activate the grenade before entry, and never show it to the infinite eyes in the cell. You'll have a limited time to get out of there before it activates.
  • Sonny: Sounds easy enough.
  • Sau's Voice: Not exactly. The Beasts, when in action, can cause you to lose balance through the tremors, they can feel whatever damage you do within, and on top of that, there are 'antibodies' within them that ensure whoever goes in stays in there. These things are essentially adaptable like their host, but they're your size. You need to keep your guard up at all times when doing this.
  • ZongueBob: Looks like we've got one shot at this.
  • Atrick: And if we fail?
  • Sonny:... (Sighs)... Well, the fricking world blows up!


  • ZongueBob: (After Sonny apparently gets close to success)... SONNY!... No!...
  • Atrick:... We... AHHHHH!! THE WORLD BLOWS UP!!! GET READY FOR THE BOOM! (An explosion was heard as the Beast felt pain within it, as Sonny came out with the evidence in her propeller pack)
  • ZongueBob/Atrick: (She lands into them with a comical crash)... SONNY! YOU'RE ALIVE!
  • ZongueBob: Oh, Sonny! I thought I'd never see you again!
  • Sonny: (She felt lovestruck until Beasts appeared before them)... Not a good time to be sappy! We gotta get outta here! (They got out of there as Sonny used the limited lift of her propeller pack to bounce around the field like in Attack on Titan, dodging and delivering stunning blows to the Beasts, as they finally launched themselves out of the Challenged Wastes as the Beasts that tried to get them were held back by the borders, roaring in aggravation as the three landed, as they didn't realize that the damage Sonny had done during their chase had ended up causing them to feel sick and vomit out the recently-trapped, as they ended up angry, and started teaming up to beat up the Beasts the same way the Cyclops was defeated)... Strange. How did THAT happen?
  • Atrick: I don't know! Let's just get this evidence back to Trunk Bottom!

Final Confrontation With Ferris

Ocean Skies

  • Sonny:... So... What is this evidence supposed to be?
  • Atrick: Hmm... No, I got nothin'!
  • ZongueBob: Let me see... (He looked through the debris covering it and discovered it was a tech-container holding something, and discovered a metallic tag)... "Property of Master Crimes?"
  • Sonny:... I think I know what that is! When I looked at the tanks, I noticed something missing. The metal tag. This must've been what was lost from it. This must mean that Crokton stole the tanks of gustathol from one of Crimes' Trunk Bottom agents, and removed the evidence against Tetrus for disposal.
  • Atrick: Buuuut, why didn't he destroy it?
  • Sonny: Metal tags are supposed to be made of a durable metal as to not be destroyed for security reasons. This thing is made of a titanium-carbonic alloy that can resist lava and deadly welding substances. No doubt he COULDN'T destroy it.
  • ZongueBob: Then all we gotta do is bring this to the police, and Tetrus will be proven innocent!
  • Sonny: Sounds like a plan!
  • Ad: Haven't you tried BAMAMA yet? What's stopping you? Side effects? Are a few seeping boils gonna stop you from a woman you can NEVER obtain? It's time to try BAMAMAAAAA, and you'll be sleeping into...*Static* (The two chuckled a bit)
  • Sau's Voice:... Sonny! Come in, Sonny! It's almost Tetrus' judgment day!
  • Sonny:... Wha?... I thought the police was mind-controlled!
  • Sau's Voice: I thought so, too! But yeah, I discovered that all the police in the world are linked together. Crokton must've built a cloaking device to cover Croktopolis to keep himself from being detected by authorities until he finalizes his move of conquest. No doubt they don't know of his predicament.
  • Sonny:... But surely, if they see the state, they'll-
  • Sau's Voice: I don't think so. They're very far away, and their chief is essentially an artificial intelligence. If it gets word that Tetrus is not innocent, it will not allow anything to get in or out of the TBPD HQ until the execution is done. You must hurry! I- (Suddenly a shot was heard)
  • Sonny: Sau? SAU?!? ARE YOU THERE?!?


