Thanks to the Lougers forced to calm an angered awaken giant, Falconnerd contained the cape! Now the Lougers are disadvantagd by one talesment. But this time, Spyro is not gonna be dwindled of his confience this time. He accepted that as long as he has at least 2 of Falconnerd's needed talesments, he can never enact the Pathway of Peace, but all in all, they need to be in even ground again just to make sure Falconnerd doesn't become dangeriously powerful with the talesments he was able to have. The final of the 6 talesments, is The Crown of Benvolence. The biggest shock is that it's hidden in a deep underground sacred temple in Mythos, guarded by zealot Dragon Bats and a Philosifer Siren. The Crown would only go to the purest heart or the most loyalest to the Light, meaning this could go either way! The Lougers need to be able to prove that Falconnerd is too dark to have the crown before he tricks the Siren into make a decidion she would later regret.

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