  • Sau: AAHHH! LET ME GO!!! (Crokton's robots and drones, more improved, were seizing Sau as she struggled and fought until they used an EMP on her, knocking her out as they took her away)

Oceon Skies

  • Sonny:... I think Sau's in trouble again, so let's keep going.
  • ZongueBob: (As they were viewed through a sniper scope) Agreed! This has to end one way or another! (The sniper bolt was fired as the propeller pack was struck and destroyed, causing them to fall into a dangerous reef comically bruised yet safe)
  • Atrick:... Ow!
  • ZongueBob: What the heck was that?
  • Sonny: I don't know! Something shot us down!
  • ZongueBob: But who? (Suddenly, ruffling and noise was heard as a figure plowed through the reefs, and out came Ferris) WAAAHHH!! FERRIS!!!
  • Ferris: Did you miss me?
  • Sonny: (She punched at him as he grabbed her fist with his synthetic arm) Oh my God, no! (He spun the arm painfully) AAAAOOWW!!! (He kicked her away back to the others)
  • Ferris: Well, that was one fine welcoming committee, so, I'll take that as a no! Now... where were we?
  • ZongueBob: ATRICK, RUN!
  • Atrick: No! I'm tired of running! (Cracks his knuckles) If we run now, we'll never sto- (Ferris smacked him into a coral tree with his synthetic arm) DAAAAAAAAAA!!! RUN, ZONGUEBOB!!
  • Sonny: GUYS, DON'T BE COWARDS AT A TIME LIKE THIS! ZongueBob, do something- (ZongueBob was already running off being pursued by Ferris)... (Sighs) Why must I do EVERYTHING myself?
  • Atrick: Maybe because you're the smartest of us?
  • Sonny: Oh, gee, thanks for reminding me! (She gets him down) Let's go get him! (They ran after him)


  • Ferris: (He pursued ZongueBob silently and dangerously as he used his synthetically-enhanced strength, his guns, and his equipment to chase him down as this music played)
StrikeForceHeroes 3 - Relentless Rage

StrikeForceHeroes 3 - Relentless Rage

  • Ferris: You've gone too far, and you're not going any further! I've plowed through TOO much and pursued you for miles on end to get this bounty!
  • ZongueBob: (Gulps as he continued dodging, until Ferris had him cornered until Sonny kicked him into a tree)
  • (Squidward): Oh, charming! You interact with the AUU so much, THEY start to reference our stuff.
  • Ferris: (Growls) Ya got guts, Gurgler! Too bad I gotta rip 'em out of you! (the two started fighting hand-to-hand as Ferris held his own and slapped Sonny to the ground)...
  • Sonny: (She got up as she restored her shut-off helmet) Arbasus, where did YOU come from?!? (He transformed his arm into the arm cannon as it fired, the heroes dodging as the blast explode, and he blasts the same explosive energy at them) OKAY, YOU WANNA PLAY THE BOOM GAME?!? TO CAN PLAY AT THAT! (She took out a powerful Crucyd detonator launcher rapidly as the two fought against each other as ZongueBob was accidentally blasted off screaming)
  • Atrick: I GOT'CHA, ZONGUEBOB! (He caught him)
  • ZongueBob: Thanks, buddy!
  • Sonny: (She bolted off and grabbed the two running off) RETREAT!
  • ZongueBob: UH, THANKS A LOT!
  • Ferris: (He pursued them in quick reflexes and speed as she got out her hoverboard to speed up, ZongueBob and Atrick screaming all the way as Ferris responded by calling his cruiser as he chased them in it, using his weapons)
  • Sonny: UGH, THIS GUY JUST DOESN'T KNOW WHEN TO QUIT! (She dodged multiple obstacles as Ferris continued chasing them, all until he finally caused them to fall off the hoverboard by putting an obstacle in front of it as they fell into a goo pond)
  • Ferris: (He brooded menacingly as he got out with his synthetic arm ready)
  • Sonny: Guys, get behind me! (She fired her beam cannon as Ferris smacked the beam away with his synthetic arm with a comical sound)... OH, GOD, THIS GUY! (Ferris grabbed her again, choked the holo-helmet off, and started choking the air out of her again as she gurgled in panic)
  • ZongueBob: LET GO OF HER! (Ferris got his laser-spiked boots out as it stopped them)... Oh, crap!
  • Ferris: THAT'S IT! I'm DONE messing around! See you later, fools! (He learned that the rock he accidentally shot up awakened large pterosaur-like rays as they started to fly towards him)... AAAAAA- (He was cartoonishly eaten and torn apart by them as they took him away)
  • Atrick: "...... See ya!"
  • (Icky): "..... A Giant Ray-Dactyl? REALLY?! You were saved by a Giant Ray-Dactyl?!"
  • (Sonny): Yeah, the rayvies don't like to be woken up during that time of year. Ferris overlooked that when trying to kill us. I guess his determination made him too determined, I dunno.
  • (Thundera): Well, I thought it was clever.
  • (Mad Hatter): We wouldn't have thought of that!
  • (March Hare): Well, if there wasn't any available, that is.
  • Sonny: OFF TO TRUNK BOTTOM! WE'RE COMING FOR YOU, CROKTON! (They jet away on their hoverboard as it turned into a sailboard)

Welcome To Croktopolis/Stopping The Spread Of Evil


  • Crokton: Hmmph! Ferris failed again, huh? Well, too bad for him, because now that they're 10 miles away and closing in, I MUST cancel the bounty! Karrer?
  • Karrer: Done!
  • Karrer: Actually, we discovered the cause, and ensured she no longer has any aid. (They brought in Sau)...
  • Crokton: Oh, THERE you are!
  • Sau: Let me go, Crokton! You WON'T get away with this! My friends are coming, and they WILL take you out!
  • Crokton: You think so? HAH! My defenses are prepared for them now that everyone is alerted of their attack. There's nothing left for them to fight with. The Oxydome is in my possession, and now, so are you! And to ensure they do not get far, I am going to keep you around as leverage!
  • Sau: They've faced odds like that before! And I CAN easily escape! (She jettisoned her body, but was magnetized by a magnet)... Balls!
  • Crokton: You know what they say, Sau: Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me! And I am NO fool! I may not learn things after 71 years, but I can learn to be more productive and cunning in strategy AND planning! Those heroes will not go any further, or I'll have the pleasure of watching them see you die! You think water madness is painful? Try what I have in store for you!
  • Sau: They have the evidence! All they must do is get it to the police computers, and boom!
  • Crokton: Not if they are preoccupied with a delicious bit of deception! (He turns on an iPhone of his scale)
  • (Officer): Hello, you've reached the Oceonous Operational Police Force, if this is an emergency, please press 1. (He does so)... Beginning message! (Beep)
  • Crokton: (In Obvinis voice) Yes, this is Obvinis! I have been informed that the heroes have failed to obtain the evidence, and have failed the investigation. They're gone, and therefore, I believe it's clear that Mr. Tetrus has to be held accountable for their deaths as well. I had hope for them for a second, but alas... Life has proven that not all heroes prevail. Turns out there was no evidence after all, and they were swallowed by a beast. They went out there for nothing. Sooo, well... You know the punishment for a second offense of murder. (Sau was shocked) Good day! (He hung up and cackled)
  • Crokton: HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY MOTHER?!? You're lucky I'm in a good mood, or I would've made your death maximized! Take her away! She and Tetrus will die at the same time! Those heroes will NEVER make it in time. This time, Crokton rules the day, and soon enough, everything will be MINE! (Cackles)
  • Karrer: Ugh, sometimes his evil laugh can be annoying and he can do it in unnecessary times. (He laughed) Stop laughing! (He continued) STOP IT! (He laughed harder) OKAY, NOW YOU'RE TEASING ME!
  • Crokton: Just take Sau away! Oh, and take care of the Lanker manager, too!


  • Sonny: (After a bumpy entrance, they saw what happened since they left, this music playing as they saw the horror of it all)... Oh, no!
The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Welcome to Planktopolis

The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Welcome to Planktopolis

  • Sonny:... Crokton, what have you done?
  • ZongueBob: Well, we'd better get onto finding Sau!
  • Crokton's Voice: (Cackles as he appears on the screen)
  • ZongueBob: CROKTON! (He spoke, but there was no sound)...
  • Crokton: Hello? (He turned off video)
  • Sonny: AAAAND now we can't see you! Sheesh, it's like talkin' to my parents.
  • Crokton: (He fixed it) How about now?
  • Sonny: You got it!
  • Crokton: Excellent! Now where was I- (He cackled)
  • ZongueBob: CROKTON!
  • Crokton: Welcome back, gurgler!
  • Crokton: Gurgler! (She blabbered angrily) Anyway, you actually did it!
  • ZongueBob: That's right! We got the evidence right here, and I'm here to save Mr. Tetrus!
  • Crokton: I'm surprised you managed to survive those beasts.
  • Sonny: Just because they're unstoppable, it doesn't mean it's impossible to dodge them. I admit, they were hard to beat, but we pulled through. You almost had us feel defeated.
  • Crokton: Oh, speaking of which, Sau helped you out on that, didn't she?
  • Sonny: Exactly! So it's over!
  • Crokton: Over? Then... Why did I call you? Weird! OH! Maybe it was to show you THIS! (He showed them Sau)
  • Sonny: SAU!
  • Sau: SONNY, HELP!
  • Crokton: Yes, help! But we do it MY way! Listen good, you three! I've gone too far to victory to let myself fail once again! So, this is my warning to you: If you turn yourselves into me, and hand me the evidence for disposal within 1 hour, I'll let her go. And I KNOW I don't have to tell you what happens if you fail to comply! Well, to put it gently, (He creaks his neck and simulates jolting)
  • Sonny: YOU BASTARD!
  • ZongueBob: Big deal! 1 hour is enough time to beat you!
  • Crokton: Is that so? Well, I told the police that you're dead, and it was all on Tetrus. And you know the punishment for a second offense of murder? Let's just say, it's gonna get messy!
  • ZongueBob:... No!
  • Crokton: Yes! So if you think you're getting ONE inch towards the place, don't bother. They already have shields around the area. Nothing gets in or out until the execution is done! There's no way to get in and bring the evidence. So, this is your final warning: 1 hour, or the Omnican dies!
  • ZongueBob: Oh, we'll find ways to make it possible!
  • Sonny: Yeah! We'll have to take out your mind-control towers and free the people into helping us!
  • Crokton: HAH! Good luck with that! (On device) SEIZE THEM! (Robots and mind-control drones came out, only more developed than last time)
  • Crokton: I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got a show to catch! Plan 10Z, I love ya!
  • Crokton: I'VE DONE MORE THAN GET AWAY WITH IT, CHEESY! YOUR FRIENDS WON'T SURVIVE BY THE HOUR! You have an hour to comply! (He tries to shut off transmission) Wait, how do you... Karrer, what do I push? Is it the red, or... I thought it was the... it's not this-- (The transmission cuts off)
  • Sonny:... Well, you two... This is it! The final battle!


  • Sonny: (They made it out)... WHEW! Crokton's got his work cut out for him! He's made these guys stronger than ever! Even the Big Ones are better than before!
  • ZongueBob: But at least we're still alive!
  • Atrick: How do we save your robot friend, though?
  • Sonny: Doesn't look like we can at the moment. Crokton's not gonna hide in his Restaurant. That'd literally be the first place we'd look, so Sau won't be there. What we can do is get this evidence to the TBPD!
  • ZongueBob: And how do we get past the energy shield?
  • Sonny: Well, we can start, by disrupting his operation from within, by stopping his false propaganda and keep people from being manipulated into slaves in his army, THEN getting all these drones to stop working for Crokton by taking out his mind-control towers! Simply breaking the helmets will be physically impossible given they look like they've been upgraded.
  • ZongueBob: And the robots? They'll remain loyal to Crokton.
  • Sonny: Well, given they're independently powered, then we'll have to dodge them. Plus, the Holonet needs to be cut from his control. Without it, I cannot use my suit's analysis grid.
  • ZongueBob: And how does that help us save Mr. Tetrus?
  • Sonny: Well, once all that has been settled, they'll help take down the cloaking device, and allow us to communicate the evidence to the TBPD from outside the shield. Once that's done, Crokton's down for the count, and we'll be ready to take the battle to him!
  • ZongueBob: And we have to do all this in 1 hour? That doesn't seem possible.
  • Sonny: Maybe not, but it's all we've got!
  • Atrick:... Well, what're we waiting for? What's the plan?

(Crokton Holonet Shutdown Coming soon...)

(Mind-Control Tower Shutdown Coming soon...)

(Cloaking Field Shutdown Coming soon...)

Final Battle and Aftermath

Crokton's New Base

  • Crokton:... NO!... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?!? (The heroes teleported in)
  • Sonny: What did we tell you, Crokton? You may think you're so powerful now, but so were the Oceons! And we ended THEIR crisis in a pinch! You're STILL nothing but a speck of dust compared to THAT!
  • Crokton: GGRRRRRRGGGHHH!!!
  • Sonny: Crokton, come quietly!
  • Crokton: NEVER! I'm NOT going back to Oceanara City! I still have ONE trick up my sleeve! I found a better use for that Beast DNA I stole! (He presses a button as they discovered they were in a Holodeck as the police forces and everyone that was drones were placed in a cell shaped like a ring)
  • Mr. Tetrus: NO! NO! LET US OUT!
  • Crokton: (ZongueBob, Sonny, and Atrick confronted him) Did you think that, with all this march of progress, I wouldn't find a contingency plan? What, do you think 71 years have made me a joke?
  • ZongueBob: Oh, you dirty cheater!
  • Crokton: CHEATER?!? Oh, grow up! What, do you think this is a game of ball on the playground? You never had a chance to defeat me, FOOL! And you know why?
  • ZongueBob: Because you cheated?
  • Crokton had a "Are you serious right now" face?

(This was heard during it)

Are you fucking serious?

Are you fucking serious?

  • Crokton: (He fired at Zonguebob as he screamed) NO, YOU MORON! You KNOW that's not the answer! Because I'm an evil genius! I may've had a fault in my plans here and there, but that doesn't mean I'm a complete joke! And THIS, proves it! (Something came out of a floor and onto the battlefield) BEHOLD! The ultimate instrument of your destruction! (A giant Beast of not-so-matched design and a giant powerful Oceon-like trident appeared)
  • Sonny: Oh, you've GOTTA be kidding me! What, does this thing have faulty programming in it, too?
  • Crokton: (Nerviously Laughs) Maybe. OH CUT ME SOME SLACK, I FLUNKED AT BIOLOGY?! But even so, it can STILL cause a lotta damage. It may not be invincible like the others in Challenged Wastes, and it may STILL be based around Teadr 2 technology, but the damage it does, will make it all worthwhile! And as soon as it's done with you, more of it hit the streets! BEEEAST?!? (The beast faced it's target)... Kill! (It attacked with it's trident and shapeshifting powers)
  • Sonny: (After an extended fight to where it lost it's trident, she gets to a safe place and uses her holo-helmet to scan the Pseudo-Beast, as she detects many weaknesses, like the limited power source, the translucent pseudo-liquid being based on nanites, the cell being a synthesizer for smaller versions of it, and the many power nodes around it's body)... Got it! (She swung on her rope and kicked it down, saving ZongueBob and Atrick before they could be killed) Guys! I have a plan to take it out!
  • ZongueBob: Shoot!
  • Sonny: That's exactly it! We need to shoot at it's weak spots. There are 20 power couplings in it's joints, hands, feet, pecs, back, and head. They provide the nanites within that liquid the power to create the shield and the power of it's weapons. We take those out, then we can take out it's heart, and then the power core in it's head, and finish it off!
  • Atrick: And how do we do that? This thing is focusing on us like it has multiple minds!
  • Sonny: Trust me, it's gonna work! Now, get moving!


  • Sonny: (She aims her Crucyd sharpshooter as the Pseudo-Beast was at it's final weak-point)... Smile, you son of a bitc- (Suddenly, the Pseudo-Beast clumsily did enough damage to knock Sonny out cold)
  • ZongueBob: SONNY! (The Pseudo-Beast focused on them)
  • Crokton: You see? It's faults can always be a help to it! Now that the gurgler's out of the picture, we can get back to my favorite part of the game: SUDDEN DEATH! So, you two... (The Pseudo-Beast grabbed the two and choked them)... Any last words? (Suddenly, rumbling was heard)... What was that?
  • Mr. Tetrus: What was that?
  • Everyone: WHAT WAS THAT?!? (Without warning, the AoT theme played as the beasts of Challenged Wastes appeared and ripped the roof off of the lair, destroying the Holodeck matrix and freeing everyone)
  • Crokton: WHAT?!?
  • Challenged Wastes Victim #1: FOR THE HEROES WHO SAVED US!!!
  • Challenged Wastes Victim #2: We'll tell you what's going on! Since we were freed, and got our payback, we discovered, that these things have become SO misunderstood over the past few millennia! They were actually forming their own religion, and we ended up discovering a way to change all that and modernize them for a greater goal. And that's to be better beasts! And it starts, with helping our saviors! (The Beasts went in and finished off the Pseudo-Beast even after it fought it's hardest)
  • Crokton: (As everything crumbled around him, he was in utter shock) I'd better get outta here! (He tried to run off until ZongueBob and Atrick got in his way)
  • ZongueBob: You're not going anywhere!
  • Atrick: You're gonna pay for endangering our lives and our great home, tiny!
  • Sonny: (Awake) I couldn't have said it better myself! (Crokton screamed like a girl)
  • Crokton: Given the concept of evil laughter, would you be surprised if I said yes?
  • ???: So, it's only a joke for evil, then?
  • Crokton made an exaggerated scared face as he looks to see Oconoce and the Oceons appearing from a glowly teleporter armed and ready.
  • Oconoce: "I came as soon as I JUST noticed the obvious very dystopian sky! And figures the bug would be behind this."
  • Crokton: "...... Is it, not too late to say, sorry?"
  • Karrer: "...... Ya know what? Go ahead and kick his ass, HE REALLY NEEDS TO GET OFF OF THAT SELF-RIGHTIOUS PETISTAL?!"
  • Crokton started to get his butt kicked by everyone!
  • Oceon: "By the way, Miss Karrer-"
  • Karrer: "Save it! I know I'm going to be arrested for supporting this, so no need to say! I know my right to stay silent! Just, at least let me watch my goofball of a husband understand the meaning of comuppence first."

A beating later.

  • Crokton: (He was trapped in the same prison as he was before and shipped back off to Oceanara City while Karrer was being carried by a bot reprocesser drone of Oceon-Origin) Oh, come on, wasn't it the TINIEST bit hilarious? (He was sent off)...... I WILL DESTROY ALL OF YOOOOooo...!!!


  • Oconoce: I must say, I am impressed you all did this by yourselves.
  • Sonny: Did you ever doubt? If you hadn't shown up last time we dealt with Crokton, the results sure as heck wouldn't be no different.
  • ZongueBob: We told you there could be better protectors out there. Nothing has changed much after so many eons.
  • Oconoce: Well, you certainly impressed me. Even the Lodgers would've had their jaws dropped upon hearing this crazy story.
  • (Tigress): No, just an accurate guess.
  • Oconoce: Well, congratulations. We will ensure Crokton doesn't go anywhere after this madness.
  • Cephward: It BETTER stay that way. I've had enough adventurous excitement as it is.
  • Sonny: Oh, Cephward! Always wantin to be a party pooper. If he does escape and them Lodgers ain't available, there's frankly only one group to call. Us!
  • (Skipper): "Did he ever escaped again?"
  • (Sonny): "Not until the Dark Rads' little exspearimental replacement VA project started to become a thing."
  • (Icky): "And, how long ago was that?"
  • (Sonny): 5 days after.
  • (SpongeBob)/ZongueBob:... Seriously?
  • Mr. Tetrus:... What?
  • Sonny: Okay, how the junkopus did he do it this-
  • Oceon Officer: Oh don't get us wrong, we made sure he can NEVER escape on his own! Keyword, "On his own".... We, admitingly, never accounted for outsider interfearence because, well..... Our diagnostic agents say he wasn't alone. He's not on the planet anymore.
  • Cephward:... (His Tom scream was heard from a distance)... REALLY?! WHO COULD POSSIBLY DEBUNK THE MOST ADVANCED RACE WE KNOW?!
  • Oceon Officer: "Well I assume someone who does his homework on what makes out tec tick."
  • Opinionated Oceon Officer: "Ya know, this is exactly why Oconoce should've still kept our socity secret after that prior mess, shit like this happens!"
  • O.O.C.'s friend: "Dude, let it go."
  • Sonny:... Sau?
  • Sau: Yeaaaaaah, your guess is as good as mine. And I'm an Omnican, so that saids alot! The UUniverses are a big place.
  • Sonny: Could've been those Villains Act remnants, the Dark Radicals. But the Villain Reserves were taken cared of by the Lougers and the HA a long time ago.
  • Sau: That's not to say that would stop them from trying another swing at it. Crokton is our responsibility since that craziness he put us through.
  • Mr. Tetrus: Here-here! He's quite dangerous with technology like the Oceons', and we can't allow any outside space villains to take advantage of that. I know I don't exactly have an all too kind opinion fer him, but, Crokton being like this is largely my fault, and.... I owe it to him to keep him as he is now from being a menace to the universes at large. It's, the least I can do for the friendship I lost with him.
  • Cephward: Oh, no! I pass! I've had enough adventures for one month.
  • Mr. Tetrus: Oh no you haven't! No sirree! We're in this together. No doubt we'll be threatened with this turn of events and you could be attacked before we can do anything. Yer' coming with us whether ye like it or not.
  • Cephward: Yeah, I don't think so!
  • Sonny: Lemme handle this! (She walked up to Cephward)... There's bound to be art and music that could have yer name on it.
  • Atrick: You kidding? His music is the cause of 76% of the noise pollution in Trunk Bottom. He killed with his mu- (Sonny punched his head into his body)... I'm still right!
  • Sonny:... But there could be ways to fix that.
  • Cephward: Well, as tempting as that is, it's not worth risking my head and fighting in the face of danger.
  • Sonny: Eh, how do I put this delicately... You're coming or you'll have no way to make a living and you'll be a bum on the street by the time Crokton.
  • Cephward: Oh, don't bulls*** me, I can become anything I set my mind to.
  • Mr. Tetrus: Says the one who couldn't get a new job when he quit after being accused of stealing me lucky diret.
  • ZongueBob: Exactly. Like I said, it's a cold, cold world out there. No one's gonna play in your favor very easily. And given what dangers are out in those stars, you could be in danger that even we can't get you out of. There could be things out there in your alley, so what could be better than going out to see it?
  • Cephward:... (Sighs) Well if you insist, then fine! But don't expect no scolding from me if your behavior gets me in trouble.
  • Sonny: Trust me, Ceph. You won't be disappointed. Right, Zongue?
  • ZongueBob: (Tickling her ear) Oh, I hope not, cutey! (Sonny giggled and turned off her helmet as the two kissed and ZongueBob started tickling her more as she gurgle-laughed)
  • Oceon Officer #1: Aww! Young love.
  • Oceon Officer #2: Eww! Why does she always waste her air like that?
  • Atrick: Just roll with it. Let's get outta here.
  • Sau: I'll get the supplies.
  • Cephward: "Well that's it! We kinda need a ship to even get out of the planet, and I doubt Oxydrone would loan us a ship for a high-stakes adventure."
  • Sonny: (She scoffed a flurry of bubbles and restored her helmet) Y'all have SOO not been paying attention. How do you think I got here? We already HAVE a ship. The Oxydome. It flies and can go in space.
  • Sau: She's right.
  • Cephward: "Well I already said that I doubt your bosses would let private property be endangered in the kind of thinks your suggesting to take."
  • Sonny: You think they don't know that? It's got quite a few surprises. Remember the Holodeck? Let's just say that ain't the only holographic trick it can do.
  • Zonguebob: "Aw come on, Cephward, at least humor her."
  • Sonny: Besides, we've already gotten bored here. I want to do something different. So, we're going to do some amazing series-worthy things. The UUniverses are a big place. ZongueBob has a lot to see, and a lot to learn. Crokton has to be found and not cause anymore harm. We're going to-
  • ZongueBob: WAIT!!! Crokton was the guy I passed at his old place on my way to work since my one-month anniversary! Well how about that?...... (Everyone looked awkwardly at him)...... What?......
  • Cephward:... You... Are... NOT... SERIOUS!!! WE COULD HAVE STOPPED HIM BEFORE ALL THIS AND YOU JUST- (Sonny started giggling with tearing eyes)... What's so funny?
  • Sonny: (She laughed as her tears filled her helmet and she gurgled and she stopped as they automatically flushed out)... Come on, Cephward! Laughter is the best medicine.
  • Cephward: "BUT, HE, ASSENTUALLY, WE COULD'VE...... (He was like this but in a much different and more comical manner)
Squidward Goes Wild

Squidward Goes Wild


  • Zonguebob: "..... I think I made Cephward very upset."
  • Mr. Tetrus: "Well ya did stupidly forgot that you saw Crokton earlier and failed to warn us about it sooner, boyo."
  • (Icky): "Best, rage-out, ever."


Coming soon...



The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Ambush

The Spongebob Movie music (GameCube) - Ambush

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Raze 2 Music - The Loop That Wasn't

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Opening Fight vs Sentinels X-Men Days of Future Past (2014) Movie Clip

Opening Fight vs Sentinels X-Men Days of Future Past (2014) Movie Clip

Sonny's Struggle Against The Beast Antibodies

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